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  1. The Democrats were the party of black slavery in America. Then...in the late 1950s, they decided they needed a new image. So they turned to socialist policies. Free money for everyone. LBJ brought America "The Great Society" and the free stuff began to flow. By the end of the 80s, black people were worse off than ever. They had become dependent on the public dole. They simply switched physical slavery for economic slavery. And all the simpletons and 'small' people still think welfare is a good thing and that the Democrats care about black people. They don't. They never have. They likely never will.
  2. Personally, I like both Trump and DeSantis. Either one knows which city he's in at any given moment. Hell even J-J-J-JFK is better than Biden.
  3. Don't worry robo-bot. I doubt anyone expects 'small' people to grasp the concept of 'good Vs. bad'.
  4. Lol...no I think finishing the south wall and a real president will work.
  5. In 1863 huh...OK that's relevant in 2023. I see what's going on. Get you face outta Bidens ass.
  6. Really? You don't think millions of people flat out do not believe Biden won that election without cheating?
  7. Well...as it turns out...you're opinion was found to be made of feelings instead of facts.
  8. Ya...private texts are not private. I wonder who is really running fox now? Anyway...Tucker will be back bigger than ever...and you know it. And you are eventually going to have to deal with the millions who have real doubts about that election. And as we watch the justice system be torn to shreds, that becomes very difficult.
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