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  1. Build Back Better == Globalist Elite Takeover
  2. Check it out before it's taken down.
  3. I'll take a crack at explaining why so many people are fascinated by sports and also why it's currently loosing relevance and seems to be in a self harm phase. We all like a Grand Narrative. We are drawn to it because it gives us meaning. For a Grand narrative to grab hold it needs Logos, Mythos and Pathos Sport, when it is at its best, is a perfect blend of Logos, Mythos and Pathos. Logos are the rules of game, the stats and the usual tactics and techniques employed. Mythos is the long narrative with the history of the sport/teams/people. The ups and downs of the careers of teams and players. Pathos is the animalistic passion. The Dionysian element. The sheer joy at scoring. Both by the audience and the players. The raw outrage, the fights, blood and guts. When we have these three in balance we get the perfect Grand Narrative that people recognize as meaningful. The problem with a lot of sports these days is there isn't enough Pathos. The temperance ladies have gotten a hold and are trying to take away the "bad behavior". There has also been a direct attack on the Logos. Rules are being changed to make sports more safe. Maybe there is less room for competitive team sports in our new brave snowflake safe societies. The post modernists don't like the Grand Narrative and nothing is more post-modern than "There is no winner, everybody gets a price".
  4. It will be remembered as the start of the paradigm shift from capitalism to network society. The big scarcity isn't capital anymore, it's attention. Attention can't be artificially inflated beyond what can be achieved with some multitasking. Whoever grabs the most attention controls the world. Those who think the social medias are for free and willingly give it their attention without compensation are the new underclass, the consumertariat. They only consume information and products placed before them by the algorithms. At the top we have the netocrats. The people who have the attention of the most others. The Internet is the network that connects everybody in the world. The MSM will continue to decline just like the landed gentry did during the industrial revolution. So will academia like the church did in that time. Government income will be less than before due to the mobility of capital and people not working as much as before, and their failure to tax the gig and sharing economy. That will enforce the decline in relevance of traditional political power that is already under pressure from the fact that the support systems of academia and media are failing. The 2010s will be remembered as part of the last stable period when we could get the benefits of the new technology while still having the stability of the old paradigm. The coming decades will be a bumpy road when the old elites will struggle to retain some of their power. Hyper biased news, ideological dogma in academia and populism in politics will just increase and it all started in the 2010s.
  5. Swedish author and comedian Aron Flam, is about to publish his English translation of his book A Swedish Tiger. It's about Sweden's extensive collaboration with the Nazis before and during WWII. https://www.thelocal.se/20200718/sweden-seizes-book-by-jewish-comedian-criticising-war-time-collaboration He needs people to read it and review it on Amazon, preferably before the release. We don't have Amazon in Sweden (yet) and only active customers can post reviews, so he needs help finding people who want to do it. You must have bought stuff at Amazon for at least $50 during the last year to be able to post a review. If you want a prerelease review copy of the book for free to review (it will be an E-book) send a mail to [email protected] Here he is with fellow Swede Henrik Jönsson talking to Dave Rubin about Sweden.
  6. Hi! New here, so I haven't read the entire thread. Here are some of the best albums recently released. Sturgill Simpson - SOUND & FURY Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - Reunions Margo Price - That's How Rumors Get Started
  7. 1) Further escalation against China. 2) Bringing US troops home from Europe/ME. 3) Bringing more manufacturing to US. 4) More conservative judges appointed. 5) Democrats still not understanding why they lost. Blaming collusion/cheating/voter suppression or aliens. 6) Europeans: (se Democrats above)
  8. I'll put this here as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNKqNKnBz3Y
  9. I remember listening to this as a podcast years ago. Now he remade it into a YouTube Channel. Nice concept and great execution. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrwiyrirE9A
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