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  1. Operation Nimrod was conducted in defence of the IRGC since the hostage takers were Arabs fighting against the regime in Tehran
  2. it's ironic that things turned out the opposite of Handmaids Tail because Canada is the place where you are forbidden to dissent from the state religion while in America dissent is expanding rather than contracting
  3. hence why Republicans must once again sound the trumpet which never calls retreat
  4. I would never imply that Margaret Atwood was so cynical she doesn't care about making more money, she's perfectly content with her life at this juncture have you seen her lately ? she's a very old woman, with nothing to gain, nothing to lose
  5. I side with the Nazarene against it
  6. yet Margaret Atwood herself has invoked that Canada is succumbing to totalitarian ideologies and the Democratic Party Plantation Aristocracy lives, employing blacks as overseers against other blacks still
  7. and the economy is literally a giant Wiemar Republic across the entire Western World I of course acknowledge that the catalyst is economic collapse and militarized nationalism hence why I invoke Wiemar writ large perhaps you simply cannot see it from the Progressive stronghold in downtown Toronto
  8. I am merely extrapolating a trajectory based on the mounting catastrophic failures of the Progressive elites whom are turning to authoritarian attempts to stamp out all dissent against their rule therein that seems likely to blowback on an exponential scale certainly to the disadvantage of all minority groups while I don't expect Aryan National Socialists to seize power in Canada I would none the less suggest that there is a petit bourgeois majority which is seething with rage against the status quo, to include against the overbearing Rainbow Mafia
  9. stabbed in the back by the Progressive elites ; is quite clearly the ascendant zeitgeist across Europe & the Anglosphere
  10. I would suggest that social conservatives need only bide their time and wait out as the secular Progressive ideology simply implodes under its own weight
  11. what's to say that it couldn't change course precipitously ? in 1923, Wiemar Germany was the most Progressive state that ever existed Wiemar Germany was the gayest most transgender accepting place on earth yet only a decade later, it was the Third Reich
  12. reportedly, they make $17 million a month, just nailing people on Parkside Drive to the Lakeshore it's like King John & The Sheriff of Nottingham collecting taxes from the poor, Robin Hood
  13. the biggest speed trap in the 6ix is Parkside Drive south of Bloor to the Lakeshore first they reduced the speed limit on Parkside to a ridiculous 40km/h "Community Safety Zone Fines Increased" then right at the bottom, before you go under the train bridge, there is a speed camera set up to nail you Nanny Police State run amok
  14. I'm not a big tech guy, I don't spend much time on my iPhone but what a boon it is for driving Waze navigation crowd sourced alerts for speed traps and cameras I caught an OPP county mountie moving into his speed trap today even proudly ratted him out to the Wazers
  15. no worries, I love to drive I only want to drive to my vacation spots, be that Mississippi or Nevada my cars have adaptive cruise control now, it station keeps with the cars in front using a radar I just kick back & listen to SiriusXM, enjoying the scenery while the car practically drives itself
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