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  1. the French have the solution they retain their identity as the Quebecois, regardless of Ottawa I propose we do the same, as British North Americans born in the British Empire, under the rule of the British Crown, by the British North America Act 1867 the Post National State is simply not our country and never was Je me souviens
  2. voting wont make any difference, the Conservatives won't stop the cultural revolution look at the Conservatives in Ontario, they are completely adhering to the left wing dogma
  3. Canada is all yours take it, have it, do with it as you wish, let it be as left wing progressive as it pleases as I say, I no longer identify nor associate with it, thus Canada is not my problem anymore
  4. Canada has become a left wing lunatic asylum which makes the Chinese Communists look conservative in comparison I don't identify nor associate with it at all anymore
  5. a nation forged in blood & fire from Queenston Heights to Ridgeway from Amiens to Mons from Ortona to Juno beach ducimus
  6. leading the assault in the centre at Bernières, Seine-Maritime The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada Colonel-in-Chief ; HM Queen Camilla at Moss Park Armoury & Casa Loma at Toronto In Pace Paratus
  7. 6th of June ; Juno Beach

    at the going down of the sun

    and in the morning

  8. each state has its own laws so in Texas, you can shoot a man in the back while he is running away just for taking socks off your wash line but in Massachusetts, not so much
  9. even in America, it would be reckless to shoot a man just for breaking into your truck even in a Red State with Castle Doctrine & No Duty To Retreat, you're still going to get sued by the dependants
  10. why can't the Department of Public Safety Integrated National Security Enforcement Teams round all these Chinese agents up and put them under arrest ? since these enemies of the Crown are operating with impunity upon Canadian soil this is is first invasion of Canada since Ridgeway 1866 the catalyst for Confederation itself if there is no public inquiry into that then what purpose does the Government of Canada even serve ? the first role of a nation state being national security against hostile foreign powers since the Treaty of Westphalia 1648 if we do not take a stand now, ready for the fray, then when ?
  11. Canada lost its greatest bard

    forty years ago this week

    Stan Rogers died 2 June 1983

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