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  1. jesus christ lmao... you actually got the nerve to compare non vaccinated people being treated the same as black slaves were lol? wow you just lost all creditability lol.. look you dont wanna get vaccinated ? then fine.. you have to face the things that come with it being cut off from something fully vac people are allowed to do is it.. deal with it.
  2. 1: rest of 2021/2022 until spring summer minamum.. 2: why does it bother you so much? problems with authority? 3:scientists/experts it does help a decent ammount even if not 100% its better then nothing 4: its funny because you anti mask people act like your whole life is ruined over a little piece of cloth i ain't a party person so not into nights out of dancing/hook ups etc so i could careless.
  3. Mp's finally go back to work Nov 22nd which is way 2 slow in my opinion but anyway how's everyone else feel about this?. also the NDP complaining the covid benefits would run out Oct 20th /Nov 20th if cabinet does a 1 month extension an parliament should be back before 22nd. There are reports the liberals are debating extending them again how do you feel should pandemic supports for individuals/businesses be extended or is it finally time to stop them? Discuss.
  4. is wearing a mask for a little bit longer really that big a deal lol?
  5. there website they can ban whoever they want lol...
  6. lol i pay taxes thanks very much i aint on welfare.
  7. lol its the truth.. and F right off got the nerve to tell someone to grow up lol.
  8. so whats everyones opinion on the vaccine passports.. and reports of workers especially in dining/food industry being abused by customers when asked for vaccine proof.. ? do you feel sorry for the workers being abused? or are you supporting with the people who tell them off for asking?
  9. you are slandering trudeau.... and otoole is a crook .
  10. depends the deckhands and stuff yea they deserve ei.. the boat owners no they don't.
  11. lol like i said before the government owes me whatever i say . welfare is different then ei.. welfare should be cut long ago cause they wont even work seasonal jobs most of them lol.
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