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  1. lots of jobs are seasonal in the east and some people use ei yes so what? its the way its always been atleast they dont whine all the time like the west.
  2. bottom line governement stepped up to help when it was gonna fail. but the west always crys it's what they do best.
  3. lol you are talking nonsense dude. conversion therapy is wrong.. bottom line deal with it.
  4. disgusting.. if people are gay so what there is nothing wrong with being straight or gay or bi they are still people. there banning conversation therapy vote was best thing he supported as leader.
  5. sigh are the west still crying? jesus i mean he bought a pipeline for you guys with like 4.5billion of our money.. what else do you whiny western people want🤣
  6. lol yes this website has about atleast 3 to 5 of those i can think of off the top of my head😂
  7. you are really a weirdo if you think the left in canada is commies lmao.. this isn't the ussr dude.
  8. didn't i tell you to be quiet earilier now back to your corner
  9. i am center to left wing either ndp and liberals winning is good in my books hell even otoole winning as long as it was a minority i could of lived with.. but pierre polierve or harper who destroyed this country no thanks.
  10. harpers degree wasn't worth the paper it was written on lol he had no clue about econmics
  11. lol otoole is actually willing to atleast try to go to the center on certain things which is what will get the party elected.. the ones trying to kick him out want to go to the right on everything.
  12. every government has scandals. harper before him was far from perfect in that department either fool lol.
  13. lol you fool. pierre would divide the west and east way more. justin has not divided the country as bad as you think it's just the west he giving them a pipeline and they still cry because he has L next to his name instead of C . and if you actually supporting pierre then you are lower then i thought.
  14. lol comparing this majority to nazi germany wow... you really are a fool.
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