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  1. No, I don't think so. Pierre Trudeau visited China long before 1970 when he officially established diplomatic relations with China. Canada and its PM decide themselves what their foreign relations policies will be. Pierre Trudeau was the last person to listen to Americans, our allies. He reduced the size of NATO in Europe and brought troops home from Germany. He loved Communist countries and became a personal friend of Fidel Castro. "The elder "Trudeau didn't allow much politics to colour Canada-China relations. He took politics out of economic and trade relations," said Tang Xiaosong, executive deputy director of the Centre for Canadian Studies at the Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Languages. "The younger Trudeau, I think, will very much follow in the footsteps of his father. Because his father had a very positive stance toward China." The elder Trudeau's approach – and appeal – was cemented in 1973, on his landmark visit to Beijing to commemorate the renewal of diplomatic relations between the two countries. After a two-hour meeting with Mao Zedong that followed nearly 11 hours of formal talks with Premier Zhou Enlai, Mr. Trudeau offered flattery for his hosts, speaking of their genius in creating a system "that, in comparison with all previous Chinese social systems, is striving to provide human dignity and equality of opportunity for the Chinese people." Pierre Trudeau’s China legacy looms large ahead of PM’s first official visit - The Globe and Mail As a matter of the record, some churches in Canada had been sending missionaries to China since the 1800s. Some of them cozied up with Chinese leaders of political parties and movements. I believe a few were even closely associated with the Communist revolutionaries before the 1949 Communist Revolution. One must ask why they would do that. The Bible says have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness (Communism). Why on earth any missionary would become associated with a Communist revolutionary or far left politician is beyond understanding, but I believe that is what happened. I suspect, but cannot prove, some of these missionaries had connections with some liberals back home in Canada. I would like to investigate this further and will look at a book I have called "Claws of the Panda" and see if there is any other historical information on the internet.
  2. God has said in his written revelation "thou shalt not kill". When someone is raped, the perpetrator should be punished and should be forced to pay support payments. Allowing someone to abort the unborn child is still killing another innocent human. Two wrongs do not make a right.
  3. Sadly, Constable Pierzchala, the OPP officer, is not the first to allegedly be murdered by a violent offender set free. He was murdered on Dec. 27, two days after Christmas. What has Trudeau or the Liberal justice minister said about this since then? If the matter had been a terrorist attack on a mosque with some Muslim victims, you can be sure Trudeau would have had lots to say. "Justin Trudeau’s catch-and-release policy for violent repeat offenders is responsible for the December 27, 2022, murder of Ontario Provincial Police Constable Grzegorz Pierzchala. “Needless to say, the murder of Const. Greg Pierzchala was preventable,” said OPP Commissioner Thomas Carrique. “This should have never happened. Something needs to change. Our police officers, your police officers, my police officers, the public deserve to be safeguarded against violent offenders who are charged with firearms-related offences.” Trudeau Policy Responsible for Murder of OPP Rookie (cssa-cila.org) I heard the justice minister talking about the new gun law, but I did not hear him say anything about the bail or parole system laws. Politicians of all stripes seem strangely reluctant to speak out and demand action. What is the matter with them? I think Premier Ford said something about it needs to change, but he attended the funeral or memorial service for the slain officer and that would have been a very good time, after the service to speak to the media and demand action from the Trudeau government. We hear the Trudeau government is now talking about new steps to fight climate change, something called "just transition" which should greatly concern Canadians. Whenever they come out with a catch phrase like "just transition", be concerned, very concerned. This sounds like another diversion away from the real problems with the health care system crisis, cost of living, housing crisis, and the failed justice system. They are trying to get Canadians attention away from the real issues and focused on the fake issue of climate change. It is fake because man cannot control the climate. We need to first protect Canadians from dangerous criminals who are being given the revolving door. Same thing happened in Saskatchewan in September when twelve people on the Cree Nation were stabbed to death and eighteen more injured. This was done by someone who should never have been released. Yet even last night I heard more news about some changes in the justice system in B.C. to keep aboriginals out of jail, give them more consideration for bail and release. Imagine! Just after Constable Pierzchala was murdered they have the nerve to change the system and make it even more easy to release offenders without saying a word about the serious problem of catch and release of dangerous offenders. The reason there are a larger proportion of aboriginals behind bars in the first place is because they committed more criminal acts and many are violent and dangerous offenders. But the liberal ideology is to treat them with kid gloves and release them to some kind of healing lodge or to their elders for some kind of smudging ceremony or cultural teaching to get rid of the evil spirits. It has repeatedly proven to not work. This is simply an attempt to garner votes from the masses of woke progressives who have no conscience or understanding of the real world of violent offenders.
  4. I discovered there is a coalition that works to oppose euthanasia called the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. Anyone interested can read their information on their website and join if they feel led to. Thankfully we still live in a free society where such organizations can exist and communicate their beliefs. "Sanctioning of euthanasia and assisted suicide (as in the Netherlands) has led to increased use of euthanasia without consent, circumvention of the law, and abuse of the vulnerable. Advances in hospice/palliative care and pain management methods are threatened when euthanasia and assisted suicide are sanctioned as a means of relieving pain and suffering. Requests for assisted suicide is a call for help." I am looking into joining this coalition and giving them some support. Euthanasia Prevention Coalition | Building a broad based network to oppose euthanasia & assisted suicide worldwide. (epcc.ca)
  5. The love of money is the root of evil. - Bible. Money could have something to do with it but the two Trudeau PMs were known to like Communist dictatorships.
  6. I wouldn't attempt to guess at a difficult passage like that without considering what theologians have to say about it simply because it would be easy to be wrong and make foolish comments. You obviously think you know exactly what it means, but I don't think you know anything about it. I'll give you a clue. The New Testament says in another place the love of money is the root of evil. Do you see? The "love" of money. Not the amount. If money becomes a person's god, then they are worshiping a false god. You have to take a passage like that in connection with other verses in the Bible. I know of fairly rich people who did a lot of good with a lot of their money too. It depends on one's attitude.
  7. If you think you should ignore knowledgeable teachers and ministers, you are starting on the wrong foot to begin with. I don't know of anyone who became educated without the help of school, books, or teachers on any subject. The Bible is full of difficult passages and subjects. Nobody can know it without the help of others.
  8. Ahem, I think you are way over your head. Anybody who claims they have all the answers, like you, are only fooling themselves.
  9. You're in over your head. Read some Bible commentaries on the passages.
  10. You started talking about the environment at 9:10AM yesterday morning, Jan. 4. I only mentioned Quebec to show they are more interested in the environment and climate change than the criminal laws concerning bail.
  11. No, I didn't. If you look back, Treebeard started talking about the environment yesterday at 9:10AM (Jan. 4). If derailed the topic from then on.
  12. What does all this talk about climate change and emissions have to do with the murder of a police officer in Ontario? Nothing.
  13. China (and India) are very highly populated. Much of population in China is concentrated in big cities and people live in apartments. Canada has a much smaller population per square kilometer. You are comparing apples and oranges. Canadians also probably have a higher percentage of its population that have their own vehicle and own a home. We have to use more energy to heat stand alone homes and drive more vehicles in a spread out country. It is pointless to say we emit 2.5 times as much as the average Chinese. Totally different situations. Also you never mentioned China emits around 28% of the fossil emissions in the world while Canada's emissions is very small. What about that?
  14. Canada is geographically a very large country and many people have to travel long distances to get to their jobs, appointments, etc. Canada does not contribute a large amount of CO2 to atmosphere. It won't make any difference what Canadians do. Why get excited about it or try to hamper life in Canada as liberals are doing now with carbon taxes?
  15. Why don't you stop driving a vehicle and just ride a bike or walk? Too bad you don't realize driving on cruise control will make absolutely no difference to the environment or climate. Canada emissions are miniscule and the human caused CO2 in the atmosphere is miniscule. But if it makes you feel good. go ahead. Just don't try to feed the baloney to everyone else that you are actually making any difference to the climate because you're not.
  16. You are not pointing out the fallacy of my reasoning at all. Everything you post is complete nonsense.
  17. Maybe you could tell us what you would do. You say you can't control the climate but say we should minimize our impact on it. So tell us how you would do that.
  18. Seriously? What would you do about climate change? Do you seriously think you can control the climate? What would you do? Shut down the energy industry and put the hundreds of thousands of people on welfare? Take all vehicles off the road? Stop people from heating their homes?
  19. Funny how you like to waste time just being contrary. I don't know what you get out of it.
  20. The 911 hijackers didn't suffer beatings and persecution like the disciples did for preaching the resurrection of Christ. They made a quick exit by flying planes into the Twin Towers. We also have mountains of evidence that Islam is a false religious system but the evidence for the Bible being true is very strong. We don't see disciples of Jesus flying aircraft into Twin Towers. All the suicide bombing by jihadists regularly around the world should tell you something.
  21. The empty tomb is strong evidence. Read this article on it. Then there are the eye witnesses who saw Jesus after the resurrection. Historical Evidence for the Resurrection | Desiring God
  22. Canada has a one-China policy and does not have an official foreign diplomatic post in Taiwan. This should tell us something about the liberal left in Canada and their disastrous foreign affairs. Seems liberals and NDP and possibly other parties to a degree want to have it both ways, support Communist states and free Democratic states. They speak with forked tongue. This has proven a disaster and has placed Canada on the watch list with our traditional allies. This situation of loving Communist countries goes back 53 years or so when PM Pierre Trudeau was the first western leader to lead Canada to officially recognize the People's Republic of China and establish diplomatic relations in 1970. It is well-known the Trudeaus had a fascination with Communist dictatorships and became personal friends with Cuba's Fidel Castro. Why Liberals at large so easily bought into this is a mystery. It may have something to do with Liberals in the 1960s feeling their oats and thinking they somehow could be the great arbitrator of the world's problems. They wholeheartedly rushed in to give all their support to the U.N. and embraced multiculturalism as the be all and end all. They continue down this path and have added progressivism into the mix and rejected our historic Judeo-Christian culture and civilization and our European roots as of any importance. It has been said that key Liberals consider Canada as a "post-national" state. Nationalism is frowned on and Canadians have even been accused of genocide without any basis at all. There seems to be an obsession by liberals (and left) with encouraging national shame for colonizing this part of north America. This liberal left thinking has had dire consequences with nation building and national defence. Canada's armed forces cannot even get people to join because of this progressivism/liberalism deeply embedded in our government departments. They have in effect declared war on our historic traditional values. They are trying to change Canada into some kind of liberal/progressive pagan culture with increasing state control of free speech, beliefs, and society in general. This article elaborates on what is happening: "Determined advocates for a progressive world view work all through government, the bureaucracy, environmental and other non-governmental organizations, academia and the media. They are not an organized cabal — a vast left-wing conspiracy, to paraphrase Hillary Clinton — but they do have overlapping agendas and share the twin convictions that a fundamental reordering of society is needed and that they know best how to achieve it. Proponents include Liberals, progressives, socialists, hard leftists and crypto- marxists who support climate alarmism, globalism, big government, stakeholder capitalism, critical race theory and wokeism. The transformation they seek is already well under way. There’s even the danger that, like the frog sitting in the slowly heating water, the rest of us may realize what has happened only after it is too late. Many environmental organizations, including Greenpeace — which the environment minister, Stephen Guilbeault, belonged to when he scaled the CN Tower — view humans’ impact on the planet as inherently destructive and bad. The declared goal of Stable Planet Alliance is “to stabilize and gradually, steadily reduce population and consumption.” One of the alliance’s members, Population Balance, draws “the connections between pronatalism, human supremacy, and ecological overshoot, and their combined devastating impacts on social, reproductive, ecological, and intergenerational justice.” Actual culling of the population may be a bridge too far, but they are certainly no fans of childbearing." Joe Oliver: What progressives are really trying to do and why (msn.com)
  23. Probably the two biggest proofs of the resurrection of Jesus are the empty tomb and the fact that many of the Apostles died as martyrs for their faith or belief in the resurrection. People don't die for a lie. There are other reasons. You can Google it and see for yourself.
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