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  1. Everyone has the right to speak against the government on social media in whatever way they choose. Policemen have been murdered by the catch and release court system controlled by the Liberal government. Anyone should be able to understand why a policeman would be interested in opposing Trudeau in his spare time and that is a fundamental right in a free and democratic society.
  2. You are grasping for straws now, making up nonsense. Nothing he said or did was illegal. He simply exercised his freedom of expression. I have news for you. All your excuses for opposing his freedom of expression simply confirm what I believe about it. He is in the right.
  3. The Canadian Anti-Racism and Research Society is getting in the action now. Still haven't heard what he said that is "racist". The news reported him as saying "... plays the role of a character he calls Father B, and professes to be 'the High Prophet of the Church of Trudeau' as he explains what the website is about, stating, 'our religion teaches the importance of socialism, of cancelling everyone that offends anyone, of being woke and highly emotional.'" Absolutely nothing racist in that.
  4. The Liberal government is now going after members of the Armed Forces who hold any unacceptable views as well. they appointed a professional investigator to investigate the armed forces and come up with recommendations.
  5. You missed the main point entirely. He was not using his position on the job to talk about politics on the internet. He was on his own time, not in uniform, and not even identifying his occupation. Therefore in those circumstances he should have the same freedom of expression as everyone else. If some liberal, NDP, or CBC revealed his identity, that is not his fault and he should not suffer any consequences for the media's action. Liberals, NDP and CBC, CTV have an agenda of their own.
  6. Teachers are required by the government to teach progressive ideology to the students. They don't have to try to indoctrinate it online. They are required to indoctrinate them in the education system using taxpayer dollars.
  7. Anti-Christian ideology is the default dogma taught to kids in schools with Darwinism, sexual orientation and gender identity teaching.
  8. No, they are not. They are elected to provide good government, not use their position to push progressive ideology. They are supposed to be governing for all Canadians, not just liberals or progressives. So in your way of thinking a police officer, teacher, or nurse does not have freedom of speech. Obviously your claim is against the Charter of Rights which guarantees freedom of expression to everyone. It doesn't exclude some people. Anti-Christian speeches or commentary are common in every level of society. How often are Liberals losing their freedom of speech? Never or very rare. Their liberal/progressive ideology is the common speech among most politicians, and media. You are so badly brainwashed with progressive ideology that you can't see the problem. You want to silence everyone who opposes it.
  9. What is funny is Trudeau uses his highest office in the land as PM to pontificate to millions of Canadians about his view of the world and his progressive ideology and he does it in his position as PM on mainstream media using taxpayer money. Yet some policeman in his off hours and without identifying his occupation makes up a mime or drama thing on his website with a likely very small audience. The CBC finds out his ID and makes it public and all the liberal followers and lefties go nuts and demand he be silenced. No doubt some local liberal in his town was told and reported him to the CBC so they can use their national coverage to trash him. Even the local mayor gets involved and condemns him speaking on social media. Must be a Liberal or NDP. The whole thing about silencing him is obviously political. Perhaps he should consider fighting for his freedom of expression under the Charter of Rights in court.
  10. The problem I see in all this is once government or authority starts controlling what individuals say on their own time on the internet, then it becomes a slippery slope. Who is next to fall under Big Brothers control? The Liberal's Heritage Minister has been working on legislation to control social media, etc. If government had its way there would be no free speech. They consider anything said against the Liberals as offensive and unacceptable. So do the NDP. Lefty politicians have no concept of freedom of speech and they believe it should be heavily controlled. The next goal on the road to becoming a totalitarian state and creating the leftist idea of a utopia is to take away everyone's freedom of speech. But this could be done in steps by targeting certain professions first, then expanding it to include others and finally include everyone.
  11. The simple truth is euthanasia or doctor-assisted dying is strictly based on the world system or secular humanism. The world system is portrayed in the Bible in the book of Ecclesiastes. It describes life as despair, hopelessness, and without any meaning. Euthanasia is the natural outcome of that kind of life. The term "under the sun" used in Ecclesiastes reflects that world view or thinking. The secular humanist way of thinking is confined to nature and human reasoning. In contrast with that, the rest of Bible gives hope, comfort, and belief in a future salvation in paradise.
  12. Apparently it was the CBC who discovered his identity and revealed it. B.C. RCMP officer's anti-Trudeau website raises concerns about discriminatory views within the RCMP (yahoo.com)
  13. I don't think I ever said the Christmas tree was invented by Christianity. Just pointed out recently that some woke library in the U.S. tried to not use it and was forced by an uproar to allow it again.
  14. Fact: Islam has nothing to do with the Bible. It is an entirely different religion founded by one individual in the southern part of Arabia. Its belief system includes the use for force and that is how it was spread. You should not use the Quran and the Bible in the same sentence. They are not the same. If the Bible had been followed by everyone there might not have been many wars or fighting all the time. Fact: Almost all of Europe were under the control of the Roman Church which is not a Biblical church. But they still had to defend themselves against many barbarians in parts of Europe and from the expansion of Islam. Actual Bible believers have always been a relatively small number of people and they did not control empires and countries. Many of them were persecuted and wiped out by Rome. When you make broad generalizations you are not really telling the truth about history. History is complex and many countries and people were simply defending themselves against barbarians and aggressors. The Communists claimed to be atheists and they killed about 100 million people in the Russian revolution and the Chinese revolution. There have been many wars fought for control of countries, resources, security, and hate. Religion had a part in some of it but was not the main cause. But again much religion is not Biblical and Bible believers were not the cause of the wars and tyranny. Blaming Bible believers for the wars is a straw man argument. Only the ignorant fall for that one.
  15. The Communists did kill around 100 million people in the 20th century. People who were really following the Bible did not do all the killing. I have said this countless times. There are many false religions in the world and many wars and terrorism over false religion. Jesus taught his followers to "love thy neighbour" and said his kingdom is not of this world. So anyone who thinks aggression or wars was the way to spread his religion was not following the Bible. Of course nations and individuals have the right to defend themselves and their country against aggressors. When there are wars and violence, there is more than one side to the story. But as I explained before the world is a corrupt, fallen place ever since the Fall of Adam. That is why we have wars, crime, disease, and every other evil. When you try to blame Christianity or the Bible, we know it is just the anti-God, anti-Bible, anti-Christianity resisting. Without God's revelation, who has the truth? Is it yours, the liberals, the left, some progressives or who has it? It is complete nonsense to claim there are no absolutes such as good and evil, right and wrong, truth and error. Such thinking simply perpetuates ignorance, error, and supports a free-for-all attitude by an immoral society. Atheists and agnostics choose to ignore the Bible. It is a mistake to think there is a God but not accept the fact that he revealed himself to mankind. It is silly to think God would create the universe and mankind, but leave mankind without any revelation of himself and his will as we have in the Holy Scriptures. The Bible is full of evidence it came from God.
  16. The victims of this ripoff are telling themselves to be happy because their benevolent ruler is telling them it is all for their good while the ruler jets off around the world to live in $6000 a night hotels and wine and dine with the rest of the elite.
  17. That excuse won't hold up with the one and only true God. Those other religions have no real God behind them. There is only one true God as revealed in the Holy Scripture. If you have not read or studied it in the Holy Scriptures and believed it, you're just talking smoke and mirrors. Atheism is the road to hell.
  18. Making one's own choices without the moral compass of the will of God as revealed in his written revelation is a recipe for disaster both in this life and in eternity. That is why the world is in the broken tragic condition it is. Ever since Adam made his own choice to go against God's will, it has been a disastrous, tragic world. God in his mercy sent his Son to pay the penalty for our sin and offer salvation both in this life and for eternity to a fallen, lost world. What the Bible says about Self Will (bibletools.org) Our days on this earth are numbered. We had better be prepared to meet our Creator at any moment. Your Days Are Numbered So Count Them Wisely | SermonAudio
  19. A tax should have some justification for it. But they have put a GST tax on the amount of carbon tax paid in BC back about ten years ago or more. I know. I saw it on my natural gas bills eight or ten years ago. I don't know if it is still there because I moved and don't have natural gas anymore. A tax on a tax? What gives here? Sounds like something from a tyrant ruling the peasants in the dark ages. What a clever way to suck the blood out of the people.
  20. "In April 2016, the Canada Revenue Agency said provincial carbon taxes would be subject to GST" GST on carbon taxes in Alberta, B.C. worth millions in federal revenue | CBC News I don't know if it still exists.
  21. The government charges GST or PST tax on carbon taxes. Another scam.
  22. It looks like eBay made a mistake. They sent me an email with the list of charges and it listed GST/HST of six dollars and something. They were obviously charging tax on the shipping charge of about $28.. But you're right. HST should only be on the item. I pay the tax on shipping at the post office. Doesn't matter now. Looks like buyer is not buying it.
  23. So tell me this. If the buyer pays GST/HST 14% to eBay on the shipping charge when he buys the item and then when I ship it at the local post office, I pay GST/PST 12% on the cost of shipping, isn't that paying GST/PST on the shipping twice? That doesn't make sense. If that happens, I might want some answers from someone. I doubt if anybody could justify double charging taxes on shipping.
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