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  1. Deputy PM, Chrystia Freeland, reportedly said she has confidence law enforcement will deal with these MPs. Do you think we should have confidence that such will be the case? So far we have heard little to nothing. I don't think that law enforcement has even said they are investigating this. Perhaps there are national security reasons why we are not being told anything. Time will tell. The other question is do Canadian voters have a right to know who has been working for foreign powers so that we can vote with some knowledge? Because we live in a parliamentary democracy and must choose by election our MPs, it seems an absolute necessity that Canadians will have to be informed who was involved in this and what happened. This strikes me as fundamental to our democracy to know what is going on with the people we send to Parliament to govern us.
  2. Yes, I think you are correct. My memory is not that great, but I recall something like that. One would think the PM would have known better than to trust China. Might have even been around the time of the two Michaels being held by China.
  3. Remember Trudeau was sucked in completely by China and wanted to buy protective equipment from them, but they wouldn't deliver it and the deal fell through. This shows his naivety. Another embarrassment for Canada.
  4. The NCR defense is being used very often now. It allows people who committed multiple murders or one murder to get off. They are sent to a mental institution and some board somewhere decides when they are fit to be allowed day pass or some kind of release on certain conditions. Psychiatrists are being used by the defense to make the case that the accused is not guilty by reason of insanity. They even claim temporary insanity at the time the murder was committed and can be declared NCR. This doesn't sound like justice. First off, psychiatry is a very questionable profession and there are differences of opinion about the theories behind it. But when psychiatrists are used in murder trials, then it becomes very difficult to deal with. People just take what they say as absolute truth. The common success of the NCR defence is also sending the wrong message to society. It could be adding to the number of murders by making potential murderers think they will get off anyway. I believe if they committed murder, there should be no NCR defence. Murder is murder. But NCR is often used and childhood upbringing, etc. etc. If they commit the crime, they should do the time. They already escape capital punishment since that was abolished long ago.
  5. "Overall, Section 46(2) of the Criminal Code of Canada is a crucial instrument in the protection of Canada's sovereignty and the promotion of democracy. It explicitly lays out the different actions that constitute as treason, making it clear to Canadians what is unacceptable and illegal. The law is necessary to safeguard against any internal or external threats that may undermine the government's ability to protect its citizens and the country. It is the responsibility of every Canadian to uphold and respect Canada's laws and values, including Section 46(2) of the Criminal Code of Canada." Criminal Code of Canada - section 46(2) - Treason (criminal-code.ca)
  6. We seem to have lots of uninformed CCP puppets and supporters in Canada. Now we hear they are even in the federal government as MPs.
  7. My own opinion is that there is a good possibility that the Covid 19 virus originated from the Wuhan lab. This fits in with the unrestricted warfare scenario in the book "Unrestricted Warfare"....described in my above post.
  8. There is a book which may shed some light on things like pandemics. I am not saying the Covid virus had anything to do with this or that it was deliberate. The book is called "Unrestricted Warfare: China's Master Plan to Destroy America" written by two People's Liberation Army (PLA) officers. This is the People's Liberation Army manual for unrestricted or non-conventional warfare that can be carried on without the enemy even thinking they are at war. The book is available for Kindle readers on Amazon. The hardcover is available for $23.85 Can. The Kindle version is $8.99 Can The Amazon description of the book says: "A sobering and fascinating study on war in the modern era, Unrestricted Warfare carefully explores strategies that militarily and politically disadvantaged nations might take in order to successfully attack a geopolitical super-power like the United States. American military doctrine is typically led by technology; a new class of weapon or vehicle is developed, which allows or encourages an adjustment in strategy. Military strategists Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui argue that this dynamic is a crucial weakness in the American military, and that this blind spot with regard to alternative forms warfare could be effectively exploited by enemies. Unrestricted Warfare concerns the many ways in which this might occur, and, in turn, suggests what the United States might do to defend itself. The traditional mentality that offensive action is limited to military action is no longer adequate given the range of contemporary threats and the rising costs-both in dollars and lives lost-of traditional warfare. Instead, Liang and Xiangsui suggest the significance of alternatives to direct military confrontation, including international policy, economic warfare, attacks on digital infrastructure and networks, and terrorism. Even a relatively insignificant state can incapacitate a far more powerful enemy by applying pressure to their economic and political systems. Exploring each of these considerations with remarkable insight and clarity, Unrestricted Warfare is an engaging evaluation of our geopolitical future." We are seeing interference on our elections in at least the past two elections. So this should not be taken lightly and nothing can be ruled out.
  9. " The Liberals are refusing to say which federal politicians “wittingly” cooperated with foreign interference schemes after an explosive new report. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland faced repeated questions about the National Security and Intelligence Committee’s (NSICOP) findings, that parliamentarians are “witting or semi-witting” participants in foreign interference, including revealing secrets to foreign states. When asked Tuesday whether Canadians have a right to know who these parliamentarians are, Freeland dodged the question." Which federal politicians allegedly colluded with foreign states? Liberals won’t say (msn.com)
  10. The Auditor General of Canada found serious issues with the federal government's awarding of contracts in her report. "Hogan audited 33 of the 97 contracts granted to McKinsey since 2011 and found that there were issues in over half (19) of them, such as why the contract was needed, what were the expected deliverables and if they were all provided, and whether the “ultimate intent” of the contract was met." Ottawa frequently ignored its own contracting rules when hiring consulting firm McKinsey, auditor general says (msn.com)
  11. There are about 8 billion people on the earth and Canada cannot take them all in. Immigration controls, which you said yourself are necessary, means you can't take massive numbers of the "helpless, needy and suffering" into Canada. We can take in a very small percentage if they pass screening. So your claim that I am not following the Bible on the subject is a lie and a smear. Same as your ongoing crusade against Christianity and the Bible. Regards, Bible Thumper
  12. So you just can't answer the questions proving you don't know what you're talking about on immigration. You obviously don't believe immigration should be tightly controlled and people screened for the benefit and protection of Canada. You believe in a free-for-all falsely claiming the Bible defends it. You are the one that said "And now, you want to keep out homeless needy refugees... and hiding behind some sort of "bad for the country" bush LOL" The world is full of "homeless needy refugees". You make it sound like Canada should just open its doors and let the rest of the world come in without any controls and you use the Bible to try to support that silly claim. You don't understand Canada cannot solve the poverty situation of the world. Poverty is a reality that always existed and taking taxpayer's money by force to redistribute it is evil Socialism. It is stealing. Therefore it is not the right of government to impose Socialism. "thou shalt not steal". Liberals are evil Socialists. Canada does do a certain amount of immigration, but every country has the responsibility to protect its own citizens first and not destroy the country with uncontrolled immigration. I will make it clear; I believe Canada has a duty to carefully control immigration. I believe that is biblical. I believe in some immigration as long as people are properly screened and the harmful people are kept out of Canada. Immigrants that can assimilate, and can contribute to Canada should be given the main priority. Then I would agree to allow a certain number of refugees and relatives as long as they are not a risk to Canada and are properly screened. But this is a particularly difficult issue to resolve because of the problems associated with it. I don't have all the answers. The priority must be the protection of society and law and order. Law and order is a Biblical principle and evil doers do not have the same rights as law-abiding people. This is where liberals and left fail. There are hell holes in the world that are full of bad characters. Places such as Haiti that are controlled by armed gangs. Yet how many immigrants did Canada bring in from Haiti in the last 50 years and how much gun crime around Toronto is done by offspring of Haiti immigrants? Those figures are not revealed because that would be considered "racist". Another hell hole is the middle east which is full of Muslims whose beliefs are contrary to western values and beliefs. A percentage are terrorist supporters as well. The west has tried to keep Muslims from taking over the west for 1,500 years for good reason, but in the last 50 years liberals have changed that and are now not bothering to protect the west. They operate under the false ideology of multiculturalism believing it is good. This is leading to all kinds of problems, divisions, and strife in many places. Mexico, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, and various other countries are also full of lawless and risky people and extremists.
  13. Not every foreign culture or religion fits into Canadian society. What you claim is false. There is nothing racist about wanting a country made up of people that share the same values and culture. Some of these immigrants are only interested in fighting for their causes in the places they came from. How is that assimilation in any way?
  14. Just wondering then... what number of immigrants should Canada take in per year? Do you believe that no immigrants are bad for the country? Is there no maximum number that should be allowed in? Should immigrants be categorized as to whether they can support themselves and their families or whether they must be supported by the government? Is that important? Does the government have the right to screen immigrants on various categories? Would some be good for the country and some bad? Or do you believe immigrants should not be screened? Should numbers be limited?
  15. Are you saying that other religions are just as valid as Christianity or the Bible? Is there some religion that you believe is correct?
  16. That's a falsehood at the least. I express my opinion; you express yours. You choose to disagree with me, call me a Bible thumper (which is fine. I take it as a complement) but you see it as being "pushy". We all have our vocabulary on here and by your definition, quoting the Bible is being "pushy" when it isn't. It is simply speaking truth because the Bible is truth. It also depends how you take it. You may be taking it as an insult when in fact it is correction. I have periodically quoted verses in Psalms and Proverbs that teach that those that receive wisdom (word of God) are wise and those who reject wisdom (word of God) are fools. So if one rejects quotes from the Bible in a general sense, what category does that put them in? Also, anyone is free to reply and explain why such and such a quote does not apply in a particular situation or a particular individual.
  17. Trying to discuss something like this subject with someone like that is futile from what I've observed. Perhaps the best solution is just to humour him a little. I know it's difficult. I hate to say it, but I think you guys are wasting your time trying to reason with him.
  18. Why? Because I don't believe in open borders and mass immigration from the third world. Protecting one's country from third world aliens who have completely different beliefs than Canadians is not contrary to the Bible. It is love for Canada and Canadians. Destroying Canada with the wrong kind of immigration is not love. You take a different view and seem to believe Canada should let in anybody from anywhere and a vast number of them. We will have to just agree to disagree. Sovereign countries have a right to protect their country from people who would cause harm or have a negative effect on it. Some countries allow very few immigrants and only certain people are allowed to come in.
  19. What you mean by that is I must agree with you and your beliefs and not say anything against it. That is not how love works. According to you it has to be one way, your way. It is ok for you to falsely accuse but if I speak back and call you out, it's not love. There is such a thing as love. But on a debating forum, people disagree. You often called me names. If you think you know what love is, you don't show it. I think if you were to compare the times you called me names and insulted me as opposed to the number of times I did, you would you win the race for insults and name calling. I generally have avoided name-calling as much as possible on the forum. I do quote the Bible which is a proper thing to do and is applicable in cases where I do. Name calling, no, I don't indulge in that except perhaps on rare occasions. You now claim you don't disagree with the Bible. Hate to have to tell you but if you disagree with everything I say from the Bible or based on the Bible, it is hard to believe you don't disagree with the Bible. If you really believe it, you need to confess your faith and stop trying to silence me and keep me from quoting it. Telling someone they shouldn't be quoting it or calling them a Bible thumper repeatedly doesn't really show you believe it.
  20. That has nothing to do with immigration to Canada. If the government brings in 100,000 migrants or immigrants that can't support themselves, then Canadian taxpayers end up supporting them as has been done often. It requires millions of dollars of taxpayer money to support immigrants if they are unable to support themselves. You are mixing up and trying to use verses that have nothing to do with immigration. When government uses taxpayer money to support vast numbers of immigrants that arrive here, that is Socialism, not charity. Charity is an individual thing when people voluntarily help someone or give to a charitable cause. When government just takes taxpayer money (by force) and re-distributes it to support massive immigration that is forced wealth redistribution or a form of Socialism (social assistance). It is not voluntary charitable giving. How do you see those verses as having anything to do with immigration and taxpayer funded support of immigrants?
  21. What a farcical comment you make. Everyone knows you hate Bible believers - Christians. You have made lots of comments proving your hatred of the Bible and Christianity. You only quote the Bible when you think you can use it against a Bible believer because that is your main goal. You love to be an accuser of Bible believers. That is your interpretation of the Bible and you think it applies to your Socialist beliefs, which is a lie. It cannot be used to support Communism or Socialism. In all your insulting and accusatory comments to me and rebuking me for preaching the Bible, you prove you don't believe the Bible at all. So how is it you are suddenly preaching to love your enemies etc.? That is pure hyprocrisy. Everyone knows you don't believe the Bible to begin with. You only cherry pick something that you think you can use to throw dirt with. It's pure fakery.
  22. Canada spends billions of dollars of taxpayer money on the rest of the world. Every country has the right to protect itself from excessive immigration. Sounds like you don't believe in immigration controls and think that Canada belongs to the rest of the world. So we should just open the flood gates and forget about the well-being of Canadians. You are a good NDP-Liberal type because that is what they believe. They believe Canada is a post-national state. We are no longer a sovereign country and no longer have a right to protect our own country from the like of foreign criminals and terrorists. No, Liberals and NDP can't even protect our country from a housing crisis because liberals and left don't care about Canadians. They only want to bring in more votes for themselves. That's what it is all about. Votes. As for helping the needy, that is an individual responsibility. Nothing stopping you from donating to charitable organizations to help the needy. Using taxpayer money and immigration is Socialism or Communism which is robbing Peter to pay Paul. It is not charity. It is theft. Just because Canada has more prosperity than many other countries doesn't mean Canada has to open its border to the rest of world and swamp Canada with foreigners who are hostile to our traditional values and culture. Where did you come from that makes you think our country of Canada belongs to the rest of the world? Must be some kind of Communist/Socialist ideologue.
  23. There are tons of reasons to be opposed to Trudeau, not just his leanings toward Cuba and China in the past. "Canadian government officials, such as Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly, regularly accept Hamas’s accusations that Israel is targeting civilians as accurate news that’s worthy of repeating. And when evidence proves those accounts to be biased or outright lies — as in the case of the many civilian deaths in a camp near Rafah, which appear to have been caused by exploding munitions hidden in the area and not the Israeli airstrike itself — Joly does not retract her accusations. One might also note that neither she nor our prime minister has ever declared unequivocal support for Israel’s right to respond to the October 7 attack and defend itself against the ongoing existential threat of Hamas, a declared genocidal, and inhumane, terrorist organization operating next door to it." Letters: Political leaders are giving Canadians a license to hate (msn.com) Canada is in a mess now and a cost-of-living crisis for millions of Canadians.
  24. PP and the Conservatives voted for it probably because it makes sense to do so. The unions are a significant voting base and the Conservatives know they must get their support to win the election. Ordinary working people are really the people the Conservatives must win over these days so it makes sense. The idea the conservatives only favour business has been false for a long time. There are also essential workers who must cross the picket line to keep essential services going, such as power companies, telephone companies, hospitals, etc. This should not affect essential workers.
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