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  1. My immune system my choice.

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    2. Boges


      If they make getting or giving an abortion a felony, they certainly are forcing a rape victim to have the child. 

      When was not getting the vaccine ever criminalized? 

    3. sharkman


      1)They didn’t  make abortions illegal.  They said it should be up to each State.  Don’t like the State laws?  Vote in some change, that’s democracy.

      2) Most rape victims don’t get pregnant.  Why must you lefties go after a subset of a subset of a subset to support your idiotic positions?  What about all women, what’s best for 100% of women?


    4. Boges


      The hypocrisy of the court is that they stepped in a few days earlier saying that New York couldn't restrict concealed weapons. So the national rights of a gun-owner supersede that of a woman who doesn't want to be pregnant. 

      Also most abortions aren't late-term. Doesn't stop Pro-lifers to use that as justification for calling it murder. 

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