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  1. Carbon cycle and the ocean

    Thanks for being a good sport about my jabs on the website.  Not meaning to be personal, but it makes for some good theatre while we actually DO touch on some critical issues.

    One of our business relationships is with an Irish company that makes water treatment filtration equipment for municipal and industrial water and sewage treatment.   They have shown some fantastic numbers in demonstrations and in service, but I began to notice that each time they knocked those out of the ballpark, the same filtration medium was involved.  So, I brought that up and they were nice enough to introduce me to the owner of the company that developed said media.   His credentials in the world of water - both fresh and oceanic - would fill a small book.  His payback to the world is trying to get the message out about something that really IS a major concern.  You can find Howard's website at:   www.goesfoundation.com    Reality is: a lot of "climate science" is driven by the want of funding for a particular agenda.  It is pretty hard for a legitimate scientist to make his or her point against the rather large momentum of "CO2 all bad, xxxxxx all good (because I get paid for xxxxx).   Please try to keep an open mind as I am saying this out of genuine concern, not some sort of political agenda.

    re: transportation stuff:   I am very much IN that business.  When I walk into my former JV partners, now largest client, we are designing, building and installing EV charging stations.   I am hardly on the "other" side of that issue.   Mining of Lithium and Cobalt is genuinely a nasty business and an EV uses literally THOUSANDS of the same little cells used elsewhere.  There is not enough Lithium known or forecast to exist to put even a tiny dent in the storage capacity needed to electrify any significant amount of transportation.

    see you back in the bull ring.

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