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  1. The State of Florida recorded 7000 COVID-19 cases yesterday. All of Canada reported around 400. 

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    2. Boges


      And you still don't get that Hospitalizations are a lag indicator of case counts. 

      See what's happening in Missouri right now. 

      Regardless, I thought COVID-19 was done in the US? Doesn't seem so. 

    3. Shady


      Hospitalizations won’t be as much of a lagging indicator as before vaccinations.  Florida is almost 50% fully vaccinated.  Regardless, vaccines are widely available.  Anybody that wants one can get one.  It’s not up to other people to shut down their lives to protect people.  And Florida has been open for months, so we’re at least 3 months behind them.  Our numbers will go up in the fall.

    4. Aristides


      By the fall, Canada will be 80% fully vaccinated, the US seems stuck at 50%.

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