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  1. US Olympic Hammer Thrower protest National Anthem.

    Many calls for her to be removed from the Olympic Team. . . from people who decry Cancel Culture. 

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    2. Argus


      There is a time and a place for protest. And that time and place is not when wearing someone's uniform and representing that group or organization. Protest on your own time.

    3. Boges


      Or get Cancelled? 

      This only highlights the hypocrisy in the Cancel Culture narrative. Freedom of Speech is not Freedom from Consequences. 

    4. Argus


      Yeah, that's crap. Do you work for a living? Go to work and start protesting in front of the customers. See how long you're employed. 

      It's like all those moron sports players not seeming to understand people pay a lot of money to go to a sports game to escape from the normal reality of culture wars and politics and they don't want a bunch of overpaid athletes yanking them back into that reality.

      Protest on your own damned time. If you're wearing the uniform of a country and represent it you have no business protesting against it. Strip the uniform off and boot them from the group. Then they can protest to their heart's content.

      But that's different from going after someone who said or did something on his own, finding out where they work and then demanding they be fired.

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