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  1. 1) Sad that the average leftist in the US is constantly bombarded with the type of sensational lies posted in the OP. 2) Even more sad: most of them will never know they were lied to because they've been conditioned to avoid the sources which will point out the truth, and they're too stupid/lazy to follow up themselves. 3) Thrice as sad: those leftards will ignore the truth if you put it right under their noses. They're actually much happier just wallowing in their confirmation bias than they are knowing the truth. 4) Sadder than that: even after being presented with evidence that their shiny new story is a lie, they won't be able to resist the temptation to spread the lies themselves because they just have too much fun spreading manure. 5) Saddest of all: if they get caught lying they won't care because they're so accustomed to it now. If they did care, they would have stopped watching CNN/NBC and CBC/CTV in the first place.
  2. Q: Who's stupid enough to just quote NYT? A: ^That guy^. Is there any more proof than just the accusation of one man? Your post makes it sound like Reagan went to them early on and then they held them for hundreds more days, so no matter what the actual case is, you are at the very least lying by exaggeration. If that's mainly true, it was highly illegal for Reagan to deal with those guys on behalf of the US while he wasn't an elected official. Reagan must have already been the president-elect when he initially started talking to the Iranians, in which case you're also lying by omission, and then he only started talking to them after approx 400 days. That also means that Carter wasn't really getting anything done, was he.... So how many times did you lie there? Once by exaggeration and once by omission? Not bad for a leftist if you only lied twice.
  3. If even you weren't stupid enough to get sucked in by it then it's literally impossible that anyone else on this planet actually believes it. I'm not surprised that's your takeaway from my post. OK, maybe it wasn't 100.0% correct. Amendment: FIFY 😉
  4. Is that something that you actually believe? Rather, did they say that on CNN? (which means that by default you wholeheartedly believe it) That's an actual CNN mantra. CNN: "We won't show you video of M Brown from the minutes before he was shot (violently robbing a store), out of respect for the deceased, just take our word for it - he was a gentle giant." Dems: "You only need to see a few 4-second clips from the Jan 6th protest, with audio dubbed over them, to get the whole picture. We'll keep the other 40,000 hours secret and just tell you what happened. DON'T WATCH THE VIDEOS ON FOX! VIDEOS LIE!!!!!!" Get it dude? 40 seconds of video for you vs 40,0000 hours that you can't see... It's always amusing that by the time all the facts come out, every single CNN narrative that you believe is eventually in smoking ruin, but you instantly believe the next one with all your precious little snowflake heart. A genius once said:
  5. Sayeth the collusion fool. So in other words, you're not denying that they got off on an entrapment defence, which means that it's exactly like I said: the FBI set that up themselves and (coincidentally???) timed it as an October surprise. If the FBI didn't already get caught committing other crimes against Trump to steal an election I might have beieved the timing was random... Wrong as usual dipsnit, this is just more evidence of how stupid you are. In order to arrive at the pre-arranged conclusion.... ... "said the prosecutor". So your own stupid claim is just based on the prosecutor's opinion. Are you just here trying to prove how stupid you are? BS. You're incapable of experiencing a skeptical moment in your life. When CNN talks, you store their BS in your memory and then just regurgitate it like a Manchurian candidate. "blah BLAH BLAH blah blah BLAH blah blahhhhh." Dude, there are way better ways to draw attention to yourself than trying to paint millions of people as violent racists. Especially at a time when the Dems and their MSM wer doing their best to divide the country racially. His story fit perfectly into the "TRUMP RACIST MAGA MISOGYNIST GAYBASHING HATEHATEHATE" narrative that you've been conditioned to believe. As usual, you refuse to see what's right there in front of your face. FYI "following shared standards" nothing to do with "hammering home the same lies and conspiring to shout down unapproved information", and that's exactly what they did with the BSL4 info, the laptop story, the 2020 election, covid, Jan 6th, etc. It's why so many people in the MSM, whose livelihoods depend on their vocabularies, used the word "seditious" completely wrong. They were told to just use the word over and over to fool their stooge horde and so they did. And it worked. Now people like you and Hodad think that attacking a building is seditious. He even thinks that the definition needs to be updated to reflect the common misperception of leftards. Reality is that things like the possible efficacy of HCQ, the safety and efficacy of supposed "vaccines", the lab leak theory, the integrity of the 2020 election, etc, aren't forbidden topics any more than Russian collusion wasn't a forbidden topic. Even more so, lies about HCQ, the lab leak theory, the safety and efficacy of supposed "vaccines" and the integrity of the 2020 election should never come from the media, or be supported/endorsed/enforced by their TNI cohorts on social media. It's not actually treason to consider whether or not the 2020 election was illegitimate, but that's what the Demmies are aiming at. Why? JC Almighty, dude. It's not "up to me to prove any of that". If you don't already understand those things perfectly clearly then you're a complete tool. I'm pretty sure that you can tell from my points of view that I'm not a low-down street urchin, reliant upon the gov't for handouts, like all of these leftists here, yourself included. Women don't need to be banned by law, but standards definitely shouldn't be lowered just so that women can get into elite units, or even just general infantry. It's a horrible mistake and people's lives are on the line. No place for leftard "sensibilities".
  6. I don't need to rant like some Russian collusion-starved child, I've been vindicated on all counts. They got off on an entrapment defence, what does that tell you? Then the info from their successful defence wasn't allowed to be used at the other trial. Sounds fair, right? Maybe in 1985 Russia. Not true at all. You don't disagree about it now because the conspiracy theorists who said it wasn't a MAGA hate crime were proven correct: Jussie was a faker. The MSM was all over it after it first happened, and so were their useful idjits like you. "JUSSIE IS A VICTIM AND THE MAGA CROWD ARE ALL RACIST MONSTERS!!!! AHHHHH" - you all cried, while stroking each other's little confirmation biases. Even after his plot started being unravelled his backers just screamed "RACISM" louder and louder, thinking it would make the investigations stop. To this day leftard media has never acknowledged that what he did was commit a fake hate crime against himself to gin up racial division, political division and hatred. "He just did it to advance his career 🤡 " lol. Really? Or is that just another conspiracy theory proven to be true: https://cbc.radio-canada.ca/en/media-centre/trusted-news-charter-fight-disinformation From BBC's site, which is linked on that CBC page: I found at least one source before that specifically mentioned the upcoming (at the time) 2020 election as a major reason for it's inception. It sure came in handy during covid though, didn't it? MSM around the world was in lock-step. "BSL4 lab theory, bad. Fauci good. HCQ kills. The vaccines will be pure and safe - they are our only hope. The vaccines ARE perfect and safe. The vaccines aren't perfect but they're still awesome. Etc, etc, etc..." all in unison, every day. Blah, blah, blah. You know you're just babbling, but don't let that stop you from running your mouth. So did you prove anything wrong, or just add some more conspiracy theories for me to prove correct? Straight to sandbox insults lol. Did you prove Russian collusion somewhere, or did I prove that the FBI are criminals? Put your awesome education to use, clown. Prove me wrong 🤣 Prove me wrong about the psuedovax, its side-effects, laptop election interference, Joe's knowledge of Hunter's business dealings, Joe's payouts, shadow bans, the BSL4 lab disinformation from Fauci et al... You didn't prove one thing, you actually just hoisted yourself on your own petard with your wildly ignorant defence of the "hundreds if not thousands of independent MSM outlets". Again, you can't talk about facts because they're not on your side, so you're going to sandbox insults. Not sure where you get the idea that I have a "well-established grudge against women", my wife actually makes more money than I do, by a lot, and I don't begrudge her one bit of that. Where we differ is I don't truck with liars, criminals and fools. A worthless skank like Hillary wouldn't get the time of day from me. I have no time for people who think that "women can do anything as well as men can" or "men can menstruate". It's just completely stupid. Collusion-boy is calling me susceptible to false narratives lol. I gotta hand it to ya Beave, your stupid crap still makes me laugh after all this time.
  7. Here's a short list of "crazy qanon alt-right conspiracy theories" that have become established as facts: -Shadow bans -BSL4 lab -FBI crimes in Russian collusion show trial -Hillary's Russian collusion -Hillary/Sussman/FBI collusion -Fauci GOF research/BSL4 conflict of interest -pseudovax side effects -pseudovax covid deaths by the thousands in Canada -Smollett hoax -Joe's knowledge of Hunter/Ukraine and Hunter/China -Joe payouts from China -FBI election interference re: Hunter laptop -FBI's plot to kidnap Whitmer and "unravelling of said kidnapping" as an October surprise -MSMedia/Dem/Big Tech collusion (riots, baseball shooting, laptop story, covid disinformation...) Re: the last item, every major news item of the last 5 years has featured a laundry list of lies from Dems/Libs and their MSM lackeys, and an alarming percentage of them also include accompanying crimes from the FBI. The overall covid story is just one perfect example of a single topic which featured a "laundry list of lies". Trudeau's perfection/Trump's abject failures include: -Trudeau saying "covid won't affect Canadians much" in Jan 2020 = "Perfect!"/Trump already fighting covid in Jan 2020 (eg. flight ban) while the Dems were ignoring it = "Not enough!" -Trudeau flight ban from India = "Solid!"/Trump flight ban from China = "Racist!" Trudeau gave away tons of PPE to China and got garbage back/Trump opened a new N95 mask facility in the US -Trudeau poached 1.9 million 3rd world charity vaccines = "Saviour!" (Not racist? Not an example of white privilege?)/Trump Op Warp Speed = "Not good enough" -Trudeau allowed Chinese travellers to wander free 'til March 16 2020 then clamped down on Canadian citizens 7 days later/Trump clamped down on foreign travellers before he clamped down on US citizens -Trudeau went along with every single false covid narrative and was ultimately wrong about everything/Trump questioned the source of covid, looked for all kinds of possible treatments, etc -Trudeau went full fascist, inspired demonstrations all across Canada, beat & jailed protesters, froze bank accounts, called Canadians racists and misogynists for no reason/Trump never name-called, didn't freeze bank accounts, never had to beat or jail any peaceful protesters, never inspired covid division at all, never forced Americans to do anything. This is a short list of covid failures/successes which is completely accurate, and is also completely the opposite of what we heard from the MSM in the US and Canada. Face it Beave, the MSM is complete garbage with no redeeming qualities whatsoever and you've been their stooge useful idjit every single second of every single day, going so far as to name-call others who had the rights of every issue.
  8. We might see real violence on an unprecedented level in the US if the Dems take their witch hunt too far, but I think that's what they're hoping for. They can't really achieve one-party rule without officially taking the FBI on their side, and without creating the impression that "it's what's best for everyone", like they did with their BS pseudovax mandates.
  9. Why would you choose to use the term 'conspiracy theory', while knowing that it has a 100% track record of blowing up in your leftard face? If you want to use it correctly, say something like "the insurrection conspiracy theory", "the Ukrainian collusion conspiracy theory", "the Russian collusion conspiracy theory", etc... Class dismissed.
  10. I knew you did time. I blame the sneaky pigs. If it was just entrapment, guess what... They'd be charging Epps with sedition. Are you saying that it would be a good idea for the FBI/Pelosi to use a guy like Epps to incite people to enter the capitol, knowing that some would get killed and others would be locked in jail, and why? Why are the Dems/FBI trying to get people to commit treason? Why did they leave the perimeter of the capitol buildings virtually unprotected, just to get enough people to get in so that they could charge them criminally? What did they satnd to gain from that, aside from distracting people from the Dems' 2020 election crimes? Why didn't they do the same to Antifatards who attacked federal buildings for over 100 days straight? Why didn't they even bother to charge anyone for overrunning a Settle police station, declaring sovereignty over part of Seattle, and then killing a 16-yr-old black kid there? Why wasn't Raz Simone put in jail for declaring war from his "autonomus zone" during the "Summer of Love"? Consider these to be rhetorical questions from your POV, we both know that you're too stupid and brainwashed to answer them.
  11. My argument is that there were 75M Trump voters, most of whom have one or several guns, and if there was an actual insurrection then they would have brought guns. At least one gun, right? Bringing zero guns to a place where there are hundreds of police who are all armed with real bullets is not an actual attempt to overrun it. Those aren't facts at all. You obviously have no clue what "overrun" looks like. FYI it's not "cops walking around calmly while people line up between the velvet ropes". Only a really stupid person would actually believe what you just said. Secretaries of state unilaterally changed other voting laws for that election, and what you're talking about is not something that Americans would suffer. "Awwww, shucks. We didn't count the votes so Trump gets to stay in power 🤡." They didn't. It wasn't possible because they were unarmed. They were unarmed because it wasn't an insurrection. You don't know that because you're stupid. If the police were completely unafraid of the people who entered the capitol, then the senators didn't need to worry too much. 1) It's possible that in all that chaos there was a James Hodgkinson type, 20 running wasn't a bad idea, 2) they might have been running after they heard the gunfire, not knowing that it was all just part of Pelosi's plan Liar. The motive was anger. The part about "preventing 🤡 from becoming president" is just your own stupid assumption. Blah, blah, blah. My God you're a credulous little hypocrite. Do you remember the Dems and the FBI committing crimes to try to get Trump removed from office? Did that bug you? Did all the years of Dem-induced rioting not bug you? If not, then why were these 3 hrs so bad? Did the Dem-inspired terrorist attack at the congressional baseball game not bug you?
  12. You wouldn't know the difference between m0ronic and brilliant for the same reason that an ant couldn't tell the difference between a Lada and a Lamborghini as they roll overhead. Epps is the only 'seditious' person in those videos as far as I've seen. That's a fact. There are probably more but I didnt see them, I just saw rioters. I never said that "no one would have gone into the capitol if not for him", that's just another one of your lies. 1) You're just not a smart guy Beave. You're missing the whole point about Epps: If it was really an insurrection and the crime of sedition is really on the table for anyone, then Epps is front and center. If he's not being charged then it's because he was working as an agent provocateur and his job was to get people to cross that threshold in order to flesh out an FBI/Pelosi narrative - it's that simple. 2) FYI you're countering the Dem narrative, dude. If people were all just mad enough to kick in the front door anyways, and they didn't have coaching from behind, then it wasn't an insurrection. It was just an angry protest where some windows got busted and nothing more. People liek Epps would have been a key component of an insurrection. You can't just have all generals and captains and no sergeant Pelosi and the Dems needed that door to be kicked in, because she needed attention drawn away from 11th-hour truckloads of hundreds of thousands on one-party votes, secretaries of state who unilaterally made changes to election laws, etc. When they say "the thin blue line" they don't mean this thin: That was an invitation to attack, and Epps knew right where to be. Pelosi wanted some people to push through there, bust the doors, because she knew that they had enough cops to stop the unarmed advance once they opened firs and started killing people.
  13. There was a grain of truth in your post. Your stupid story falls apart because there's such a massive gap between : 1) the leftard claims that there was an overt call to arms to 75M Trump supporters 2) the fact that there were almost no police officers at all outside of the buildings, by Pelosi's choosing You're a farking tool if you think that what you have there amounts to proof that there was a "violent insurrection". You have the testimony of a guy who was already diagnosed with mental problems years earlier and anonymous source, jackass. It was obvious by 6 PM eastern time that it was a fart in the wind. If you just turned your TV on it was already over and that gaggle of snowflakes was already back at work. Ask yourself this: if there was really a violent insurrection, and 75M people had really been called to arms, would they have all gone back to work in 3 hrs? The Dems set up their propaganda board specifically so that they could make all of these grand accusations without any evidence. Whether they actually have video of a guy with long-diagnosed mental health issues saying one sentence, or they don't, it's of little consequence. I can show you video evidence of Schiff saying that he had bombshell new evidence of Trump-Russia collusion ten different times and he never produced one single thing, ever. Schiff theoretically has more credibility than the guy with mental health issues, running around dressed as a buffalo hunter. You've never caught me lying and you never will. Just keep pretending that Chansley's (theoretically) taped comment is enough to prove that Jan 6th was as big as Pearl Harbour lol. Retard. Those were not "seditious" mobs lol. Learn the language, stupid. They were angry mobs. A few dozen were riotous mobs. The act of being "seditious" is the act of talking, or motivating. Compelling. The only seditious act filmed on Jan 6th was that of Epps, urging people to go into the capitol, and breaching the capitol was the only act of violence against the gov't itself, and that's what Epps called for.
  14. You don't have the credibility to make accusations, stupid. No one in the world really believes that a handful of almost completely unarmed people tried to overthrow the US gov't. It's just a Demmie talking point. That's just propaganda you thick fark. It's right outta the "one-party law" playbook for dictators. Every single person on that list is also a frothing-at-the-mouth Russian collusion troll. They don't even have 1 IQ point combined. 1) If he's a "filmmaker", where's the "video"? 2) Are you saying that one man's description of what Chansley, the self-appointed leader of no army at all anywhere, said, along with "an ominous warning from an unnamed woman somewhere in Georgia", is proof that there was an actual rebellion of some sort? There's no carnage or anything left over from it? Do you know what 300M people look like? How hard it is to fight them unarmed? That's 10,000 football stadiums full of people opposing them. Did two unarmed people really take all of those people on? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-62688532 The FBI absolutely was the source of the Dems'/MSM's disinformation/censorship campaign, plain and simple. They had the laptop for almost one full year when they were out there telling lies. You should be alarmed that all the people on your surprisingly thorough list of stooges/disinformants went along with the FBI's plot. That's effin' scary. Instead of just lying on the internet, you should be asking yourself: "Are all of those people that stupid, or that invested in controlling elections?" It's one or the other.... Seditious is an adjective describing people who commit sedition, jackass, not describing people who are doing other things. FYI attacking a building is absolutely not a seditious activity anymore than it's a loquacious activity, although one could cut have cut through those serried rows of police at the capitol while armed with only deadly Robbie Burns limericks.
  15. I never saw that anywhere, you could have just posted a link instead of being snotty.
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