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  1. Who knows, maybe he has a desperate need to tell the truth sometimes, so that's why he talks to drapes.
  2. So he blames little darkies for eating his uncle lol. What a stupid racist he is. Check out this logic: His uncle's plane was hit by so many bullets that it was forced from the sky, but the most likely reason that his uncle can't be found is "there were darkies nearby..." 😂 FWIW Joe also plagiarized the speech of a British politician who said that he came from a long line of coal workers and was the first university-educated person in his family. Nothing that comes out of Joe's mouth has to have any basis in reality.
  3. Are you insinuating that Trump is innocent, or did you somehow think ths made him look guilty because you're stupid? Sure. Whatever. That doesn't mean "all", but I'll play your game: Let's agree that innocent people usually try to delay their trials... So, by your own comments, Trump is trying to do the exact same thing other innocent people usually do. Are you trying to make the case that Trump is innocent? Do you not know that delay and postpone are synonyms? Are those words too big for you? Sorry, there I go using another big word lol. FYI delay and postpone mean the same thing. The words are interchangeable. Doh! The words can be used in place of each other. Eg, to paraphrase, one could say: "defendants who are innocent of a crime will usually do everything humanly possible to postpone their trials" and the meaning of that sentence would be unchanged. By the same token, one could say "Trump continuously ramped up efforts to postpone the trial", and the meaning would be the exact same for all intents and purposes. So what's the deal now? Are you going to try to tell me that delay and postpone are antonyms now? FYI by antonyms I don't mean Antonio, Antoine, Anthony, etc. I mean 'words with opposite meanings'.
  4. Clinton was accused of an actual rape by Jaunita Broderick. It wasn't a silly story about a ho that went into a change-room with a guy to model lingerie for him, and then giggled whenever he touched her, and who was able to end the incident at the first sign of objection. It was an actual rape, where Clinton used violence on her to force her to have intercourse to it's gooey conclusion. It also wasn't a vague accusation about a random month/year that she couldn't even name. Her accusation named a specific room in a specific hotel on a specific day at a specific time, and Clinton was in that town on that day with a break in his itinerary. Broderick also had a witness to her physical injuries. Then Hillary called all of Bill's accusers names. Still, Bill wasn't rung up on any charges of rape, Hillary was never sued for her libel.
  5. Having 85% of our population vaxed only increased covid deaths by 30% over 2021, and 24% over 2020 - the year when covid was a novel virus. You couldn't possibly vax enough Canadians to cause 'millions more covid deaths' here.
  6. Leftists say that the best scientific studies are done on millions of pregnant women and children at the same time, as long as they all sign waivers.
  7. Fixed it for ya. Pfizer got one right - I stand corrected. Yup, the ol' bait and switch. "The jabs are safe and effective. Once you're jabbed you don't have to worry about covid, and you don't have to worry about giving it to granny (that last part constituted the "science" behind locking down the unjabbed). As soon as we get enough people jabbed, we will get to herd immunity." Literally every item on the bill of goods we were sold on turned out to be a lie, but the people who were lied to are the only ones who aren't mad lol. They say "I bent over and took one for science, but science was slightly incorrect ['science' lied to you and treated you like its baby momma] but I'm one of the lucky ones who never got harmed so I'm really happy about it." Therefor, if we keep the unjabbed locked away, we can stop covid... "So what if some kids died. I'm ok!" - jabber blabber If there's a civil war to be fought over that one, count me in. Way back in about April or May 2020 that info was rock-solid. Jabbers still don't take it to heart. They were great from their POV. They're evil pieces of crap and they liked seeing people who they didn't agree with being stripped of basic human rights. "But it was on CNN and CTV goddammit! How could it be false? It's true by definition! We'll rewrite the dictionary if we have to in order to make it true." And they literally do do that. Look up "vaccine" or "gain of function research" now. A bathwater solution qualifies as a vaccine now, and giving a pathogen the ability to infect humans and to be transmissible among us is not giving it a function.
  8. If you ever try to get vaers data from an official website they start off with boilerplate BS about how necessary the jabs were and how many people were saved according to their intentional miscalculations, blah blah blah, then they start talking about the incidence rate of injection-site owwies vs all other kinds of incidents and bigger owwies, as if that's what everyone cares about. "Dr, what are the chances that I'll get an injection site boo-boo? Should I just risk death from the plague instead?" Info about the existence or non-existence of dead kids will be on p92, but they refer to them by a much less dead-kid sounding term, like "cardiac fatalities in various age groups which will remain under investigation until 2043, if anyone still cares". A gov't website's covid jab info page is an exercise in wading through horseshit to get to worthless shit on the path to more dishonest shit.
  9. Who whined like a little b1tch, and said "Make young people take the jab, make your kids take the jab, just to keep me safe!" Then who said "Forcing young people to take the jab - even though it injured thousands and even killed a bunch of them - was worth it, because I'm still here"? And we're "whining" about unnecessary injuries to kids? Go to hell. Straight to hell.
  10. 1. Ottoman Empire, Jews as 3rd-class citizens: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Jews_in_the_Ottoman_Empire Antisemitism[edit] **snipped** In 1865, when the equality of all subjects of the Ottoman Empire was proclaimed, Ahmed Cevdet Pasha, a high-ranking official observed, "whereas in former times, in the Ottoman State, the communities were ranked, with the Muslims first, then the Greeks, then the Armenians, then the Jews, now all of them were put on the same level. Some Greeks objected to this, saying: 'The government has put us together with the Jews. We were content with the supremacy of Islam.'"[42] Benny Morris writes that one symbol of Jewish degradation was the phenomenon of stone-throwing at Jews by Muslim children. Morris quotes a 19th-century traveler: 2.Massacres of Jews in the Ottoman Empire: Keep in mind as you read this, that during the 1948 partition, under 500 muslims were killed. The largest massacre was at Deir Yassin, about 104-108 people, which still stokes violent rage within the muslim community... There was a massacre of Jews in Baghdad in 1828.[41] There was a massacre of Jews in Barfurush in 1867.[41] Throughout the 1860s, the Jews of Libya were subjected to what Gilbert calls punitive taxation. In 1864, around 500 Jews were killed in Marrakech and Fezin Morocco. In 1869, 18 Jews were killed in Tunis, and an Arab mob looted Jewish homes and stores, and burned synagogues, on Jerba Island. In 1875, 20 Jews were killed by a mob in Demnat, Morocco; elsewhere in Morocco, Jews were attacked and killed in the streets in broad daylight. In 1891, the leading Muslims in Jerusalem asked the Ottoman authorities in Constantinople to prohibit the entry of Jews arriving from Russia. In 1897, synagogues were ransacked and Jews were murdered in Tripolitania.[39] An important instance of anti-Semitism around this time was the Damascus affair, in which many Jews in Damascus (which was then under the leadership of Muhammad Ali of Egypt) were arrested after being accused of murdering the Christian Father Thomas and his servant in an instance of blood libel. While the authorities under Sharif Pasha, Egyptian governor of Damascus, tortured the accused until they confessed to the crime, and killed two Jews who refused to confess, prominent European Jews such as Adolphe CrĂ©mieux demanded the release of the condemned.[43] 3. Pakistan at Partition: So many people were killed during the Pakistani partition, which only preceded the Palestinian partition by 8 months, that estimates vary anywhere from 400,000 to 2 million. I've even seen 3M as an estimate before, bit it's quite far off from the majority of estimates that I don't give it any credibility anymore. The only reason for this partition was that the muslims in 1947 India - much like the Jews in 1948 'Palestine' - wanted their own sovereign state when the British pulled out. In both instances some massacres occurred. The ones in Israel were infinitesimally smaller, and they happened while the armies of 5 countries were massing to attacking Israel. There were no foreign armies gathering on Pakistan's border to attack them: they were under no such external pressure. Just keep in mind that this is only the estimate for Pakistan's first genocide, and they created a larger genocide in 1971. To get an idea of the epic scale and the desperation of this migration, listen to an ex-soldier who was sent to the new border to oversee the safety of refugees from 1:11:45 to 1:12:45. The whole documentary is worth watching, it's well done imo. 4. Israel attacked on day 1 of their existence: On the eve of the British forces’ May 15, 1948, withdrawal, Israel declared independence. The fighting intensified immediately: Egypt launched an aerial assault on Tel Aviv and, the next day, Arab forces from Egypt, Transjordan (Jordan), Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon occupied the areas in southern and eastern Palestine not apportioned to the Jews by the UN partition of Palestine and then captured East Jerusalem, including the small Jewish quarter of the Old City. The Israelis, meanwhile, won control of the main road to Jerusalem through the Yehuda Mountains (“Hills of Judaea”) and successfully repulsed repeated Arab attacks. By early 1949 the Israelis had managed to occupy all of the Negev up to the former Egypt-Palestine frontier, except for the Gaza Strip. So that's day 1 of Israel's sovereign existence: attacked by the combined armies of 5 countries, all with the goal of ethnically cleansing the country the way that the Pakistanis had ethnically cleansed their new country just a few months earlier. Make no mistake, the goal was to eradicate Israel. 5. In 1967 the ME armies joined up again to attack Israel and wipe it off the map, but Israel launched a surprise pre-emptive strike that destroyed most of the planes in the Egyptian and Syrian air forces while their planes were still on the ground. The war was almost like the Israelis just mopping up what remained. It may have been the quickest and most decisive/lopsided victory in the whole history of warfare. 6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palestinian_rocket_attacks_on_Israel Since 2001, Palestinian militants have launched tens of thousands[1][2][3][4] of rocket and mortar attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip as part of the continuing Israeli–Palestinian conflict. I get that the Israelis shoot most of those down, but we're only talking about 23 years here... If Gazans keep this up for another 75 years, how many more rockets can Israel shoot down, buddy? There is no "genocide" of Palestinians. The PLO's stated goal was the eradication of Israel, and that goes back long before you were born. Eradication. IE, no Israel. All Jews dead. When Israel gets attacked by 5 countries at a time it's always done with the goal of genocide/eradication. Believe me, if the Palestinians or Egyptians ever got power over Tel Aviv like the Jews have over Gaza, almost everyone there would die, and quickly. It has taken the Israelis 6 months to move south through Gaza, it's only 25 miles long. If they reached the Egyptian border today, that would put their pace at just over 700 feet/day. Two football fields a day. If the Israelis were trying to kill Palestinians they could have gone 25 miles on day 1. FYI before the Israelis bomb buildings they drop "un-bombs" on them. They just shake the buildings without destroying them so that civilians inside get a chance to flee. So do Hamas. They can flee before actual bombs hit. But make no mistake, the Israelis have to clear out/destroy all those tunnels and eradicate the rocket threat of Hamas in Gaza. Hamas can put rocket fuel and high explosives into a re-purposed water pipe for a few hundred bucks, and that money comes from Iran anyways. The Israelis have to build missiles that can hit each one of those cheap rockets in flight or their kids will just die all the time. The cost difference between building a simple murder rocket and building a self-defence rocket that can shoot the murder rocket down is insane. Israel can't afford to just keep shooting down rockets for 30 more years. The Gazans have to be stopped. The Israelis aren't 'committing' a genocide, they're defending themselves from a genocide. And that's not just me talking. It's what Israel's enemies say. It's what they brag about. It's what they dream about. If you don't believe me, look how they acted on Oct 7th... You don't burn women and children to death, parade their naked corpses so that people can spit on them, if you're fighting a war. The Palestinians aren't at war with Israel. They are trying to wipe them out. FYI when Canadian soldiers go to war, and play nice with POWs and civilians, it's because they have that option. Our soldiers have never had to defend Canadians from a genocide before. If we did, we'd play by a much nastier set of rules.
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