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  1. If you read it all, you'd see that the right's "concerns" are hysterical and have little to do with the actual facts.
  2. This is true, I only sometimes read what you post here. Probably because usually within the first few lines, it's pretty clear how divorced from reality this anti-vax agenda is. I was interested in that National Citizens inquiry; even got on their mailing list. The pitch was good - trying to determine what is true - but pretty quickly it became apparent that only one "truth" was allowed: "vaccine bad". That's not an enquiry, that's a witch hunt.
  3. I think vaccines do sometimes cause injury, your sister being a case in point. But I also think Covid poses a greater risk of injury and death. And I haven't seen any real proof that vaccines cause death, your overheated and one-sided topic here notwithstanding. These "mysterious" deaths of young people, including athletes, have always happened; it's just that a certain agenda is at play to bring them to the forefront so gullible people think it's something new. And I also note that outright lies are being told about these people who've died in order to push the narrative that it's the vaccine that caused their death. If you were so good at research, so good at questioning what you are being told, and so impartial as you'd like to believe, you wouldn't post half the crap you do.
  4. People have gotten long Covid prior to vaccines - two of my workmates, as a matter of fact.
  5. Why do I get the feeling that unless they came up with "vaccine death", you wouldn't accept it.
  6. The requirement for organ transplant is vaccination. It isn't "prove you have immunity for a short period of time". The court is upholding the right of the health care providers to determine their own criteria.
  7. Tried to find this, but found the opposite - that Virginia passed a law to penalize docs who don't provide care to infants born alalive. I don't pay attention to most of your posts; are they all this inaccurate?
  8. Covid third leading cause of death in Canada. Second leading cause of hospitalizations, after childbirth. But since it's older adults fueling the deaths and hospitalizations, the usual suspects won't care.
  9. Similarly, if someone has alcohol related cirrhosis of the liver, they will not get a transplant unless they stop drinking. Having read a less biased version of this story, the courts aren't so much ruling that unvaxed can't get transplants, but are upholding the medical system's right to set the criteria under which someone is approved for transplant. The.goal is to give organs to the people most likely to do well, and at this time it's believed that unvaxed transplant patients do not do well if they get Covid - the death rate is significantly higher than the general public, vaxed or unvaxed.
  10. Yup, well - I guess I'm wrong and embarrassed - my apologies to @Goddess. As for vitriol, talk to your girlfriend about hers - calling people drunks, liars, idlots etc. - she gets what she gives.
  11. Because the private correspondence showed that they knew they were lying. Their lies caused the damage for which Fox is paying Dominion.
  12. 1. Agree, but only if they've got a history of offences. If no history, then 15 years. 2. Agree 3. Agree, but till actual death, not 25 years. 4. Agree. 5. Disagree; one shouldn't cancel out the other. But Canada should be a leader in reaching goals, which it clearly is not.
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