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Forbes ...says the S&P 500 and NASDAQ today March 1, 2024 highest ever recorded....

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Standard and Poor's indexed 500 are in record breaking highs with estimations of sustained high tech growth through at least the summer and NASDAQ is leap frogging over its old records with huge boosts in the Artificial Intelligence applications fields based in part of the strong commitment of the Biden Administration to commit major funding in military anti-cyber warfare to prevent enemy attacks on our cyber grid and the underlying electro-communication foundations of the modern world especially rooted in inter communication. 

Meanwhile Former president Trump continues his walking tour of the Texas border he can see on his television at night after visiting the rancherias pecan orchards several well protected miles away.  

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Yes but this is the best day in over 14 months, that counts for something well above the norm in industrial growth, said growth which has stalled the day Trump began his claims of retaking the Presidency. Now, with multiple felony crimes staring him in the face which it is highly unlikely he can side step all of, and  with an immense steam shovel about to tear down his smoke and mirrors criminal enterprises along with such actual tax write off brick facades he's based it all in to hide behind and run other, less admirable industries and similar business relationships in that he has been hugely protective of revealing even minimal facts about even to his own followers, he's going to lose it all because he's finding out you can lie to yourself and SAY you are a billionnaire, lie the same to your followers so they don't question you on why then you need them and the cash boxes of the entire Republican Party to.pay his legal expenses instead of himself, and lie to even his hidden bond secured friend who, this time, couldn't bail him out for " the entire Judgement or even 1/5th if it". ...but you cannot lie to the Court...because they WILL find out just how much you do have, and take every penny until the Judgement is paid plus daily accruing interest . 

Trump knows the End is Near.  His End. 

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16 hours ago, Moonlight Graham said:

The S&P 500 sets record highs constantly throughout its entire existence.

Donald has a problem with being wrong.



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16 hours ago, Caswell Thomas said:

Yes but this is the best day in over 14 months, that counts for something

It does not unfortunately.  For two reasons.

The first is that as mentioned due to the fact that barring serious recessions or downturns (and even then sometimes) the size of the economy is always growing, so it's ALWAYS going to produce 'best days ever' regularly. It's only impressive if it manages to do consecutively over time and usually only if it's the best months.  For example an economy that produces 4 consecutive 'best months' is impressive in it's growth - all else being equal  and that's a critical caveate.

Second - the market is artificially high.  Biden is dumping insane amounts of money into it. When you inflate the economy like that it does appear to grow larger quickly but it's an illusion. The growth stops and the bubble bursts as soon as the stimulus stops.  And often you then get a downturn that's worse than the up swing.

They're doing this because of the upcoming election. but most actual independent ecnonomists feel that it's bad policy and the economy isn't actually doing as well as it looks.  It's got a long way to go to catch up with that insane inflation - people are still paying far more than they were and just not earning enough to make the difference up

Which is why biden's in the hole approval rating wise.

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You can brag all you want about the stock market or GDP but this election and Biden's approval isn't about that.

When the economy is truly good they people feel it. Problem here is people ain't feeling it.

They figured out that people making under 45k can't afford to go to McDonalds anymore because it has gotten too expensive and that is McDonalds and even though everyone is laser focused on McDonalds all the rest of the fast food restaurants are around the same price.



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It's a false "up". Dollar bills just have less value than they did before.

If you had a million dollars in 1970 you could have bought 25 houses in Fort Langley. They were $40k. 

There are condos there that cost $1.5M now. 

The Biden administration created trillions of dollar and that didn't increase the amount of food, housing and consumer goods. It just drove the cost of everything up. 

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This from one of the most respected investment companies in Canada




By Murray Leith CFA, Executive Vice President & Director, Investment Research
Friday, March 08, 2024


pexels-jean-van-der-meulen-1543417When it comes to the 2024 U.S. presidential election, there is only one thing we can confidently proclaim: Watching the race will be exhausting and nauseating given the extent of political polarization in America. 

We are not going to place odds on a Joe Biden or Donald Trump victory for two reasons. First, we simply don’t know who will win. Second, and more importantly, knowing the answer wouldn’t make us any wiser or confident in predicting the outlook for the economy or markets. 

At the 2024 Odlum Brown Annual Address we referenced the 2016 presidential election as an example of the perils of forecasting. Not only did Donald Trump win that election, despite a nearly unanimous belief that Hillary Clinton would become president, but stocks went up, way up, even though most believed Trump would be a negative for the market. In fact, U.S. stocks returned roughly 25% in his first year and 70% over his four-year term. The conventional political wisdom doesn’t always translate accurately in the stock market. 

Many believe Republican presidents are better for the market, yet the S&P 500 Index has compounded at a 15.1% annual rate since Biden, a Democrat, was elected. That is better than the 14.3% annual gains during Trump’s presidency. Stocks have done slightly better under Democratic administrations over history, but the margin has been too slim to consider it important. Other factors matter more.

Some would say Democrats care more about climate change and the environment, and that Republicans are more supportive of traditional oil and gas. Yet, oil and gas stocks averaged an annual loss of 19% during Trump’s time in the White House versus annual gains of more than 50% under President Biden. The iShares Global Clean Energy EFT appreciated at a 26% annual rate under Trump and has dropped at a 9% annual pace since Biden took over. 

Given that Democrats are seen to favour tough financial market regulations, one might assume bank stocks would have performed better when Trump was leading the country. Not so. The S&P 500 Bank Index has grown at a compound annual rate of 16% during Biden’s presidency, three times the 5.4% annual rate when Trump governed.

Republicans are supposed to be bigger defense spenders, yet the 6.9% compound annual return for the S&P 500 Aerospace Index during Trump’s presidency is a fraction of the 16.1% annual appreciation since Biden took office. 

returns-by-president.gif?sfvrsn=48be6db9_2&MaxWidth=600&MaxHeight=&ScaleUp=false&Quality=High&Method=ResizeFitToAreaArguments&Signature=372CE34F98900D519049711A7896690CThe bottom line is, there is much more to the market than politics.

Most of the time, economics drive politics, not the other way around. If the economy is strong, odds are better that the incumbent will win another term. If the economy is weak, change is more likely. 

While politics and government policies matter, they must be considered alongside many other important factors.




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