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U.N. wants to protect Hamas and threaten the security of Israel

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The U.N. security council will be debating a motion tomorrow to call for a cease fire and release of hostages.

It is well-established that the U.N. constantly has passed motions against Israel and as an organization has no interest in protecting or assuring the continued existence of Israel.

This motion will not provide security for Israel.  As part of it they want to carve Israel up and create two states.  This would further weaken Israel and create an official terrorist state that would threaten the very existence of Israel.

How will a cease fire eliminate the threat posed by the existence of Hamas and other terrorist groups?  

They have just murdered at least 1,600 innocent civilians including beheading of babies.

There is no way that Israel should be expected to live under the threat of terrorist groups like Hamas.

How will a cease fire stop Hamas backed by Iran from launching thousands more sophiscated rockets and terrorist attacks of civilians in Israel?

Of course the answer is it won't.  A cease fire will simply protect Hamas and allow it to build up and plan for the next terrorist attack.


The United Nations Security Council could debate two separate resolutions on Monday put forward by Russia and Brazil, calling for a Gaza cease-fire and the release of the over 150 hostages seized by Hamas during an October 7th assault on Israel.

“We are convinced that the Security Council must act to put an end to the bloodshed and restart peace negotiations, with the view to establishing a Palestinian state as it was supposed to do so long ago,” Russian Ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzia told reporters in New York."

UNSC may call for Gaza war cease-fire, release of hostages (msn.com)

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The UN does not have the authority to put in place a cease fire, ....or to stop military actions, it may broker one if both sides agree....but until them it is a useless move...Both nations must be in agreeance of any motion that the UN councils drafts up...UN does not have the means to enforce anything, no troops or policemen.... and who in their right minds would volunteer their army for that job...Russia / Brazil ? not a chance...

The only option is to vote for sanctions for not compiling, and does anyone think that the US will fold it's present position and vote for or veto the sanctions... the motion coming from Russia is kind of rich in my opinion....Russian should be praying the conflict goes on forever taking the attention off Ukraine and maybe divert some of NATO's assistance from Ukraine to Israel...

This is going to stop unless Israel or the US agrees it is time to finish up...UN is a toothless organization, that has out lived it's purpose in regards to keeping the peace. 

Has anyone really looked at the destruction of Gaza most of the city is in ruins, flattened to the ground, electrical infra structure is destroyed, water and sewage systems damaged... UN should be planning on what to do with all the refugees.. not some cease fire.

Even of the fighting was to stop today, hundreds of thousands are going to have no place to live or stay...and once the ground campaign gets started there will be nothing left but rubble.  


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3 hours ago, Michael Hardner said:

They want a ceasefire to stop Israel from destroying Gaza I think...

Of course - and that is what they always do.

However - the UN has time and time again failed to prevent this from happening again. They demand 'cooler heads prevail' and lets 'talk this out'  - and then it happens again in a few years.


So they can want a cease fire to their heart's content but isreal would be wise to ignore them this tiem around.  A cease fire should be called ONLY when gaza surrenders and the UN agrees to take the survivors as refugees and get them the hell out of isreal.

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4 hours ago, Michael Hardner said:

They want a ceasefire to stop Israel from destroying Gaza I think...

It's almost like the UN wants Gaza to be able to retain the ability to keep launching terrorist attacks against Israel. The foreign aid will continue to pour into Gaza and Hamas will use much of it solely for the purpose of attacking Israel.

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