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Should women get equal rights?


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20 minutes ago, Eli45 said:

Like maybe the breadwinning husband who works construction should be able to make by  himself her rights on medical issues such as abortion? 

My take on the wife, is if she is shooting out an 8lb item out of her crotch, she gets to call the shots on her body. It's the least I can do.

The day I can poop out a child, I may want to reconsider.

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Now I'm not anti gay but they get to go have parades with nudity and you couldn't do that as a heterosexual parade. I'm not anti gay though and they deserve equal rights mostly. However, should they if they're doing a woman's job instead of construction?

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1 hour ago, Eli45 said:

Just admit it that I'm right. You can't compare a construction worker to some girly girl who makes muffins and changes a few diapers. And you can't compare a receptionist and this is coming from a heterosexual white liberal male.

In what way compare? What rights?

You did not answer my question, just keep stammering, so obviously just another idjiot troll. Get lost.


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1 hour ago, Eli45 said:

You can't compare office works to a big man working outside in the heat. Come to think of it maybe the Mexican labors deserve the most rights b/c they work hard. I take it you disagree with taking some rights away from women but you know I'm right. Please don't label me a troll. I find that very offensive.

I find your whole premise offensive.  Too bad if you're offended by what someone else says.

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5 hours ago, Contrarian said:

What thread, over 90 % of people here support women?!  

My experience, and that of many other women, is that most men know "what is the right thing to say" but their behaviour in a relationship says otherwise.

Women have rights taken away, are often treated as "less" than the man in a relationship, women are beaten, raped and killed by men - both in domestic relationships and random - far more than the opposite.

If men support women, then they need to speak up. (Thank you to the ones here who did.)

I was at a gathering a couple years ago where this older man (late 60's, maybe?) was denigrating his wife repeatedly, to the point of cruelty.  The women comforted the wife, but no one said anything to the man until I couldn't stand watching and hearing it any longer and said to him, "Hey, don't talk to her like that.  What's the matter with you?"

Not one man there spoke up or backed me up after what I said.

This is why women are still second-class citizens and subject to male violence at astonishing rates.

Men need to start calling each other out on that SHITE.

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10 hours ago, Eli45 said:

he right to make medical decisions of any kind on her own. Perhaps the right to vote for some women, not all, I'm not a fascist. The right to be able to drive without a male in the car with them. Most women are not good drivers.

Don't you live in your mother's basement? At least those women have cars.

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On 3/16/2023 at 5:39 PM, Eli45 said:

Most of the armed soldier are men, women stay home while they fight for us. Cops and firemen too risk their lives. Should the soldiers and these types get more rights than women?

By LAW, women and men have equal rights. They are entitled to equal pay for the same work. They are both guaranteed EQUAL access to voting, to careers, to military service, etc.

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On 3/16/2023 at 5:39 PM, Eli45 said:

Most of the armed soldier are men, women stay home while they fight for us. Cops and firemen too risk their lives. Should the soldiers and these types get more rights than women?

What kind of question is this? Of course women must have equal rights.

If men are on average physically stronger (so is a bear) this does not mean anything or more rights. Women are better in many other qualities. Women are sources of life and make better nurses for example. Equal rights has nothing to do with who can do which job better but it is a right to be equal.

Down with any religion or ideology or person who treat women badly or not equal or a sex object.

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Should men and women have equal rights? Yes.

Should men and woman have equal pay for the same jobs? Yes.

Do men gravitate to jobs and careers differently than do women? Yes.

Should a nursing home attendant be paid the same as a construction worker? Sure...that sounds reasonable.

Its one thing to advocate for equal rights.

It quite another to advocate for equal outcomes.

A man...ok most men...make better construction workers because men are simply bigger and stronger.

By the same token...women...ok most women...make better nursing home attendants because they have more empathy for human suffering...generally.

To belittle women for their differences from men is a dullards argument. Women are the givers of life itself. They are invaluable. Nothing men do can compare to that.

By the same token, to force or impose women, or men, onto positions they are simply not suited for is also a dullard's argument and act of stupidity on several levels.

Be proud of what you are. Make the most of your talents. Men and women together form the strongest and most important unions of all. And our Libbie society is trying its danmdest to undo this basic truth and necessity. THAT is the true tragedy of the sexes.

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