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RCMP officer pokes fun at Trudeau and Socialism on his own time and could be punished for it.

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23 hours ago, PIK said:

He has a right to do what he wants, i guess. But being a police officer, he should have known better, that's the problem.

I am pretty sure that the majority of cops out there do vote during election time. And I am pretty sure that many will vote for either the CPC, lefty Liberals or NDP communists. Maybe cops should not be allowed to vote anymore just in case many of them may decide to vote for the CPC. If that cop had of made fun of Pierre Poilevre nothing would be done about it. To mock and attack the sacred cow of liberalism is now seen as blasphemy.  

This present day WEF Marxist globalist buffoon in Ottawa that is running and ruining this once great British/European country should be criticized and made fun of because he is just one big freakin joke. ?

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8 hours ago, Nefarious Banana said:

Frozen bank accounts be appropriate then?

Indeed. Freeze his bank account. That should shut him up and teach him a lesson that he should not criticize our dear leader Marxist in Ottawa ever again. It's very hard to believe that we have a buffoon as leader of this country who likes to freeze bank accounts on his enemies. The freezing of bank accounts in Canada is just another step towards Canada becoming a communist country one day. 

And just wait until WEF globalist social credit digital currency kicks in and we become a cashless society. The Marxist government in Ottawa will have a field day when that day gets here. Say something that the government does not like to hear, and bingo, your bank account may become frozen. Hey, we never know, eh? 

PS: I try and pay cash as much as possible. The least the government knows about where my money goes the better. I have been in one store that refused to take money. Is this just the beginning of this tyranny? We must wait and see. 

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"Simply put, it is not a matter of one’s professional competence or ethics to hold and express opinions regarding public figures. It is not an erosion of public trust that a member of an order strongly holds an opinion. Rather, this exercise of authority by the College of Psychologists of Ontario against Dr. Jordan Peterson appears arbitrary, and as such shows a capricious disregard for the discretion that all professional orders must exercise. In taking this action, the CPO is effecting reputational harm on itself. Worse yet, it is suggesting that it is within the bounds of a professional order’s purview to police the private views of its members."

This involves a well-known defender of freedom of expression, Jordan Peterson.  The persecution of Jordan Peterson is relevant.  We should all be concerned about this kind of thing.

Letters: Canadians shouldn't be complacent about the persecution of Jordan Peterson (msn.com)


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Our Charter clearly states that Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the rule of law. In other words, every individual is equal before and under the law. Police officers along with judges are seen as main arbiters of the law and are expected to be impartial. On the other hand our Charter allows us fundamental freedoms such as 'freedom of thought, belief, opinions, and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.' And sometimes the rule of law and free speech conflict with one another. From what I understand this particular RCMP officer wasn't doing anything wrong until outed by the CBC. The moment that occurred, his actions may have put into question the integrity and impartiality of the force as a whole with a number of individuals. Any reprimand in this case should be..... take it down and don't do it again. But i'm not so sure of that either. We'll see.

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On 1/12/2023 at 5:01 PM, blackbird said:

Trudeau's progressive multiculturalism no one may question.


woman in Mursi tribe.jpg

Where did you get a picture of my sister, ok half sister, she looks better with make up, and some jewelry...and when she was young she got hit in the face with a hockey puck, it can get messy when she takes it out and eats popcorn...keeps falling through her lips...

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