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Woke Dictionary: Definition of Equity and White Privilege


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These words are now accepted in every day lexicon. Here are their meanings.


Anti racism: if you are not anti racist, then you are a racist. In order to not be racist, you must be anti racist. To be anti racist, you must accept that white people have white privilege. An anti racist must recognize all non white people face systemic racism. An anti racist must go against Martin Luther King 's dream and not judge people by the contract of their character but must " see someone's colour" because otherwise you discredit their struggle and barriers they face. To be an anti racist, you must see non whites as marginalized victims, if not, you are racist.



White Privilege: Any success a white person has, or any achievement they completed, is illegitimate. The white person benefited from a system designed to ensure their success. This applies to each and every white person regardless of their individual circumstances. This phenomenon exists in every system, policy, rule, in all aspects of society. There is no meritocracy. ALL White people are oppressors and all non whites are oppressed by racist whites.


Health care: abortion is health care. The termination of a fetus is health care. Unborn baby murdering is health care. Typically this applies to health care for the birthing person, not the dead baby.


Violence: this applies to feelings and to a difference of opinion. If someone says something that I don't agree with, this is violence.


Equity: take people, divide them into groups based on a single variable, race, then take (often government) action to ensure all of the groups have the same performance outcome. If the white group outperforms another group,  this is evidence of systemic racism and white privilege. If the top performing group is non white (black ) at a rate of 99%, for example, basketball, track, etc. then there is equity. If the white group is in the middle, say income earnings, then there is systemic racism and white privilege because there is only equity when white people are at the bottom. It is critical to only applying a single variable to the equity outcomes and other considerations like effort, natural skills, personality, emotional intelligence, and values NEVER  be applied to an equity lens. 



Systemic racism: evil, invisible forces that work to keep white people at the top in Al aspects of life and to keep all non white people down. This is commonly espoused by wealthy, successful white people. It does not account for statistical evidence that demonstrably proves white people are not at the top of income earners, athletics, and do not have the lowest incarceration rates. However, these invisible forces are Clever and exist everywhere despite the highest laws in the land and Diversity Officers everywhere.

Mathematics: a tool used in the systemic racist institution to maintain white privilege. Although whites statistically are not the most proficient in math, it is a means of white oppression.

Mother: a mother is an antiquated notion of a birthing person.  A " female" is not the only gender who can give birth.

Cultural Appropriation: this is when white people demonstrate respect and admiration for traits, activities, expression for another group. For example,  rapping, cooking Asian food, wearing Indigenous clothing. This is offensive and racist. White people need to see and recognize non whites as special, marginalized, and victims but CANNOT share in the activities of other groups. It is noteworthy that using electricity, driving cars, flying on airplanes, using a computer is NOT cultural appropriation.


Anti Black Racism: is the scientific evidence based use of data to demonstrate systemic racism against Black people. Any disparity between black performance and white performance is evidence of anti black racism. One core element of anti black racism is to only control for a single variable, race. The effectiveness of anti black racism is to attribute any negative disparity to racism and never behavior or other factors. Anti black racism is evident by black people being disporportionately reflected in school suspensions, negative TTC interactions, negative police interactions, and incarceration rates.

It is important to never compare black rates to other racial groups, only whites, as the disparity might indicate racism is not a factor. Another key factor is to only consider anti black racism when there is a negative disparity. Representation in fields in which the disparity favours black people are to be ignored and an anti racist must accept the existence of anti black racism or they are racist.

White fragility: this is white people not accepting that they are evil, oppressors and their resistance to the truth.

By the way, all of the above are being taught to kids every day in schools all across the country.

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A particular radical ideological interpretation of social conditions, basically the Marxist Critical Race Theory of Derek Bell, infiltrated the institutions of higher learning, government, corporations, and finally elementary schools, especially since the death of George Floyd.  Fascinating that we eradicated prayer and spirituality from public education and installed Marxism, except instead of workers being the virtuous oppressed, it’s now certain racial groups.  Your identity is primarily determined by your race in this world view.  You can be highly successful and respected, but if you’re Black you’re a victim.  You can be poor, mistreated, disrespected, and even disabled, but if you’re white you are first and foremost an oppressor. It’s a sad deterministic outlook that doesn’t believe in individual initiative or freedom.  What’s important is knowing how you are racialized rather than what you individually build.

There are other victim intersectionalities, and this outlook pretends to claim that one’s victimhood is the sum total of intersectionalities.  Point systems are now used in EDI (Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity) HR hiring policies.  A gay black female Jew gets a high rating, while a white male is ranked at the bottom.  Parenting, wealth, and aptitude don’t come into it.  Presumably credentials for a position do (education and experience), but HR is under tremendous pressure to sacrifice merit to build representation.  It doesn’t matter if the community was more white 20 years ago when these job candidates were in university, it’s all about the present.

This is our reality today.  Organizations are literally run by ideological tyrants known as “equity officers” or some other Orwellian trope.

I’ve basically supported affirmative action in the sense of if two people are equally qualified for a position but one is from an underrepresented group, hire the underrepresented, but that’s not what’s going on.  Racism in any form is wrong.  Judging people by the colour of their skin rather than the content of their character is always wrong.  Of course!

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