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The Durham District School Board (DDSB) is deeply entrenched in systemic racism.


Examples of their racist policies are:

1. The provincial government's Black Only Graduation Coaches Program

This program is completely state funded and only Black students are eligible. There is no requirement to be financially eligible or any other  criteria except to be Black. Poor Asians with learning disabilities would not be eligible but wealthy high achieving Black students are welcome to receive the service. Refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine or anywhere are not eligible.


2.  Great Beginnings Afrocentric Program 


This state provided service is for children and only Black children. There is no program for Muslim or Sikh children or any other racialized group.



And there is also an entire Afrocentric Heritage Program

3. The Durham District Catholic School Board: Stem Program Summer Camp

This program is also racist and has a black only policy. Yes, it is also paid for by tax dollars.



*Separate board, same region

4. Censorship


In 2022, DDSB Trustees voted  to find Pickering trustee Paul Crawford guilty on three counts of violating their code of conduct They voted to censure him and request that he complete equity, diversity and inclusion training. His crime? He opposed the offensive inclusion of " white supremacy" in their human rights code policy draft discussions. 

“Paul Crawford should be ashamed of himself,” tweeted activist Shailene Panylo, who ran for the NDP in Oshawa during the fall election. “You embody the very system you tried to have removed.”




Panylo now sits on the Board as a Trustee and actively supports the DDSB's  racist programs such as the black graduation coaches program. She agrees with censoring and shaming people for expressing concerns with anti white racism yet embraces black privilege and racism that favours black students.


ASK her for an example of any whites only policy that exists?

ASk her why is it okay to teach white kids "white supremacy and privilege"? 

Typically Advocates of terms like white privilege and white supremacy and systemic racism supports white children being taught they are Oppressors and have not "earned" their success. Untrue, racist, and not appropriate for kids!


5. More Censorship

The DDSB is now closing their doors to the public when holding meetings and looking to pass new resolutions which will censor questions they don't like. 




6. Racist Logic


What is the DDSB's evidence for systemic racism? They cannot cite a single law or policy that is Racist but it's " just there".

Their main argument is that black students as a group do not do well in math and reading and writing so ....must be racism and white supremacy.


The data shows that Asians dominate academic standing in Durham, not whites.

The white supremacy and white privilege is somehow designed NOT to favour whites but Asians.




This is science?


This is evidence?


Look at the numbers




Is it really racism or other factors as to why kids can't read? No accountability for parents?


DDSB'S trustees blame whites for poor academic results. That is horrifyingly racist!

By the way, 5 of 12 of the democraticly elected trustees are black . Is that more evidence of white supremacy and white privilege when the black population of Durham is 8%?




Kids growing up in Ontario in 2023 have more privilege and benefit than 99.99% of every other kid in human history. What other societies have had free medical care, free school, Ontario housing and Ontario works, accessible clean water!


Where are programs that black students get for poor children or disabled children?

None of the kids in elementary or secondary school were born before 2000 so name any law or policy or practice in Ontario this century that is racist? 


Other than parents not teaching their kids to read, what disadvantage are we spending money on to fix and using racist idealology to justify the spending?

Ask Panylo why it's systemic racism that explains black kids not doing as well as Asian students??

Fortunately I live in another district and my kids are graduated but my grandkids are in the Waterloo district school board and it's the same there!

Good luck to those in Durham especially the poor non black students because no one will advocate  about you there! 



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In one example, the data shows 92 per cent of Grade 8 students who identified as South Asian achieved level 3 or 4 in literacy at the end of the 2018-19 school year, compared with 88 per cent of white students and 78 per cent of Black students.


For Grade 12 university math, 74 per cent of South Asian students and 73 per cent of white students achieved level 3 or 4, compared with 62 per cent of Black students.


If there is systemic racism, why are non white students at top? Why don't "barriers" impact them? Will "brown students" be targeted next? Do they have " brown privilege"? Should brown children be dehumanized and demonized for their success? 

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