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Canada intends to service Russian pipeline turbines circumventing the sanctions

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2 minutes ago, rectum said:


If Russians crimes was as high as Eastern European Crimes in the UK the police would mentioned in their report. 

The fact it was not mentioned is because Russians did not commit as many crimes. 

The police did not have a reason to compare it, same way they did not have reason to compare Brazilian or Argentinian crimes compares to Eastern European crimes in the UK.


Russians are Eastern Europeans

your logic is stupid

show a breakdown that reflects the crime stats for both Russians and Ukrainians separated from other Eastern European groups

or you have nothing

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2 minutes ago, rectum said:


You said that Russian commit more crimes.

I gave you the example of the UK where there are lot of Eastern Europeans as well as Russians.

I showed you an official report from the UK police about Eastern Europeans, but you couldn't show me a report backing your claims that Russians commit more crimes. 

your report doesn't mention Russians or Ukrainians specifically

for all you know, they are both included in the Eastern European stats

there is no reason based on your report

to assume either commits more crimes than the other

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3 minutes ago, rectum said:


The Police report mention Eastern Europeans who can enter the UK visa free because of the EU.

Russians can not enter the UK visa free, so the report does not include Russians

then it doesn't include Ukrainians either

and it doesn't lump them in with other Eastern Europeans as you do

nor does it compare Russian or Ukrainian stats with the Eastern Europeans

so you need other stats to prove your point

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10 minutes ago, rectum said:


1) You claimed Russians commit more crimes, but failed to give stats. 

2) Concentration camps survivors say Western Ukrainians are worst than German Nazi.

The fact that Ukrainians today worship those who killed 700k jews that shows how criminal Ukrainians are.

Hard to be more criminal than German Nazi but Ukrainians succeeded.  

Ukrainians don't worship Nazi's

they flipped to Nazi's side in WWII because they thought the Russians were worse

then they flipped back, when the Germans f*cked them over too

as usual you don't know your history

you just cite Russian propaganda

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Just now, rectum said:

Iraq did not invade Ukraine.

Ukraine did not invade Iraq during WWII.

The fact Ukraine invaded Iraq with the Americans, show that the Ukrainians worship Nazi.


Why would Ukraine Fight with American Nazi in 2003 if they don't worship Nazis? 

Americans aren't Nazi's

and neither are the Ukrainians

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1 minute ago, rectum said:

The fact that they killed 700k Jews show it is not about liberation and it was being blood thirsty. 

Did the Jews occupy Ukraine for then to kill 700k Jews?

Now you are becoming a Holocaust apologist. 

they assisted because if they didn't

they would join the Jews

most weren't given an option

your WWII Eastern front knowledge is quite lacking

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