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My Foray Into Conspiracy Theories

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On 3/5/2022 at 11:07 AM, WestCanMan said:


Bank runs aren't the fault of people on this board or anywhere else spreading disinfo, they're a reaction to what's actually happening.

There's no point in having a bunch of money in the bank if you can't even buy groceries with it. It's less than useless at that point.

FYI money itself is an abstract concept. The idea that you can trade a piece of paper for a bicycle or a car takes faith in the monetary system. I personally still can't imagine buying a car with crypto.

With the governments in 2022 so quickly and thoroughly reducing the value of people's currency to zero, with no trial and no recourse whatsoever, suddenly the faith in digital (and to a lesser extent paper) currency has been eroded to great extent.

Investing in gold, silver and diamonds isn't a bad idea right now. People always need to have something on hand to trade and digital currency simply can't be relied upon. 

I've been stocking up on silver for a year now.

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 A certain person I follow whose track record is amazing started suggesting silver was a good idea.
This person said that Russia was going to attack Ukraine a couple of weeks before Russia started massing troops.  Also said last November that Roe v Wade was going down.  

Also said that the Dow is going to take some of the biggest hits in its history.  A colleague of this person said States may secede from the union.  A 2 nation state treaty will happen between Israel and Palestine.  And China will strike an oil deal with some big players in the Mideast, causing great damage to the US dollar.  All this year, I’m just watching to see if it all comes true...

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Well, that’s one down.  Roe v Wade overturned as my source above said.  I was reminded that they first predicted it June 2021.

I’ve noticed elsewhere that it was beyond strange that Scotus held on to the decision for about 6 months.  It would have been even longer but for the leak.  That suggests a possible struggle within the court, and it’s certainly a bad sign.

But there are plenty of bad signs lately, if you are not hoodwinked by the MSM.

What really happened at the Vegas shooting?

Why did the Uvalde police not stop the killer?

How did unarmed citizens get into the capital building?

Who is the Scotus leaker?

Why are food facilities burning down?

Why has no one been arrested from Epstein’s black book?

What really happened at the Nashville Christmas bombing?


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So, a mass shooting in Florida hasn’t happened yet, but the Indiana Mall Shooting was remarkable.  A young guy with a handgun took down the shooter 15 seconds after the carnage began.  Shooting from 40 yards, he apparently hit the crazed murderer 8 out of 10 shots fired.


“The surveillance video shows Sapirman exit the restroom at 5:56:48 p.m.,” Ison said. “He was neutralized by Dicken at 5:57:03 p.m.”

So one can see how mass shootjngs around the country could be quickly neutralized by thoee carrying handguns including in Florida.  Here’s another link for your reading enjoyment:



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On 6/18/2022 at 12:07 PM, sharkman said:

Oh, also Israel is going to hit Iran hard, leaving them vulnerable.  China will invade Taiwan but not be successful.

There will be a mass shooting in Florida.  It will be limited due to the response of citizens.


It was also said at the time that Netanyahu would regain the leadership of Israel.  I’d forgotten about this, strange to see him in an election again.

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I forgot to add that it’s also been predicted that the US dollar will crash.  This prediction was back in March of 2022.  In 2022 the US apparently printed almost 10 trillion dollars.  I’m going to do some digging on that, but it can’t be good.

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