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Permanent tariffs on China could create 1m jobs in the US alone

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52 minutes ago, QuebecOverCanada said:

Wait, so having more jobs for uneducated men and women, having more manufacturing jobs, which drives the wages and working conditions up, is bad for the poor?

Tariffs don't result in more jobs, higher wages, or better working conditions, quite the opposite. Any jobs gained in one sector of the economy, result in even more job loses in other sectors of the economy that have to pay higher prices for goods and services. Also consumers take the hit, and there are far more consumers than their are manufacturing workers by several orders of magnitude, even if their was more manufacturing jobs.

The only people tariffs help are producers being sheltered from better competition by tariffs, everyone else pays more while they get all the reward. That doesn't help the poor, it helps the rich, but only a very small subsection of the rich, most of the rich get screwed too.

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2 hours ago, eyeball said:

Our grandparents sacrificed 25% of their GDP in the war against tyranny. I think they'd be disgusted at how much our GDP now depends on tyrants.

That war was just as dependent upon and fought in defense of the very same tyrants, where do you think the oil came from to fight World War Two? lol


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On 7/25/2019 at 8:19 PM, QuebecOverCanada said:

This is not my conclusion, but the conclusion made by a study conducted by economists, for a scenario in which China's exports were dutifully taxed 25%.


Why aren't we, in Canada, trying to backstab China as they do so often to us, and make our working class richer?

Why you ask? Because we have a bunch of politically correct buffoon politicians that do not want to see Canada succeed. How can a country succeed when it's leaders only want to cater to Indians, refugees, gays and wants to create more taxes like the carbon tax? With liberals/socialists,communists/environmentalist and native Indians running the show in Canada these days, Canada cannot obtain nor will it ever really see it's true potential wealth. Remember when kid Trudeau said that he admired China just like his old man did also?

Maybe if Canada would put heavier tariff duties on Chinese products Canada could create hundreds of thousands of new jobs at home. But that will never happen until Canadians start to give a crap about the country and put in a politician that will do what needs to be done. Everybody should know by now that what Canada needs is a leader like businessman Trump and not a communist feminist Bollywood dancer social worker like Trudeau. The guy is one big bloody joke. :(

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On 7/26/2019 at 11:32 AM, Dougie93 said:

Never mind that Britain was a tyranny, holding India and the Far East in chains.

France was a tyranny, holding Indochina and Algeria in chains.

The Soviet Union was literally totalitarian.

Canada appears to be on the road to Chinese kind of tyranny. Everything this country does these days seems to be going that way. There are more taxes being created, more rules and regulations and laws being created, and more attacks on freedom of expression like having the Human Rights Commissions around trying to stifle free speech with hate laws. With our dear leader appearing to admire Chinese communism it's no wonder we see Canada heading towards tyranny. :(

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The correct way to deal with China is NOT with tariffs, but enforcement of standards for participating in our marketplace.  When a Chinese manufacturer can prove that have manufactured goods with procedures and materials that have been proven to meet our standards for environmental protection, intellectual property protection, employment standards and other business practices that are REQUIRED of North American manufacturers, THEN and ONLY THEN should any particular product be allowed onto shelves here.

There WAS a time that we had to and should have held our nose and let the Chinese sell pure garbage to anxiously awaiting Canadian and US import buyers, as open trade is what allowed China to re-join the rest of the world.   Today, the Chico party uses such "blind eye" attitudes to be predatory in destroying potential competitors, not competing with them, so those days SHOULD be long gone.   But, with an absolute moron in the PM's chair, and a band of dingbats for a cabinet, don't expect diddly squat to change.

And, yes, Mr. Trump may indeed be a bit of an a-hole, but he is the only world leader with the sense and balls to call China out on these matters.   Just wish he would do it my way instead of the tariff way.


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