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Found 20 results

  1. The CBC and Desmond Brown want you to believe that Black people are threatened by racist, violent whites in Canada. Why? No reason, it's just what they are obsessed with. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.6455390 The absurd article above makes nonsensical and racist claims about the danger white people present to Blacks in Canada. The article fails to mention that Canada does not release race based stats on perpetrators of violent crimes to protect Black males aged 16 to 40 who if the data were to be released, would be by far the group most responsible for shootings, gun crimes, and homicide. Doubt me? Release the stats and prove me wrong. This demographic, Black males 16 to 40 make up around 1 % of Canada's total population and would likely be responsible for over 50% of all shootings in Canada. Take a look at one of the few sources of racial identity: https://www.torontopolice.on.ca/homicide/mostwanted.php Look and see what demographic is the most represented in the most wanted list. There is data on victims which is convenient. They won't release stats for perpetrators or suspects but victims because blacks are highly represented as victims. This data shows 44% of victims of shootings are Black. This correlates to the likely race of the 44% of these perpetrators. See the data yourself for victims. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/new-uoft-research-sheds-light-on-homicides-1.6315931 Again, as Black fragility/black privilege does not allow for the government or media to release the stats for those who committed serious crimes, here are unofficial stats of suspects bases on police and reports from the media that does release the race. Unofficial stats support this projection of around 50% of homicide suspects being Black. In fact, this reports suggests that 50% would be a very low estimate for homicides and especially low for shooting deaths in the GTA. Why won't anyone research this? The above data and the US figures, the FBI data shows Blacks committ 53% of homicides, support the hypothesis of 1% of the population being responsible for about 50% of the shootings and homicides. Try finding a CBC/msm article that will mention a Black suspect in a serious crime. They hide the description when it is non white time and time again. In the US, Blacks are 13% of the population and responsible for over half the homicides. They are also responsible for 24% of hate crimes despite their 13% of the population. https://ucr.fbi.gov/hate-crime/2019/topic-pages/offenders By race, ethnicity, and age (Based on Table 9.) Race In 2019, race was reported for 6,406 known hate crime offenders. Of these offenders: 52.5 percent were White. 23.9 percent were Black or African American. 6.6 percent were groups made up of individuals of various races (group of multiple races). 1.1 percent were American Indian or Alaska Native. 0.9 percent (58 offenders) were Asian. 0.3 percent (22 offenders) were Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander. 14.6 percent were unknown. The article by Desmond, who seems to hate white people, claims that hate crimes increased against Blacks in Canada with no context or citing their source. It is important to note that the article does not reference convictions just reported hate crimes. There is an important distinction, one has been proven and the other is simply a complaint. Desmond also produces zero examples of any hate related white on black shooting. Remember the...oh yeah? There are no examples. The article does not mention the reality of Black on Asian hate or Black on white hate or Black on Jewish hate. Can you imagineif Samuel Opoku were White? Sam was the delightful fella who allegedly threw feces on Asians. https://nationalpost.com/news/it-was-feces-third-poop-attack-in-four-days-has-toronto-students-on-edge Did Desmond write anything about this. Or anything on Darrell Brooks? https://torontosun.com/newsletters/ The real problem with hate crimes, or any crime, does not rest with white on black violence. One should look at the data and examine the Muslim community for hate crimes for insight into the issue. https://www.google.com/amp/s/globalnews.ca/news/8143311/isis-supporter-pleads-guilty-to-killing-toronto-woman-with-hammer/amp/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/globalnews.ca/news/4347254/danforth-shooting-victim-reese-fallon/amp/ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_shootings_at_Parliament_Hill,_Ottawa On no level can any reasonable person suggest whites rob, shoot, kill Black more people more than Blacks do the same to whites in Canada. Every week in the GTA there is another serious shooting by Black suspects and no one wants to talk about it but we can talk abour fictional white on black violence in Canada? Our media and politicians have jumped the shark a long time ago. They transcend absurdity with their race baiting fake news. Imagine a state funded media organization publishing an article in 2022 about the lack of safety for Blacks in Canada from whites? I wonder if Mitch Marner, the family of Dante Andreatta, John Wheeler, and the victims of the 400 plus shootings each year just in the GTA agree with the theater of white on black violence in Canada? https://www.google.com/amp/s/beta.ctvnews.ca/local/toronto/2020/12/21/1_5240508.html https://www.google.com/amp/s/beta.ctvnews.ca/local/toronto/2020/9/17/1_5109430.html Anyone want to talk about the Just Dessert shooting? https://www.google.com/amp/s/toronto.citynews.ca/2008/05/02/man-convicted-in-just-desserts-killing-back-behind-bars/amp/ This article further proves that the CBC needs to be defended.
  2. The City of Toronto over the past twenty years has experienced a massive amount of horrific crime and terror. While this writing does not apply the legal definition of a "hate crime", it refers to the actions that shock and repulse a reasonable person. The following names are likely not known to most Canadians and have been ignored by Canadian politicians and media. PM Trudeau and MP Jagmeet Singh are quick to decry racism, white supremacy, and "Nazis " you will note they ignored the following cases. These are not in order of importance and in some of the cases the allegations have not been proven in court. The reader is encouraged to do their own research. Black on Asian Hate 1. PC Andrew Hong was gunned down in cold blood while at a tim Hortons. The 48-year-old is survived by his wife, Jenny, two teenage children, a boy and a girl, and his parents. The assassin is believed to be Sean Petrie, a Black male who was killed by police during his alleged murder spree. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/police-shooting-death-andrew-hong-1.6581148 2. Samuel Opoku , a black male, allegedly terrorized multiple Asian students by throwing feces on them. He targeted Asians of various types, south Asians and south east Asians alike. In November of 2019, Samuel Opoku, 23, of Toronto, was arrested and charged with five counts of assault with a weapon and five counts of mischief interfere with property. https://www.google.com/amp/s/nationalpost.com/news/it-was-feces-third-poop-attack-in-four-days-has-toronto-students-on-edge/wcm/d073a0d0-51a5-4510-8ca5-fd312d8c2c0f/amp/ 3. Wanzhen Peter Lu. In March of 2019, the Chinese national was attacked and kidnapped by several black assailants. Hashim Abdullahi and Adbullahi Adan were two of the suspects. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/second-arrrest-wanzhen-lu-kidnapped-abduction-1.5082534#:~:text=Lu%2C a 22-year-,a Taser%2C according to police. 4. Ken Lee Details and description of the 8 girls charged with the killing are protected by the youth offenders act. No one can state their names or describe them as per law. None have been convicted at this time. Toronto police say 59-year-old Ken Lee was swarmed and stabbed just after midnight on Dec. 18 in the area of York Street, University Avenue and Front Street West. He was rushed to the hospital, where he later died. Eight teenage girls — three 13-year-olds, three 14-year-olds, and two 16-year-olds — have been charged with second-degree murder in Lee’s death. Police said the teen girls met on social media and congregated in downtown Toronto. The reader is welcome to view the court sketch of the suspects. Thia writer has no comment on their description. https://www.google.com/amp/s/globalnews.ca/news/9479156/teen-denied-bail-kenneth-lee-death/amp/ Muslim on Asian Hate 5. Saad Akhtar and Annie Hang-Kam Chiu Saad Akhtar pleaded guilty in August 2021 to first-degree murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole eligibility for 25 years. On February 21, 2020, the offender attacked Ms. Annie Hang-Kam Chiu with a hammer, beating her to death on the sidewalk of a street in Scarborough, Ontario. No reason other his interest in ISIS and his desire to be a terrorist was provided for his murder of the innocent Asian woman. https://www.google.com/amp/s/globalnews.ca/news/6661038/toronto-hammer-attack-by-isis-supporter/amp/ 6. Khawlah Noman The then 11 year old with the help of Kathleen Wynne and PM Trudeau launched the hijab hoax. The three plus mayor Tory and the TDSB launched the lie that a hateful Asian male attacked the Muslim girl out of islamaphobia. The Toronto police quickly debunked the hateful lie against Asians. The Asian community requested an apology from their PM but none was given. https://www.vancouverisawesome.com/courier-archive/news/protesters-call-for-apology-from-trudeau-after-false-hijab-cutting-incident-3067160 Black on Public 7. Christopher Husbands. Christopher Husbands shot up the Eaton center while it was open and in full swing. The man convicted of killing two people and injuring several others in a shooting at the Eaton Centre food court in Toronto was sentenced to life in prison in 2019. Christopher Husbands was found guilty on two counts of manslaughter in a jury trial in February. Husbands was also convicted on five counts of aggravated assault in connection with the attack in June 2012, when he fired 14 bullets into the crowded food court. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/christopher-husbands-sentencing-1.5378461 8. Dante Andreatta Several black males opened up fire during the day in a residential area and killed a 12 year old boy in 2020. Andreatta was shot walking with his mother after leaving a shopping mall near Jane Street and Stong Court around 2:20 p.m. on Nov. 7 after two males jumped out of a car and started firing at five occupants of a vehicle in an area busy with pedestrians, families and others. He died four days later in hospital. Three people inside the vehicle were injured. They were treated and released from hospital. https://www.google.com/amp/s/beta.ctvnews.ca/local/toronto/2020/12/21/1_5240508.html 9. Sheldon Eriya A 21-year-old black man, Sheldon Eriya, has been charged with attempted murder after a shooting in a Scarborough playground in the east end of Toronto injured two young girls. The girls, who are sisters aged five and nine, were rushed to Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children after the shooting on Thursday afternoon at 10 Alton Towers Circle, south of McCowan Road and Steeles Avenue East. The younger girl was shot in the abdomen and the older girl was hit in the ankle. Both underwent surgery but are expected to recover. The suspect is innocent until proven guilty. 10. 2020 Scarborough Town Center Shooting/Jordon Marcelle It was on the afternoon of July 10 at the Scarborough Town Centre after Jordon Marcelle was shot. He was rushed to hospital where he later died. Later in July, police said 21-year-old Toronto resident Tristawna Ona Christian was arrested while trying to enter the United State and charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder. Both involved were black males and are presumed innocent until proven guilty. https://www.google.com/amp/s/beta.ctvnews.ca/local/toronto/2020/7/10/1_5019381.html 11. John Wheeler John Wheeler a white male was seemingly assassinated randomly. The accused is black male Christopher Mitchell who is assumed innocent until proven guilty. https://www.toronto.com/news/crime/man-arrested-in-fatal-scarborough-shooting-two-others-remain-outstanding/article_fb150833-3ca6-54a1-b3a7-a82f7e33087e.html? 12. April 2023 TTC Stabbing Police said the suspect- a black male from the photo -and the victim were onboard a TTC bus travelling west on Eglinton Avenue when the suspect approached the victim unprovoked and stabbed him. https://www.google.com/amp/s/globalnews.ca/news/9635366/ttc-bus-stabbing-suspect/amp/ 13. Terence Hill: TTC attack 2023 Hill is wanted on one count of assault, two counts of failing to comply with a release order, and one count of failing to comply with a probation order after he allegedly pushed a man onto the subway tracks on Feb. 19. Muslim on Public 14. Faisal Hussein Faisal Hussain stood over a woman and shot her four times during a rampage that ended with the 29-year-old shooting himself in the head. The shooting claimed the lives of 18-year-old Reese Fallon and 10-year-old Julianna Kozis of Markham. Thirteen other people were wounded. 15. Nathan Cirillo (Ottawa) Corporal Nathan Cirillo was gunned down in 2014 while standing guard on ceremonial sentry duty at the Canadian National War Memorial in Ottawa The attack by gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau took place in the Centre Block of the parliament buildings. Racialized on Muslim 16. Sharan Karunakaran Sharan Karunakaran, 28, was arrested with uttering threats, assault with a weapon and dangerous operation of a conveyance. He allegedly terrorized a mosque. https://www.google.com/amp/s/globalnews.ca/video/9613118/york-regional-police-arrest-suspect-in-markham-mosque-attack-we-take-these-incidents-very-seriously/amp/ 17. Mohammad Moiz Omar In a similar incident Mohammad Moiz Omar, 24, was charged with assault with a weapon, administering a noxious substance with intent to endanger life or cause bodily harm, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, uttering a threat to cause death or bodily harm, carrying a concealed weapon and mischief to religious property. Someone walked into the Dar Al-Tawheed Islamic Centre, near McAdam Road and Matheson Boulevard East, early Saturday and discharged bear spray toward people while brandishing a hatchet, according to Peel Regional Police. Some members of the mosque tackled and subdued a suspect. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/mississauga-mosque-hate-crime-custody-1.6391028 Racialized on Public Transit: TTC 18. Tenzin Torbu Tenzin Norbu faces several charges, including first degree murder, for allegedly pouring a flammable liquid on a woman, Nyima Dolma, 28, then setting that substance on fire, in what Toronto police have described as a hate motivated attack. Not surprisingly, the media will not disclose descriptions of Torbu. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/woman-fire-toronto-kipling-nyima-dolma-1.6517447 19. Edith Fraye Edith Frayne, a 45-year-old racialized Toronto resident, has been charged with attempted murder in connection with the incident. Frayne allegedly pushed an Arab woman, Shamsa Al Balushi, 39, on to the tracks. Shasma was left “screaming in pain” and forced to scramble for shelter under the lip of the platform to avoid being hit by a coming train. https://www.thenationalnews.com/world/the-americas/2022/04/24/arab-woman-shoved-on-to-subway-tracks-in-canada-thought-she-would-die/ More TTC example below https://www.google.com/amp/s/globalnews.ca/news/9438263/ttc-crime-recent-incidents-toronto-transit/amp/ 20. *Paul Schmidt (Vancouver) Paul Schmidt was stabbed to death in front of his family allegedly by Inderdeep Singh Gosal. Schools politicians and media want you to believe there are racist white "nazis " out there killing innocents like maniacs but there is no evidence is such propogana. There are no organized white nationalists that are involved in these hate crimes or racist violence in Toronto. The disappointing Truth for the radical left and the media is the only example of white on Muslim hate is Guilherme 'William' Von Neutegem, 34, who was accused of stabbing 58-year-old Mohamed-Aslim Zafis outside a mosque but was found not criminally responsible. NCR is the legal equivalent to an " insanity defense " which means he did not legally meet the requirements to be found guilty. His crime was mental health disorder. The death is tragic and support and love are owed to the family and community. The media and politicians pushed a false narrative on the world- classic fake news. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/mosque-stabbing-not-criminally-responsible-1.6792418 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.aljazeera.com/amp/news/2020/10/3/what-is-being-done-about-the-far-right-canadas-biggest-threat The left and especially MP Singh and PM Trudeau reference this attack as " evidence " of white hate and white " Nazism" in Canada. In fact their attack on the suspect is an attack on mental health. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh tweeted in response to the initial charges: “White supremacy and neo-Nazism pose a threat to our national security,” he wrote. Don't wait for an apology... There is no evidence of example of white on black violence in Toronto. Not one case over the past 20 years other than self defense. ...but don't tell the politicians that's their only narrative. I bet you know George Floyd's name but don't know Reese Fallon or Dante Andreatta or Jahiem Robinson? The accused of these tragedies have the wrong color so the media doesn't care. The next teacher or diversity instructor to talk about white supremacy and white racism and how black person in Toronto need safe space, share these events with them. I bet they won't even know Georgina Leimonis. Do you? Liberal and NDP radicals want no jail time for black and indigenous perpetrators of violent crime for equity reasons. They want you to believe white people are hateful violent and racist. Ask them for specific details. Since there are no examples of white hate in Toronto, they will vote George floyd so here are some US names to learn too. Z'inah Brown/Valaree Schwab Leose Dodd Deshawn Thomas Nhung Truong Seth Smith Ethan Liming Eliza Fletcher Sadly many more to come.
  3. There are now job postings for racialized-only people. Apparently skin colour now counts as a qualification and reason for exclusion from a job opportunity. A school board in Hamilton just posted such an administrative position. I thought our constitution protected people against discrimination on the basis of race, colour, or ethnic background.
  4. The Durham District School Board (DDSB) is deeply entrenched in systemic racism. Examples of their racist policies are: 1. The provincial government's Black Only Graduation Coaches Program This program is completely state funded and only Black students are eligible. There is no requirement to be financially eligible or any other criteria except to be Black. Poor Asians with learning disabilities would not be eligible but wealthy high achieving Black students are welcome to receive the service. Refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine or anywhere are not eligible. 2. Great Beginnings Afrocentric Program This state provided service is for children and only Black children. There is no program for Muslim or Sikh children or any other racialized group. https://www.ddsb.ca/en/family-and-community-support/summer-and-recreation-programs.aspx#Great-Beginnings-Afrocentric-Program And there is also an entire Afrocentric Heritage Program 3. The Durham District Catholic School Board: Stem Program Summer Camp This program is also racist and has a black only policy. Yes, it is also paid for by tax dollars. https://www.westernstandard.news/news/ontario-school-board-to-host-racially-segregated-summer-camp/article_118d356e-055a-11ee-a3fa-57a8ee85fffa.html *Separate board, same region 4. Censorship In 2022, DDSB Trustees voted to find Pickering trustee Paul Crawford guilty on three counts of violating their code of conduct They voted to censure him and request that he complete equity, diversity and inclusion training. His crime? He opposed the offensive inclusion of " white supremacy" in their human rights code policy draft discussions. “Paul Crawford should be ashamed of himself,” tweeted activist Shailene Panylo, who ran for the NDP in Oshawa during the fall election. “You embody the very system you tried to have removed.” Panylo now sits on the Board as a Trustee and actively supports the DDSB's racist programs such as the black graduation coaches program. She agrees with censoring and shaming people for expressing concerns with anti white racism yet embraces black privilege and racism that favours black students. ASK her for an example of any whites only policy that exists? ASk her why is it okay to teach white kids "white supremacy and privilege"? Typically Advocates of terms like white privilege and white supremacy and systemic racism supports white children being taught they are Oppressors and have not "earned" their success. Untrue, racist, and not appropriate for kids! https://www.durhamradionews.com/archives/150245 5. More Censorship The DDSB is now closing their doors to the public when holding meetings and looking to pass new resolutions which will censor questions they don't like. https://www.google.com/amp/s/globalnews.ca/news/9709488/durham-district-school-board-meeting-raises-concerns/amp/ 6. Racist Logic What is the DDSB's evidence for systemic racism? They cannot cite a single law or policy that is Racist but it's " just there". Their main argument is that black students as a group do not do well in math and reading and writing so ....must be racism and white supremacy. The data shows that Asians dominate academic standing in Durham, not whites. The white supremacy and white privilege is somehow designed NOT to favour whites but Asians. Really? This is science? This is evidence? Look at the numbers https://www.durhamregion.com/news/why-is-there-an-achievement-gap-for-black-students-in-durham/article_cae137e8-83cb-5567-9c3f-b5d30e335c66.html? Is it really racism or other factors as to why kids can't read? No accountability for parents? DDSB'S trustees blame whites for poor academic results. That is horrifyingly racist! By the way, 5 of 12 of the democraticly elected trustees are black . Is that more evidence of white supremacy and white privilege when the black population of Durham is 8%? https://www.ddsb.ca/en/about-ddsb/board-of-trustees.aspx Kids growing up in Ontario in 2023 have more privilege and benefit than 99.99% of every other kid in human history. What other societies have had free medical care, free school, Ontario housing and Ontario works, accessible clean water! Where are programs that black students get for poor children or disabled children? None of the kids in elementary or secondary school were born before 2000 so name any law or policy or practice in Ontario this century that is racist? Other than parents not teaching their kids to read, what disadvantage are we spending money on to fix and using racist idealology to justify the spending? Ask Panylo why it's systemic racism that explains black kids not doing as well as Asian students?? Fortunately I live in another district and my kids are graduated but my grandkids are in the Waterloo district school board and it's the same there! Good luck to those in Durham especially the poor non black students because no one will advocate about you there!
  5. Yes, in the upside-down progressive land known as Sweden, gay pride parades are now 'expressions of pure racism' by 'xenophobic far-right nationalists'. I wonder how long before Canada and other Western countries adopt this view. http://www.blazingcatfur.ca/2015/07/21/sweden-democrats-plan-gay-pride-parade-through-muslim-areas-leftists-and-gay-rights-groups-decry-the-parade-as-racist/ I suggest you read the article. I'll just give a few parts of it here: "On July 29, a gay pride parade is scheduled in Sweden. But, you see, this is no ordinary gay pride parade. The parade is scheduled to go through Tensta and Husby – two areas where Muslim immigrants are more than 75% of the population." "The Facebook page is absolutely filled with angry comments from leftists, attacking the “xenophobic right-wing nationalists” for organizing a gay pride parade through Muslim areas. Since Islam holds that gays should be executed, something like this is obviously an attack on Muslims and should therefore be outlawed. At least, that’s what Swedish leftists – and, indeed, Swedish gays – are saying. Leftists are organizing a counter-demonstration against this gay pride parade."
  6. Canada and its provinces and municipalities will not release data on the most dangerous offenders. Despite serious crimes impacting our communities, our governments will not take an intelligent and rational approach to addressing the issues. Realistically, how can we solve the core issues at play, if we do not take an analytical approach to identifying common traits in the most violent and egregious criminals? We can never stop the crimes if we don't identify and attack the societal factors that contribute to creating these pariahs. We need to invest in data collection to find the common attributes in order to develop a legitimate response to protect our communities. Variables like race, age, socio-economic status, family structure, and others must be collected and analyzed. For now, we simply attribute crime to " systemic racism" and take action to reduce " systemic racism" by lowering sentences ( See Bill C 5 ) and de-streaming education and canceling merit based gifted programs, and creating legislation to impact legal gun owners. The politicians and media blame the judicial system and " racist " police but of course, it is a certain demographic, who the government protects, consistently pulling the triggers. Naturally, everyone knows, none of these " solutions " work or address the core issues and while we see our government play " kind social worker " people keep dying. Kids like Dante Andreatta and Jahiem Robinson are dying from our governments' commitment to woke politics and virtue signaling. They refuse to take an intelligent approach to stopping the crime and the results are we, as a society, fail to protect our most vulnerable, our children. https://www.google.com/amp/s/globalnews.ca/news/8620740/toronto-school-shooting-charges-david-mary-thomson-collegiate-institute/amp/ If we knew the commonalities amongst the human traffickers, gun shooters, car jackets, and murderers, we could invest in prevention in these groups. In the USA, the FBI data shows that 56% of homicides are committed by Black people. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Race_and_crime_in_the_United_States In Canada, we have no idea who are committing the murders and serious crimes including trafficking and killing our youth. We have data to show that 44% of victims are Black. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/new-uoft-research-sheds-light-on-homicides-1.6315931 Why don't we look to see who does the crime, not the victims? In Canada, the total black population is 3.5 % and the male population is just under 2%. Based on the few media sources that will identity the race of suspects and police reports, the predominant group responsible for shootings and murders seems to be black, males aged 16 to 40. This segment of the male, black population would be around 1% of the population. https://www.torontopolice.on.ca/homicide/mostwanted.php https://www.torontopolice.on.ca/homicide/currentcases.php Many, most, black males aged 16 to 40 are not murderers or involved in gun violence. We need to know what the additional traits are that contribute to the violent behavior as otherwise we will have no hope in helping these that turn to vile criminal behavior. Our current policy of hiding the evidence and refusing to examine the core issues by identifying a pattern/trend/commonalities will continue to be ineffective. Imagine how useful analytics could be in finding a pattern/trend in anti social, criminal behavior. For example, if we could determine that X family situation, matched with Y socio-economic status, and Z education level, etc. contribute to involvement in serious criminal behavior, we could focus government resources and programs on this smaller specifically defined group. This would dramatically improve efficiency and the potency of the approach and lives would be saved. We could also potentially find that these variables and not race are leading traits. Who knows? We are not even trying to target the problem so we have lots to learn. Government. Stop being woke. If you care about Black lives, take real action to stop the crime in this community. We are Canadians and we should care about all of us. Ignoring a problem for fear of optics, is creating more crime. When our schools, malls, homes, public events are not safe anymore, it's time to demand real action, not woke rhetoric, from our governments. https://torontosun.com/news/local-news/shootings-a-stabbing-illegal-fireworks-and-cops-injured-at-woodbine-beach https://globalnews.ca/news/7537399/3-men-charged-brantford-hotel-shooting-death-toronto-boy/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5025385 https://www.google.com/amp/s/beta.cp24.com/news/2020/7/20/1_5031610.html
  7. MP Jagmeet Singh and the NDP party want you to hate white people. They want you to believe that whites are racist, hateful, and dangerous. Their latest propoganda scam is Bill C-229. As per the ndp's website: "This bill is designed to make people believe that white Canadians are racist and dangerous. The proposed bill asks to make symbols associated with the KKK, the Nazis, and the Confederate flag banned in Canada for selling and displaying. " The NDP claims that: "Bill C-229 is a tool designed to address the growing violence and hatred in Canadian communities." Of course there is no evidence to support the claim of any rising hatred in Canada. In fact, Canada remains a very welcoming and tolerant country. One of the greatest countries and best places to live in the history of humanity. Free health care to all sounds racist? Free housing and welfare to the poor regardless of race? Many newcomer programs to support immigrants from all countries is evidence of the contrary. MP Singh will be quick to cite the Quebec Mosque shooting as " evidence " of Canadians as evil racists; however, that was an isolated incident unrelated to any organization or movement. The tragedy was more likely related to mental health issues than evidence of a Canada wide problem. This bill is consistent with the NDP's agenda to promote the idea that Canadian whites are racist and a grave threat to the nation. You will remember MP Singh proposing that the Proud Boys be labelled a domestic terrorist group. This was based on no evidence of any criminal activity by the PB's in Canada. Just more race baiting hysteria by the left wing hate group, the NDP who believes CNN that the Proud Boys, with a Black leader, is a white supremacist organization. Look up Enrique Tarrio before you believe the PB's are Nazis. It starts at 4:10. At 5 :20, he makes unsubstantiated claims that white supremacists killed people on January 6th and these people are a threat in Canada too. By the way, which Proud Boy killed someone on January 6th? More fake news by Jagmeet spreading anti white lies. MP Singh claims white supremacists are a " real and urgent threat " in Canada. This is hate propoganda. Every Canadian should be outraged and insulted by Bill C 229. The KKK is a problem in Canada? How is this not absurd to any reasonably person? Name one crime linked to the KKK in Canada. Ever. The Nazi symbol. Canadians defeated the Nazis. Gave their lives to stop them and now Jagmeet comes along and suggests the people that defeated the Nazis are so evil and dangerous that laws are required to stop our love for Nazism. Give me a break. This is nonsense and simply an effort to make people hate whites by associating them with Nazis. The Confederate flag? How is a flag racist? People will argue both sides of this debate but no argument outweighs the Charter right to freedom of expression and the Confederate flag may mean many different things to many different people. Why is NDP so eager to ban groups and symbols? Didn't the Nazis love doing that? MP Singh is quiet when police, like Officer Northrup, are killed in the line of duty. His response to the alleged car attack in London is far different than the Danforth shooting. He is silent on the anniversary of Corporal Nathan Cirillo. He expressed no concern for Annie Chiu when Saad Akhtar killed her with a hammer in an act of domestic terror. There are hundreds of examples of gun crime and gang activity taking innocent lives across the country. Jagmeet....crickets... Compare gang shootings to the Quebec Mosque shooting. What does the evidence show about the real threat to security? No one wants to discuss that. Sorry. A person attacks protesters in Winnepeg with a jeep? Oh, not white? Indigenous? No comment. The list goes on. See a pattern? MP Singh only cares about crimes when the accused is white. If anyone questions the existence of " systemic racism" , MP Singh calls them a racist and so everyone plays along. His take on the truckers is beyond laughable: Singh; " It is clear that this is not a protest; this is an act to try to overthrow the government, and it is getting funded by foreign interference and we need to investigate and stop that – stop the flow of that foreign interference, particularly coming from the [United] States,” said Singh, whose party has the fourth-most seats in the House of Commons." Questions for Jagmeet...name one law in Canada that is racist??? A single one? Nothing? If systemic racism is real. How did you become a lawyer and leader of the NDP if the system is against you? By the way, Systemic racism was debunked in this article: Why are you raising your son in Canada? Are you not afraid of the KKK attacking him? What about the systemic racism??? Politicians and the media will sing along to the chorus of white Canadians as racist. Ask those at the freedom convoy. Ask Jacob Panetta. The anti white bill will be passed. People will feel vindicated that their fears of the KKK and Nazi groups being alive and well in Canada are real. Singh's message of "Whites want to kill non-whites as the KKk did in the South 100 years ago" will resonate with those living in Victim mode. This psychosis amongst so many will swell. More groups will be labelled as " white supremacist organizations " and banned as terror groups. New laws will be passed legalizing anti white discrimination and no one will do anything lest they be canceled as a racist. MP Singh will continue his racist, non factual rhetoric such as: "Radicalized white supremacists, neo-Nazis, the alt-right have resulted in the deaths of people,” he said, highlighting the threat to Canada’s Muslim, Jewish, Sikh and racialized communities. “Mothers talk to me of the fear they have for their kids going out into the community, worried about the violence they might face." Well done, Jagmeet. Your plan of hate is very effective. But, Canadians are not racist. We, of all colours, are warm, welcoming, tolerant people. You might not like white people but they did build the country you live in and where you want to raise your son. You could live anywhere in the world but you choose Canada because of how great Canadians are. One day someone will call out the emperor as naked, not wearing beautiful garb and your hateful lies will be exposed.
  8. Police in Canada have an excellent record of safe citizen interaction. You will not be killed by police in Canada if you are unarmed and cooperate with police. It is a statistical fact. One example would be the Toronto Police Services which have not killed any unarmed people during police interactions over the past ten years. Zero. This is despite Toronto being a dangerous, violent city with hundreds of yearly shootings. Over those past ten years, two Officers have lost their lives while on duty protecting the public. Despite the facts, certain groups continue to make absurd claims to the contrary. Race hoax activists are so desperate to find examples of police racism, and any racism in Canada, they rely on US examples. You won't hear of any legitimate allegations against police in Canada for shooting unarmed, cooperating suspects. This is why the argument in Canada invariably turns to counterfeit passing, fentanayl users in Minnesota to " prove " systemic racism and to promote the myth of unarmed Blacks being "gunned down " by " racist " Canadian police. The data is clear that there is no systemic racism in policing in Canada. The Ontario Human Rights Commission proved this. Policing The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) released a report that disproves any inherent, structural advantages to people based on their race in Toronto policing. The report looked at set of nine criminal charges. Interestingly, the data was divided into three groups: White, Black and “other racial minority” despite the data actually being prepared by the Toronto Police to reflect six racial groups: White, Black, Asian, Aboriginal, Brown, Unknown. The three group data format showed that for all 9 set of charges, Whites were more represented than “other racial minority”. If the system is designed to favour Whites over non-Whites, this comparison against “other racialized minority” does not support that theory. As per the report, Whites constitute 48% of the population and represent 45.5% of all criminal charges. This would be objectively seen as neutral: neither advantageous nor disadvantageous. The “other racial minority” group represents 42.8% of the population and 22.2% of total charges. This shows that " other racialized " people are significantly less likely than Whites to be charged criminally. Furthermore, the data indicates that the system of Toronto Policing demonstrates zero evidence of systemic racism against “other racialized minorities” and neutral to Whites. Left wing, radical activists have seemingly launched their latest race hoax to promote the false narrative that police are racist and " gun down" innocent Black men. On January 21, 2022, Moses Erhirhie died in a police interaction with York Regional Police. The Go Fund Me page describes Moses as " exuberant ". Their description of the interaction is as follows: "On January 21, 2022, around 9:15pm, an exuberant Moses Erhirhie was gunned down by the York Regional Police." It also reads: "This senseless and tragic killing has left his family grieving with many unanswered questions. Accountability needs to happen, the truth must be told, shed light on awareness. His mother needs to find peace in knowing that the loss of her son’s life, will not go in vain. Moses was incredibly supportive and uplifting." https://www.gofundme.com/f/justice-for-moses-erhirhie The Toronto Star, a stalwart in the race baiting, anti-police, media industry, published an article from the perspective of the family. Apparently, the family is owed immediate answers despite the ongoing investigation. It has been less than two weeks. It is standard operating procedure to keep details of the investigation confidential until the investigation is concluded and the Star knows this. https://www.thestar.com/local-markham/news/2022/01/28/we-have-no-idea-family-of-man-who-died-in-police-involved-shooting-pleads-for-details-support.html The most recent race hoax in Toronto was " Justice for Regis" in which the media and the family claimed that police threw Regis Korchinski-Paquet over her tiny apartment balcony. Why did the police do that? Well, just because the police are "racist" and Regis was multi racial. Sound absurd? It was. In fact, it was revealed that Regis and her brother has gotten into a knife fight with one another over the volume of the television. As a result, the mother asked the police to remove her daughter. Actually, Regis, her brother, and the mother all made their own individual calls asking the police to intervene. Once Regis learned the police were going to remove her, again, at her mother's request, Regis ran out to her tiny, cramped balcony. The tiny space looked like a storage unit and, in what appeared to be an attempt to reach another balcony, she jumped off her balcony and tragically fell to her death. The media reported: "The police killed my daughter, came into my apartment and shoved her off the balcony," Beals Clayton, Regis's mother, said the day her daughter died." This narrative played perfectly with the race hoax mob/media and the story spread. Prior to the " Justice for Regis" hoax, the media, cbc and ctv, launched the hijab hoax. Remember Khawlah Noman? An " Asian man " cut off her hijab twice in the way to school, just because... "racism/Islamaphobia". You know. Everyday stuff in Canada. PM Trudeau had a press conference to call out Islamophobia within hours. This media launched the fraud which quickly became international news. But, we didn't learn our lesson. We love our media to tell us how terrible and racist us Canadians are. The hoaxes keep coming, but the favorite one is that police kill unarmed Black men in Canada out of racism. https://nationalpost.com/news/toronto/until-it-was-found-to-be-a-hoax-toronto-girls-hijab-made-news-not-the-attack-on-her Let's look at Moses Erhirhie who is a strong candidate to give the Canadian media and race batters their next candidate for a race hoax. The Globe and Mail mentioned him in an article from July 30, 2012. "On Saturday, police responded to concerns from residents about drug use and disorderly behaviour near Denarda Avenue, off Weston Road, said Const. Vella. Police from the local division allegedly saw 25-year-old Moses Erhirhie running from them and throwing something that looked like a firearm. Police said they arrested him and seized a loaded Bryco .380 semi-automatic firearm with a magazine and several rounds of ammunition." https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theglobeandmail.com/amp/news/toronto/toronto-police-credit-tipsters-for-weekend-firearm-seizures/article4449866/ In September of 2018, Moses was back in the news. Read the following: "Moses Erhirhie, 31, of Etobicoke, and Amber Woods, 21, of St. Cathartines have been arrested and charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking in each of the drugs, and possession of the proceeds of property obtained by crime." https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/news/niagara-region/2018/09/28/drugs-seized-and-two-arrested-in-st-catharines.html I do not have access to court records and do not know if Moses was convicted of these or other crimes. He should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Does it sound possible there might be an alternative narrative to the one described by the Go Fund Me page? Was there another side to this " supportive and uplifting " community member? Do you think policing York Region is easy? Check out this video: https://globalnews.ca/video/6754231/graphic-video-appears-to-show-york-regional-police-officer-being-attacked The police, based on historical evidence, should also be given the benefit of the doubt that police in Canada simply do not kill unarmed, cooperating suspects. It would be interesting to see if the media will ever mention these charges and advise if the suspect had a weapon at the time of the interaction and if he had a "no gun/weapons restriction" due to previous charges. The main takeaway is do not believe the media and the narrative they push until they present facts and evidence. A reasonable person would assume, based on empirical evidence, that this is another race hoax. Let's wait and see all the evidence before we believe this was a " senseless " killing by "racist" cops who "gunned down" sweet, uplifting, Moses. Odds are that anyone dying from a police interaction was armed and uncooperative. The evidence, not media reports and Go Fund Me pages, will determine what happened on January 22, 2022.
  9. You will probably hear how racist Toronto is yet you probably will not hear why. Here are some events to research to help you know the history of racism in Toronto. Samuel Opoku, 23, of Toronto. This fellow would throw feces at racialized people from various areas of Asia. Clinton Gayle was involved with a violent Police interaction that almost cost someone their life Saad Akhtar was convicted of a hate crime which is not a common charge and rarely results in a conviction. Umar Zameer, a 31-year old, was involved in a Police interaction that resulted in a death. This is very rare as Toronto Police Services have been responsible for zero deaths of unarmed people since 2012. Tragedy struck a Toronto mosque in October of 2020. Guilherme “William” Von Neutegem, 34, is facing a first-degree murder charge in Bebe Zafis’ death. At this point, the accused is facing unproven charges. Guilherme “William” Von Neutegem, 34, is facing a first-degree murder charge in Zafis’ death. MIchael Park and alleged actions at Stanley Park should be reviewed by any objective person looking to understand anti semetism in Toronto. Faisal Hussain allegedly was responsible for the Danforth shooting in which a 10 year old and an 18 year old were shot and killed in cold blood. Christopher Mitchell allegedly shot and killed John Wheeler with no explanation. Khawlah Noman aptly summarizes the reality of,and likelihood of, being victimized by a hate crime in Toronto. Her story promoted a press conference by PM Trudeau despite no evidence or investigation and a claim that was launched by a hosting of press on Toronto District School Board property. Regis Korchinski engaged in a knife fight with her brother over the volume of the television which prompted her mother, brother, and herself to call the Police. The Police arrived, at the request of the homeowner/mother, to safely escort Regis off the property. After allowing her to use the bathroom, Regis escaped the Police by running on to the tiny, cluttered apartment balcony and then leaped to her death. This event triggered claims of systemic racism in policing and Canadian society. Upper Canada, and the claim of slavery in Ontario, is worth researching to have an intelligent conversation about the "legacy of slavery " in Toronto in 2021. The Act Against Slavery was passed in 1793 and abolished slavery. Eventually the Act freed the approximately 500 slaves in what is now Ontario. In 1864, slavery was abolished across what is now Canada. Both these acts predate Confederation. You will likely hear a different narrative on racism and hate crime in Toronto. Request the facts and stats and research for yourself.
  10. Trump Hysteria in 2022 We are all obligated to believe that Donald Trump is evil. We are almost in 2022 and people will not stop complaining about this guy. Why? Well, he is racist to start. Okay, I hate racists, let us examine why we accept the fact that he is racist. Also, I am from Canada and I have no idea why so many Canadians feel triggered and violated by the former leader of another country. The next time you hear someone in Canada criticize Trump, please refer them to this article. Trump Refuses to Disavow White Supremacy: Debate with Joe Biden It is absurd that anyone can construe Trump’s words in the debate to mean he supports racism. He clearly answered “sure” when asked if he disavows white supremacy and then he disavowed. Anyone interpreting that response during the Biden debate to indicate that Trump supports racism makes a mockery of themselves. For those who believe that Trump has never disavowed white supremacy or racism please watch below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bd0cMmBvqWc&t=7s He also directed the Proud Boys to “stand back” which is hardly an endorsement. By the way, the Proud Boys are white supremacists based on what definition? Any specific tenet of the organization to support this claim or just CNN? Their leader, Enrique Tarrio, is black, and their founder, Gavin McInnes, is married to a Ho-Chunk woman. Gavin’s children have tribal rights and are recognized as members of the Indigenous group. PB has Latino, Black, Jewish, LGTBQ, all types of members. In Canada, the PB have been labelled as a domestic terror group although no explanation was ever provided. The only incident with the PB in Canada was in Halifax in 2017. The Halifax 5 peacefully, without violence or criminal convictions, asked why protestors wanted to destroy/remove a statue. The Halifax 5 includes a member of the LGTBQ and Indigenous community. They were military members proudly serving this country. PB, in Canada, is now labelled on the same degree of threat as ISIS and Al Qaeda- makes sense, right? You could be arrested for wearing a PB hat in Canada. Question: Why? Answer: Ummm. January 6th. The “storming” of the capital by white supremacists! Question: Was that in Canada or USA? Answer: USA Question: Did PB organize the January 6th trespassing event? Answer: No one knows but, based on CNN, probably. Question: Any convictions linking PB members to any criminal/terrorism acts on January 6th? Answer: Not as of December 2021. But still, definitely terrorists and white supremacists! Sh*T Hole Countries Firstly, this was allegedly about Haiti and some African countries. There is also no audio of what was actually said and even the most un-objective person would agree that Donald does not get any benefit of the doubt from the media on context. Anyone who has ever been to Haiti and wants to vouch for the wonderful development of this country, please raise your hand. Statistically, check out the data on Haiti. Haiti remains the poorest country in the LAC region and among the poorest countries in the world. In 2020, Haiti had a GDP per capita of US$2,925, the lowest in the LAC region and less than a fifth of the LAC average of US$15,092. On the UN's Human Development Index, Haiti ranked 170 out of 189 countries in 2020. At every standard and every measurement, it is not a successful country. Prove me wrong. https://www.worldbank.org/en/country/haiti/overview#1 Secondly, Haiti is a country. If one disparages Haiti, it is not racist. Personally, I think Detroit is a sh*t hole. Detrotians are not a race. This would not be a racist statement. Parts of Scarborough, Ontario (GTA) (see Kingston Road) are a sh*t hole. Shuter Street, in downtown Toronto, is a sh*t hole. Sudbury and Hamilton-predominantly white, are sh*t holes. These are not racist statements. Haitians could be any colour or race. Haitian is a nationality, not a race hence the absence of any racism. The comment was against the country not the people. Thirdly. And yes, it is a sh*t hole. “Mexicans are Rapists” Obviously, on its face this is egregious and offensive. Mexico has challenges as a country-corruption, crime, cartels, etc. However, Mexican people are typically religious, family-orientated, hard working, friendly and al-in-all good people. Context is important. The actual point that Trump was making was to criticize the US Visa lottery process which is based on arbitrary selection as opposed to merit. Would anyone disagree that visas should be issued to people based on their individual merit as opposed to being selected randomly? It is my understanding that this comment/allegation by Trump was also raised in another context in which Trump was referring to the coyotes who transport illegals across the border. Does anyone defend the way people are smuggled into the USA? There are reports of the women being raped and some of the people sold into human trafficking. Human smuggling is a terrible racket filled with horrible crime. If people believe that coyotes do not rape people and their vocation is an honourable one, please present your points below in the comments. Kindly use facts, not hyperbole and empty rhetoric or made up words. If the comment was made outside of these contexts and used to describe all Mexicans in all situations, it would be offensive and inappropriate. No argument. Ban on Muslims Again, a ban on Muslims is not racist as Islam is a religion, not a race. People of all races/colours are Muslims. It is also important to note that the Supreme Court agreed with Trump. I am sure the Trump haters, with their CNN and google powers, are more knowledgeable than the judges but take that up with the jurists. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/26/us/politics/supreme-court-trump-travel-ban.html Trump pulled out of wars with Muslim countries, Iraq and Afghanistan, which saved Muslim lives. He also signed the peace deals with Israel and its neighbours, Muslim countries, which has brought peace and security to the Muslim region. Trump also stopped Obama’s drone policy, arguably a war crime?, in which many Muslims were killed by drones without due process, clear identification, or any legal protection or opportunity to defend themselves against accusations. How many Muslims died under Trump’s reign compared to Obama? U.S. military forces had been at war for all eight years of Obama’s tenure, the first two-term president with that distinction. He launched airstrikes or military raids in at least seven countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan. Any pattern in the above seven? Yes, all Muslim countries. https://www.latimes.com/projects/la-na-pol-obama-at-war/ Fort Hood. Boston Marathon bombing. Pulse. Nothing like this happened on Trump’s watch. China Virus Trump was racist to call covid the china virus. It was actually universally called that in early 2020. Trump calling on a ban of travel to and from China is no different from countries banning travel to and from African countries sin December of 2021. Is it not? Trump was “racist” yet it was common place to use the term Wuhan virus or China virus. Was he following the regular term used? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eZtCq1aj2g Good People on Both Sides at Charlottesville Is it not always best practice to be objective and to have perspective? Trump said some people defending the statues and some people protesting the statues were good people. Isn't that fair? Or should everyone on one side of an argument be considered right and the others wrong? History and statues are nuanced and both sides have legitimate points. Is anyone suggesting all people defending a statue are wrong? Why should people not want to protect their history and historical figures? History is nuanced and complex. Finding middle ground by Trump seems mature and reasonable. From the videos I saw, there was good people on both sides and aggressive people on both sides. It was chaos in Charlottesville. What was wrong with this balanced approach? Rigged Election Trump is evil because he disagreed with the election results. I am not suggesting there was fraud but does anyone really have 100% confidence that Biden received over 81 million votes? He is not by any definition charismatic, eloquent, competent. JFK and Obama have charm and stage presence. Natural leaders. Obama had under 70 million votes in the historic 2008 election. Sound plausible that Biden won over 10 million more votes than Obama? Biden's leadership skills, winning personality, and affability? Not so much. He is funny, not charming, for all the wrong reasons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgC8dFmhyJQ His speeches, gatherings, events do not reflect this massive degree of 80 million people popularity, do they? His most interesting quality seems to be his comical speech pattern which is to forget what he is saying, not a trait that typically brings 80 million votes, is it? Hilary Clinton took a similar stance on Trump’s win. A year after her defeat by Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton says “there are lots of questions about its legitimacy” due to Russian interference and widespread voter suppression efforts. In an interview with Mother Jones in downtown Manhattan, Clinton said Russian meddling in the election “was one of the major contributors to the outcome.” Can anyone really suggest that this conspiracy by Hilary is significantly different from what Trump did regarding his opinion on the 2020 election? How much coverage did “Russian collusion” get? It was ubiquitous yet never made sense on any level. Was the theory that Russians used Facebook to encourage people to vote for Trump or what was it? It was never explained just believed to be true that Trump’s election victory was illegitimate and Russians (ooo scary Russians) were involved! The FBI got involved to promote the idea that Trump’s win was illegitimate. The foolishness of the Steele dossier will forever disgrace the famous federal police organization. https://www.cnn.com/2021/11/18/politics/steele-dossier-reckoning/index.html “He Put Kids in Cages!” Trump put kids in cages who arrived illegally and separated children from their parents. Sure. The government has policies and process on addressing those who enter illegally which requires detainment, processing and assessing. For anyone who knows anything about correctional facilities, the jailers have the highest obligation to protect those whom they jail. Common sense suggests that children cannot be jailed with adults. If so, they are at great risk of assaults, rape, and murder. It is an unsupportable position to jail children and adults together which is why there are different sets of jails in Canada and the US for youth and adults. If he had jailed kids with adults, he would have been a monster and responsible for anything that happened to them. If he separated them and placed them in protective custody, he would be a monster for “putting them in cages”. The separation between kids and adults resulted in parents being separated from those whom they claimed to be their children. Obviously, this is not ideal. The infrastructure does not exist to provide each group arriving illegally private housing. This is the result of their parents committing crimes. President Obama’s policy was the same. Obama stated: “Don’t send your children to the borders!” He had the exact same position as Trump on people to not send their children to illegally cross the border. It is a difficult situation and one without a perfect solution. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjxay-XeSks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7cmxB16eX4 For anyone believing this to be an easy fix, check out Biden’s response. He has camps all across the border towns and under highway passes. Does this look like a better response than Trump’s? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrXvJJ6MisM Kamala Harris’s role? To research the roots of the issue. Why are they coming? Trump already answered that- see sh*t hole countries above. Ukraine was an Impeachable Offense If you really believe that the call trump had with the leader of Ukraine would warrant the entire democratic process of elections be overturned then sadly, you are dismissed from this conversation. That is absurd. By no logic does that under the legal analysis qualify as treason/impeachable offense. First Step Act Trump signed into law the First Step Act which is designed to help those with criminal records succeed upon their return into society. Many racialized people will benefit from this program. This is different from Kamala Harris who incarcerated many racialized people for drug use. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Step_Act Next Steps If you live in Canada and you hate Trump and spend hours on social media letting everyone know how much you hate him…sigh…Time to let it go. Go for a walk. Get a pet. Play Candy Crush. Swipe away on Tinder. Watch a hockey game. Turn off CNN and keep the virtue signaling to a minimum. Its not your country. Not your problem and you don’t know what you are crying about. Signed Big Jim on the Danny (Toronto) Go Leafs go!
  11. https://www.mississauga.com/news-story/10017802-online-petition-calls-for-renaming-of-winston-churchill-boulevard-in-mississauga/ So, the first leader to declare war on Hitler and Nazism is under fire with calls to change the name of Sir Winston Churchill Blvd. Thoughts?
  12. With all of the accusations of systemic racism, including the idea of unconscious bias, some companies are implementing affirmative action hiring policies that will aim to hire more minorities. The CBC, for example, claims it will make sure at least 50% of its workforce are minorities. Do you agree with affirmative action policies?
  13. I had the privilege of interviewing MP Mark Holland on issues facing Canada from Clean drinking water in Indengoues reserves, Coronavirus outbreak, Affordable housing, and Wexit Canada. You can watch it on youtube Monday 2:15 p.m EST BUT What do you think are the top 5 issues in Canada? Follow me on IG @t.w.t_podcast_
  14. A news conference was just held now on the news of Indigenous people declaring war on us all for the "not guilty" verdict of Gerald Stanley. See http://thestarphoenix.com/news/local-news/gerald-stanley-trial-jury-delivers-not-guilty-verdict-in-murder-of-colten-boushie and present news coverage tonight (10:45 Global news and likely on CBC network now). I've always understood our government's stance of "Mutliculturalism" (TM) to represent collective forms of National Socialists and NOT diversity of all peoples. In the need for the establishment of this country's faltering power to preserve their own Nationalistic 'catholic' origins here, Pierre Trudeau set up a Constitution that locked in his favored religion and culture but had to include token means to the very Aboriginal tribes his (not my) relatives thought of the Natives when they abused them through various policies of their own ancestors. I believe the means of 'favoring' the Aboriginals the WAY we have in this country today goes along with the similar movements to grant women and girls retribution against the problems ...that again....his own kind of family and thinkers created. Yet to do so means to TRANSFER the burden to all people and especially to those very stereotypical thinking memes against SCAPEGOATS of the whole rather than take on the burden of debt that is due against the churches and wealthy establishment of the Eastern Canadian Catholic and Anglican 'loyalists' that served to go against the democratic changes of the Enlightenment when the U.S. was being formed. My anger here is to what this conference of "Nations" (Aboriginal Nationalists) are challenging of many across the nation now against the trial that "let a guilty man free" today. [I don't hold any opinion for Gerald Stanley's guilt nor innocence, only the FACT that he's been tried by a jury of his peers as we are all expected a right here to.] The rise of Nationalism by the Natives now is something that I fear is going to harm us all in kind to all the other segregate empowered groups being fostered by Mutliculturalism. [Remember, the Nazis in Germany is precisely a motion of "Indigenous" Germans demanding SEGREGATE social rights as 'distinct' special peoples!.] History is not only repeating itself,...it is getting amplified for the sake of the selfish arrogance and ignorance of those supporting SEGREGATE laws for SPECIFIC people as though they are above and beyond reproach. I was born on this EARTH and so am equally "Aboriginal" here. I also have NOT gained any of the wealth nor benefits of anyone here, including no favor to high paying jobs that I get stereotyped as having gained from. I am a "FLOATER" when it comes to the fact that I don't own shit nor any privileged "culture" that I supposedly OWN from some ancestors of mine. This is MY land as much as any others here. And I'm getting tired of this EMPOWERMENT to National Socialism in the name of "liberalism" of a left that is actually the collective right-wingers AVENGING W.A.S.P.s that I also DO NOT SUPPORT!! Thank you Trudeau and all you who support SEGREGATIONIST, racist and sexist laws here. Thank you for the inevitable wars that YOU are actually fostering of the very people you claim to be pitying. P.S. "Person Kind" comes from the meaning "per son" (for each SON); So if you were intending to evade any sexist overtones of the word "Mankind" you think it has, Justine, think again. [This is a dig to his comment the other day correcting some girl who used this.]
  15. The author of this article states this succinctly, and I agree. These books hilight the evils of racism, and banning them due to their use of racial slurs is counter productive. ANY thoughts? http://www.dailywire.com/news/11275/leftists-virginia-ban-kill-mockingbird-huck-finn-ben-shapiro
  16. I thought this was a pretty Interesting and pretty frank way to view at "race relations" between black and whites in the USA from comedian Chris Rock. From an interview a bit more than a year ago: http://www.vox.com/xpress/2014/12/1/7313467/chris-rock-interview Not a typical way "race relations" are thought as. Pretty damning to white Americans in history, and mostly true IMO. Do you think his statements are accurate? Not?
  17. Harper and the Conservatives have been responsible for so many negative, divisive and disgraceful actions that it's hard to keep track of all of them. So, I thought it would be helpful to have a thread to catalogue them. Here is an opening list: - Ran huge deficits caused by ill-advised and ineffective tax cuts - Politicized non-partisan institutions by using or squabbling with the incombents; including the GG, Elections Canada, the PBO, and the SCC - Dramatically increased the centralization of power in the PMO - Interfered in the internal workings of the Senate - Appointed the most partisan and corrupt senators - Gutted environmental rules and laws - Used the CRA to attack environmental groups and charities that disagreed with his policies - Gagged scientists to prevent information that would not support his pro-oil agenda from reaching the public - Defunded pure scientific research in favour of applied science that would help his industry friends - Destroyed scientific documents with no assurance that they were digitized first - After being elected on a platform of accountability, did everything possible to evade accountability - Was found in contempt of parliament - Systematically interfered in the ability of Parliament to perform its duties by withholding information, proroguing parliament and writing omnibus bills so massive they couldn't properly be debated - Undermined democracy by deliberately disenfranchising groups of voters that are not inclined to vote for him and by changing media rules to better allow for negative campaiging - Damaged our international reputation through one-sided support of Israel and against the Palesinians - Damaged our international reputation and climate change efforts by withdrawing from Kyoto. This list isn't even close to being complete. There is a website called shd.ca Note: if you want to debate the actions of Chretien, Wynne, Pierre Trudeau, or anyone else, you're welcome to open a different thread.
  18. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2013/12/28/chris-hayess-graph-of-the-year-our-racist-criminal-justice-system-in-one-chart/ Question: How can we explain the fact that blacks and whites smoke the weed with equal frequency, however blacks are arrested 2.5 to 3.5 times as often? Answer 1: The US justice system is racist against blacks. Answer 2: I can’t think of any, can you?
  19. As we all know there was conflict between the south and north in America that caused The Civil War. 150 years later many people across America still fly the Confederate flag today. The topic here is it racist to fly the flag?
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