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Found 13 results

  1. The Durham District School Board (DDSB) is deeply entrenched in systemic racism. Examples of their racist policies are: 1. The provincial government's Black Only Graduation Coaches Program This program is completely state funded and only Black students are eligible. There is no requirement to be financially eligible or any other criteria except to be Black. Poor Asians with learning disabilities would not be eligible but wealthy high achieving Black students are welcome to receive the service. Refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine or anywhere are not eligible. 2. Great Beginnings Afrocentric Program This state provided service is for children and only Black children. There is no program for Muslim or Sikh children or any other racialized group. https://www.ddsb.ca/en/family-and-community-support/summer-and-recreation-programs.aspx#Great-Beginnings-Afrocentric-Program And there is also an entire Afrocentric Heritage Program 3. The Durham District Catholic School Board: Stem Program Summer Camp This program is also racist and has a black only policy. Yes, it is also paid for by tax dollars. https://www.westernstandard.news/news/ontario-school-board-to-host-racially-segregated-summer-camp/article_118d356e-055a-11ee-a3fa-57a8ee85fffa.html *Separate board, same region 4. Censorship In 2022, DDSB Trustees voted to find Pickering trustee Paul Crawford guilty on three counts of violating their code of conduct They voted to censure him and request that he complete equity, diversity and inclusion training. His crime? He opposed the offensive inclusion of " white supremacy" in their human rights code policy draft discussions. “Paul Crawford should be ashamed of himself,” tweeted activist Shailene Panylo, who ran for the NDP in Oshawa during the fall election. “You embody the very system you tried to have removed.” Panylo now sits on the Board as a Trustee and actively supports the DDSB's racist programs such as the black graduation coaches program. She agrees with censoring and shaming people for expressing concerns with anti white racism yet embraces black privilege and racism that favours black students. ASK her for an example of any whites only policy that exists? ASk her why is it okay to teach white kids "white supremacy and privilege"? Typically Advocates of terms like white privilege and white supremacy and systemic racism supports white children being taught they are Oppressors and have not "earned" their success. Untrue, racist, and not appropriate for kids! https://www.durhamradionews.com/archives/150245 5. More Censorship The DDSB is now closing their doors to the public when holding meetings and looking to pass new resolutions which will censor questions they don't like. https://www.google.com/amp/s/globalnews.ca/news/9709488/durham-district-school-board-meeting-raises-concerns/amp/ 6. Racist Logic What is the DDSB's evidence for systemic racism? They cannot cite a single law or policy that is Racist but it's " just there". Their main argument is that black students as a group do not do well in math and reading and writing so ....must be racism and white supremacy. The data shows that Asians dominate academic standing in Durham, not whites. The white supremacy and white privilege is somehow designed NOT to favour whites but Asians. Really? This is science? This is evidence? Look at the numbers https://www.durhamregion.com/news/why-is-there-an-achievement-gap-for-black-students-in-durham/article_cae137e8-83cb-5567-9c3f-b5d30e335c66.html? Is it really racism or other factors as to why kids can't read? No accountability for parents? DDSB'S trustees blame whites for poor academic results. That is horrifyingly racist! By the way, 5 of 12 of the democraticly elected trustees are black . Is that more evidence of white supremacy and white privilege when the black population of Durham is 8%? https://www.ddsb.ca/en/about-ddsb/board-of-trustees.aspx Kids growing up in Ontario in 2023 have more privilege and benefit than 99.99% of every other kid in human history. What other societies have had free medical care, free school, Ontario housing and Ontario works, accessible clean water! Where are programs that black students get for poor children or disabled children? None of the kids in elementary or secondary school were born before 2000 so name any law or policy or practice in Ontario this century that is racist? Other than parents not teaching their kids to read, what disadvantage are we spending money on to fix and using racist idealology to justify the spending? Ask Panylo why it's systemic racism that explains black kids not doing as well as Asian students?? Fortunately I live in another district and my kids are graduated but my grandkids are in the Waterloo district school board and it's the same there! Good luck to those in Durham especially the poor non black students because no one will advocate about you there!
  2. Ontario is closing all public schools for two weeks following March break amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Premier Doug Ford announced Thursday. It came as the province announced 17 new confirmed cases - its biggest surge to date - bringing the total to 59. The decision to close schools from March 14 to April 5 is based on advice from Ontario's chief medical officer of health, Ford said in a joint statement with Health Minister Christine Elliott and Education Minister Stephen Lecce.
  3. Ontario Premier Doug Ford says that he plans on extending the province’s state of emergency by 28 days when the legislature resumes on Tuesday. Members of Provincial Parliament will return to Queen’s Park for a single day to pass the emergency act and to discuss a bill that will cover various topics such as education, childcare and municipal housing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. “I just want to thank members of the opposition for their cooperation on getting these passed right away,” Ford said while speaking to reporters on Monday afternoon Watch This Video
  4. Premier Doug Ford has declared a provincial state of emergency in response to a worsening COVID-19 outbreak and will now order the closure of restaurants and bars not providing takeout service along with a host of other venues where crowds are known to gather. Ford made the announcement at a hastily-called news conference at Queen’s Park on Tuesday morning, noting that the province is facing an “unprecedented time in its history” and must “act decisively” and “take any and all actions necessary as COVID-19 continues to spread.” He says that under the order the government will prohibit all organized public events of more than 50 people until March 31, including services in places of worship. He said that the order will also force the closure of all facilities providing indoor recreational programs, all public libraries and private schools, all licenced childcare centres, all bars and restaurants that don’t provide takeout services and all theatres, cinemas and concert venues.
  5. Can you ever imagine a country like Canada not having clean drinking water? In the 1970s the Canadain government promised to bring clean drinking water to all of Canada. Now in 2020 100% of cities of clean drinking water and 99% of rural areas have clean drinking water. the 1% which is missing is the Indigenous reserves. People living on the reserves don't have access to clean drinking water. They are poorly funded. Now the question of what would the Canadian government do if Toronto had no cleaning drinking water? BTW if you guys want to know more about me and my youtube channel check it out. I interview high profile politicians including Former PMs and MPs and Senators.
  6. Im currently a grade 12 student who started an Initiative to Inform Youth about Politics and World Issues. I started this podcast in the summer of 2019 after seeing the lack of attention being given to the Canadain election of 2019. My older friends were not voting, and if they were voting, they voted without the proper knowledge. That led me to create this podcast where I try to inform the youth about world issues and politics, and hopefully encourage them to vote. CHECK IT OUT HERE & TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK
  7. Trudeau doesn’t appear to be supporting Ontario infrastructure projects because the provincial government is Conservative. The Liberal Feds have announced funding of major Montreal and Vancouver projects but nothing for Toronto. Liberals claim it’s because the Ontario Conservatives haven’t put forward an adequate proposal, yet the Ontario proposal resembles those provided by other provinces that have Liberal governments. Meanwhile, Bombardier will be cutting jobs in Thunder Bay if new Toronto transit programs aren’t funded. The Federal Liberals are playing politics with Ontario jobs and transit.
  8. The LAW, the thing that forces people to do things- is only as fair as the extent of external scrutiny (duh) but something obviously messed up will at least gain enough coverage to generate a response right? Well sure, but not before a whole host of people get screwed over. In cases like first world capitalism, no amount of coverage and outrage from a legally (and morally) wronged party, can evade the concrete consequences derived from violations cited on intentionally vague parameters covered by that very same law. The past 2 years, due to limited options, I've been working for a company (can't say) that is indeed founded out of Canada.. however the (U.S.) founders had simply maintained 'permanent' residency for a number of years, allowing them to claim Canadian citizenship and therefore establish Canadian founded business status for their new brand. This matters because the whole reason for this endeavor was so the 'new' company could circumvent the (somewhat) recent additions to anti-add and anti-spam laws to prevent U.S. based marketing tactics from overpowering local Canadian business. Well it turns out not even that can stop a determined U.S. businessman from (lawfully) stealing if they see enough potential to merit investing in a system that can achieve such a theft. If you're reading this, then please, for the sake of yourself and the sake of your loved ones read and pass along this REAL (and in my opinion, utterly distasteful) admittance to allowing vague laws to enable sales representatives for businesses to quite literally steal from others (the classic sign the contract, that just so happens to be indecipherable and says the complete opposite of what the plastic-smile sales representative just told you). Please note that this link outlines law that applies to U.S. AND Canadian based customers. THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART- https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0195-some-home-security-systems-may-be-scams P.S. I know many reading this are going to say why are you wasting my time with this I already know better than to let a sales rep con me.. 3 reasons: 1. 80-90% of (wronged) customers will say the sales representative showed up at an interesting or 'destined' moment, providing (at the moment) so much more than just a killer deal on a sweet new sign-on product/service. They were helpers, friends, attractive, flattering, and almost seemed to understand their lifestyle and hobbies... please refer to https://www.theverge.com/2018/3/28/17172548/gdpr-compliance-requirements-privacy-notice which pretty much states your personal or any useful info- if it's ANYWHERE on the internet, it's free game for businesses to use. *this includes the ability to run credit tests without your consent/knowledge once enough info is obtained and automated programs that constantly trawl the internet for anything linked to a potential customer/area they've taken an interest in. 2. Contracts do not end with the death of the signing customer and many are a minimum of 3 years- some up to 8 for official services. Yes, the law can protect a company collecting on a contract (aka fees, monthly bills, collection bids, etc) to the next of kin, for a contract signed by the parent or spouse even if no one was ever notified about such a condition, as long as the contract was signed: the next of kin MUST pay the due in full. Meaning everything you're reading could affect you much more profoundly than you know even if you choose to never personally touch a contract, if they got your family by extension under extreme circumstances you must become involved (so better to prevent rather than struggle; simply by making sure as many people as possible are aware of this). 3. This is the information age, data in general is constantly being filtered and analysed by increasingly advanced AI, capable of spitting out easy to use, yet disturbingly effective actions and procedures to use on specific common personality types. If you don't believe me, please check out the attached picture(s). The first one is a 'chart' provided in some way to sales representatives, and it's how they get their 'in' with a paying customer. I guarantee you'll see yourself and agree that it at least somewhat illustrates the possibility of use against you. The second picture is simply a QR code meant to link any QR code scanner phone app to bring one directly to the FTC website, if possible- everyone should read the linked page from that code.. I spent valuable hours of my life (I'm 25 no joke, I work my ass off and this is my day off) to make this. It's because I've spent no less than the last 4 years listening to people cry to me (I do phone support) about how they were essentially lied to and then robbed. And it all came from a contract, a morally corrupt 'sales representative', and a complete lack of regulations in favor of protecting citizens simply because capitalism. Simply knowing they're out to finger your wallet should be more than enough to kneecap them halfway through their entirely false pitch and get them out of your hair and keep them out. Cheers.
  9. http://looniepolitics.com/ontario-health-minister-refuses-assist-dying-mother/
  10. Bill 13 also encourages homosexuals to go so far out of their way to deceive heterosexuals for our sexual orientation that some HOMOSEXUALS are even getting their genitalia mutilated which leads to homosexuals deceiving heterosexuals thus is a clear example of homosexuals discriminating what it means to be heterosexual and the Ontario Parliament is encouraging this through the very Bill 13. Then they have the nerve to call heterosexuals homophobes or now even such jibber as Transaphobes for being offended for having our sexual orientation discriminated against with such sick disgusting lowly homosexual deceptions. Ontario Bill 13 not only discriminates heterosexuality in every way shape and form, it encourages homosexuals to deceive heterosexuals while trying to tell heterosexuals that it is OK for us to be discriminated against by the sexually insane and if you have a problem with that then you are a homophobe or a transaphobe. I remind all of you that a phobia describes an irrational fear and if getting angry for being discriminated against in anyone’s book (even our delusional Parliamentarians) is an irrational fear then why are homosexual false claims of discrimination encouraging our government to force such sick deceptions upon innocent little children in our public schools in the first place? This is completely insane and unacceptable! Bill 13 tells our children that it is OK for homosexuals to discriminate heterosexuals for our sexual orientation and if you have a problem with that then you are a homophobe! Bill 13 is garbage for it obviously encourages bullying and discrimination against heterosexuals! Again there are two types of homosexuals, the homosexuals who seek to have sex with other homosexuals and then there are the homosexuals who are out to deceive heterosexuals for our sexual orientation so much so that some of them even go so far out of their way to discriminate heterosexuality that they for now are even getting away with having their genital mutilated to accomplish this. Why is the Ontario government forcing discrimination against heterosexuality through bill 13 while claiming heterosexuals as homophobes for getting angry at having our sexual orientation discriminated against by these sexually messed up sickly insane homosexuals who obviously can't even accept themselves for what they are in the first place and more so seek to blame everyone else for it? Children everywhere deserve better than the deceptive garbage that compiles bill 13, no if's and's or but's! This is homosexuals deceiving heterosexuals for our sexual orientation and our government encouraging it as well. This is clearly discrimination against heterosexuality. Shame on the Liberals and NDP for landsliding these sick deceptions upon not only society but especially innocent little children through Ontario legislation upon our public schools! Yet another fine example of the circus we have for parliament here in Ontario Canada that bases it's reasoning for conjuring legislation upon such by encouraging and enforcing sick deceptions and discrimination upon heterosexuals. Genital mutilation will become illegal because it clearly supports homosexuals discriminating heterosexuals for our sexual orientation. Keeping legal genital mutilation tells society that it is OK for homosexuals to discriminate heterosexuality as well encourages through Bill 13 that it is not OK for heterosexuals to get angry for being discriminated against by these sick homosexual deceptions, and that it tells society that an irrational fear is getting angry for being discriminated against. Meanwhile they cater to lowly homosexual activist whining false claims of discrimination for not allowing them to use heterosexuals as guinea pigs for homosexuals deceptions. Homosexuals want to have sex with homosexuals fine, homosexuals want to deceive heterosexuals well that is quite clearly discrimination against heterosexuality and I will not stand for it! I will stand strong for all of the innocent little children the Ontario Parliament seeks to deceive with the insanity within Bill 13! School is starting and if the garbage known as Bill 13 still stands then excrement is really going to hit the fan as Ontarian's begin to see how low and filthy Liberals and NDP stooped without even using their brains to first take the time to genuinely think this thing through! Homosexual activists whine false claims of discrimination and politicians hide in fear of such filthy garbage thus cater to their every deception and false claim! Pathetic and there is no excuse good enough for this poor example of forming legislation! If Bill 13 still stands then mark my words, I am going to walk over the whole lot of you with pleasure because again you are otherwise encouraging these sick deceptions upon innocent little children right in our public schools and that is quite obviously unacceptable in every way shape and form! Do you really think that Ontarian's want to have the majority of our children discriminated against and labelled with a phobia for getting angry for being discriminated against or being suspended or expelled so a few sexually confused can continue to deceive heterosexuals?! I love my work and take a great deal of pride in sharing this with all of you because even though I may not like you all I still love and care about everyone which is why I am willing able and ready to help clean this mess up by first clearing all of your heads up! oh and to clear things up a little better: Need I remind you all that there are two kinds of homosexuals. There are homosexuals who seek to have sex with other homosexuals then there are homosexuals who seek to deceive thus discriminate heterosexuals for our sexual orientation aka homosexuals who claim to try and hide their deceptions behind the phrases "gender identity or even as mentioned within Ontario's Bill 13 “Trans gender" Heterosexuals are heterosexuals because we have sex with the opposite sex, not because we seek to have sex with any homosexual whether they have a mutilated genital or not! We are not homosexuals, we are not bi sexuals we are heterosexuals and homosexuals obviously just don't understand that! Homosexuals are deliberately deceiving heterosexuals thus deliberately discriminating heterosexuality Love David Jeffrey Spetch Ps. Be good, be strong!
  11. Hello! If anyone was in the federal category recently, you may have seen the announcement of a webshow on Canadian news and politics I have been starting up. My first official video is on Ontario's 'Bill 115'. If you are interested, here is the link; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1UWZjJVtZM Any feedback, questions, or even debate is highly appreciated. If you like it, please comment, like and subscribe, if you would like to see more. But that is up to you. Thank you for view this post, and please have a nice day/night, depending on when you view this
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