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Found 10 results

  1. Toronto police have arrested a suspect in connection with two “random attacks” on the subway earlier this week. Brandonn Sevilla-Zelaya, 25, of Toronto, was arrested on Saturday and has been charged with robbery, assault causing bodily harm and uttering threat. Police say Sevilla-Zelaya is accused of attacking two passengers on the subway at Kennedy Station. The first incident happened on Dec. 15, at around 10 p.m., when the suspect allegedly approached a male passenger and began attacking him with unprovoked punches. Roughly an hour later, the suspect approached a female passenger on the subway again at Kennedy Station, and began attacking her by shaking her, police said. The suspect then allegedly stole her headphones and threatened her. The charges against Sevilla-Zelaya have not been proven in court. He is scheduled to appear at Old City Hall Saturday morning. The incidents follow a number of recent violent acts on the subway system. Last week, 31-year-old Vanessa Kurpiewska was stabbed to death near High Park Station, and in another incident a Toronto Transit Commission operator was assaulted and robbed at the Long Branch Loop in Etobicoke. https://www.cp24.com/news/suspect-arrested-after-two-random-attacks-on-toronto-subway-1.6199172 Also in July --> A woman has died nearly a month after being set on fire at Kipling station, also in Toronto. --- --> I sometimes take the public transit in a major city in Canada, seen my fair share, 1 story in particular was when one gentleman boarded a bus, I was only a few stations away from home, I already could picture myself listening to some jazz but this gentleman decided to join the bus. At one point randomly this person decided to take out an object and proceeded to say that he will do harm. The people that were up front jumped like chickens. I was taught to not move so focused my attention in the phone. Was way on the back. The bus driver did not say a word. The gentleman then proceeded to head out to the street and threaten the initial occupants of the bus. He then proceeded to cross the street. Some passengers returned in the bus. Have no idea if a report was filled. The shocking part is how people were not really talking about what just happened. Just another day. --- --> Is hard to say what the solutions are. The shelter system is full, the mental hospitals were tried in the past, is the way society is. When the economy is not well, more people live in the public transit out of desperation however that is not an excuse for criminal behaviour. What are some solutions? Tougher laws? More housing?
  2. The RCMP says it’s investigating reports of criminal activity at so-called "police stations" reportedly set up by the People’s Republic of China in the Greater Toronto Area. According to a recent and ongoing investigation by a Spanish-based non-government organization (NGO) called Safeguard Defenders, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has undertaken a concerted operation to force Chinese nationals living abroad who are accused of telecom and online fraud to return home. As part of this effort, Safeguard Defenders said China has opened a total of 54 so-called police “service stations” in 30 countries, including three in Canada in the Greater Toronto Area. It said the stations are often presented as necessary to “accommodate the growing administrative needs of residents abroad – for example in renewing Chinese driver’s licenses remotely and other tasks traditionally considered of a consular nature.” But the NGO claims that the stations serve a “more sinister goal” as well. CTV News Toronto has not independently confirmed the NGO report. In a statement to CP24 on Wednesday, RCMP did not specifically identify where the so-called police stations are located in its statement, nor did it provide any further details about the nature of the reported criminal activity. "The (force) takes threats to the security of individuals living in Canada very seriously and is aware that foreign states may seek to intimidate or harm communities or individuals within Canada," RCMP spokesperson Camille Boily-Lavoie said. "As the RCMP is currently investigating the incident, there will be no further comment on the matter at this time.” --- After this went all over the internet, the CCP sent a spokesman. The Response as per the above is comical: Consulate says stations are for driver’s licence renewal and is run by volunteers that want to do good for the people 😂 https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/rcmp-investigating-reports-of-chinese-police-stations-operating-in-ontario-1.6126144
  3. I did a twitter search to see what is trending under protests. Here is what I found, it appears this was in Toronto yesterday, November 5th: Thoughts? Opinions? What are the sides here? it seems there are multiple, I think there was a teacher sign against the provincial government as well. This is anti-pipeline, and "freedom" fighters came strolling by. It got heated.
  4. Police in Canada have an excellent record of safe citizen interaction. You will not be killed by police in Canada if you are unarmed and cooperate with police. It is a statistical fact. One example would be the Toronto Police Services which have not killed any unarmed people during police interactions over the past ten years. Zero. This is despite Toronto being a dangerous, violent city with hundreds of yearly shootings. Over those past ten years, two Officers have lost their lives while on duty protecting the public. Despite the facts, certain groups continue to make absurd claims to the contrary. Race hoax activists are so desperate to find examples of police racism, and any racism in Canada, they rely on US examples. You won't hear of any legitimate allegations against police in Canada for shooting unarmed, cooperating suspects. This is why the argument in Canada invariably turns to counterfeit passing, fentanayl users in Minnesota to " prove " systemic racism and to promote the myth of unarmed Blacks being "gunned down " by " racist " Canadian police. The data is clear that there is no systemic racism in policing in Canada. The Ontario Human Rights Commission proved this. Policing The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) released a report that disproves any inherent, structural advantages to people based on their race in Toronto policing. The report looked at set of nine criminal charges. Interestingly, the data was divided into three groups: White, Black and “other racial minority” despite the data actually being prepared by the Toronto Police to reflect six racial groups: White, Black, Asian, Aboriginal, Brown, Unknown. The three group data format showed that for all 9 set of charges, Whites were more represented than “other racial minority”. If the system is designed to favour Whites over non-Whites, this comparison against “other racialized minority” does not support that theory. As per the report, Whites constitute 48% of the population and represent 45.5% of all criminal charges. This would be objectively seen as neutral: neither advantageous nor disadvantageous. The “other racial minority” group represents 42.8% of the population and 22.2% of total charges. This shows that " other racialized " people are significantly less likely than Whites to be charged criminally. Furthermore, the data indicates that the system of Toronto Policing demonstrates zero evidence of systemic racism against “other racialized minorities” and neutral to Whites. Left wing, radical activists have seemingly launched their latest race hoax to promote the false narrative that police are racist and " gun down" innocent Black men. On January 21, 2022, Moses Erhirhie died in a police interaction with York Regional Police. The Go Fund Me page describes Moses as " exuberant ". Their description of the interaction is as follows: "On January 21, 2022, around 9:15pm, an exuberant Moses Erhirhie was gunned down by the York Regional Police." It also reads: "This senseless and tragic killing has left his family grieving with many unanswered questions. Accountability needs to happen, the truth must be told, shed light on awareness. His mother needs to find peace in knowing that the loss of her son’s life, will not go in vain. Moses was incredibly supportive and uplifting." https://www.gofundme.com/f/justice-for-moses-erhirhie The Toronto Star, a stalwart in the race baiting, anti-police, media industry, published an article from the perspective of the family. Apparently, the family is owed immediate answers despite the ongoing investigation. It has been less than two weeks. It is standard operating procedure to keep details of the investigation confidential until the investigation is concluded and the Star knows this. https://www.thestar.com/local-markham/news/2022/01/28/we-have-no-idea-family-of-man-who-died-in-police-involved-shooting-pleads-for-details-support.html The most recent race hoax in Toronto was " Justice for Regis" in which the media and the family claimed that police threw Regis Korchinski-Paquet over her tiny apartment balcony. Why did the police do that? Well, just because the police are "racist" and Regis was multi racial. Sound absurd? It was. In fact, it was revealed that Regis and her brother has gotten into a knife fight with one another over the volume of the television. As a result, the mother asked the police to remove her daughter. Actually, Regis, her brother, and the mother all made their own individual calls asking the police to intervene. Once Regis learned the police were going to remove her, again, at her mother's request, Regis ran out to her tiny, cramped balcony. The tiny space looked like a storage unit and, in what appeared to be an attempt to reach another balcony, she jumped off her balcony and tragically fell to her death. The media reported: "The police killed my daughter, came into my apartment and shoved her off the balcony," Beals Clayton, Regis's mother, said the day her daughter died." This narrative played perfectly with the race hoax mob/media and the story spread. Prior to the " Justice for Regis" hoax, the media, cbc and ctv, launched the hijab hoax. Remember Khawlah Noman? An " Asian man " cut off her hijab twice in the way to school, just because... "racism/Islamaphobia". You know. Everyday stuff in Canada. PM Trudeau had a press conference to call out Islamophobia within hours. This media launched the fraud which quickly became international news. But, we didn't learn our lesson. We love our media to tell us how terrible and racist us Canadians are. The hoaxes keep coming, but the favorite one is that police kill unarmed Black men in Canada out of racism. https://nationalpost.com/news/toronto/until-it-was-found-to-be-a-hoax-toronto-girls-hijab-made-news-not-the-attack-on-her Let's look at Moses Erhirhie who is a strong candidate to give the Canadian media and race batters their next candidate for a race hoax. The Globe and Mail mentioned him in an article from July 30, 2012. "On Saturday, police responded to concerns from residents about drug use and disorderly behaviour near Denarda Avenue, off Weston Road, said Const. Vella. Police from the local division allegedly saw 25-year-old Moses Erhirhie running from them and throwing something that looked like a firearm. Police said they arrested him and seized a loaded Bryco .380 semi-automatic firearm with a magazine and several rounds of ammunition." https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theglobeandmail.com/amp/news/toronto/toronto-police-credit-tipsters-for-weekend-firearm-seizures/article4449866/ In September of 2018, Moses was back in the news. Read the following: "Moses Erhirhie, 31, of Etobicoke, and Amber Woods, 21, of St. Cathartines have been arrested and charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking in each of the drugs, and possession of the proceeds of property obtained by crime." https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/news/niagara-region/2018/09/28/drugs-seized-and-two-arrested-in-st-catharines.html I do not have access to court records and do not know if Moses was convicted of these or other crimes. He should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Does it sound possible there might be an alternative narrative to the one described by the Go Fund Me page? Was there another side to this " supportive and uplifting " community member? Do you think policing York Region is easy? Check out this video: https://globalnews.ca/video/6754231/graphic-video-appears-to-show-york-regional-police-officer-being-attacked The police, based on historical evidence, should also be given the benefit of the doubt that police in Canada simply do not kill unarmed, cooperating suspects. It would be interesting to see if the media will ever mention these charges and advise if the suspect had a weapon at the time of the interaction and if he had a "no gun/weapons restriction" due to previous charges. The main takeaway is do not believe the media and the narrative they push until they present facts and evidence. A reasonable person would assume, based on empirical evidence, that this is another race hoax. Let's wait and see all the evidence before we believe this was a " senseless " killing by "racist" cops who "gunned down" sweet, uplifting, Moses. Odds are that anyone dying from a police interaction was armed and uncooperative. The evidence, not media reports and Go Fund Me pages, will determine what happened on January 22, 2022.
  5. You will probably hear how racist Toronto is yet you probably will not hear why. Here are some events to research to help you know the history of racism in Toronto. Samuel Opoku, 23, of Toronto. This fellow would throw feces at racialized people from various areas of Asia. Clinton Gayle was involved with a violent Police interaction that almost cost someone their life Saad Akhtar was convicted of a hate crime which is not a common charge and rarely results in a conviction. Umar Zameer, a 31-year old, was involved in a Police interaction that resulted in a death. This is very rare as Toronto Police Services have been responsible for zero deaths of unarmed people since 2012. Tragedy struck a Toronto mosque in October of 2020. Guilherme “William” Von Neutegem, 34, is facing a first-degree murder charge in Bebe Zafis’ death. At this point, the accused is facing unproven charges. Guilherme “William” Von Neutegem, 34, is facing a first-degree murder charge in Zafis’ death. MIchael Park and alleged actions at Stanley Park should be reviewed by any objective person looking to understand anti semetism in Toronto. Faisal Hussain allegedly was responsible for the Danforth shooting in which a 10 year old and an 18 year old were shot and killed in cold blood. Christopher Mitchell allegedly shot and killed John Wheeler with no explanation. Khawlah Noman aptly summarizes the reality of,and likelihood of, being victimized by a hate crime in Toronto. Her story promoted a press conference by PM Trudeau despite no evidence or investigation and a claim that was launched by a hosting of press on Toronto District School Board property. Regis Korchinski engaged in a knife fight with her brother over the volume of the television which prompted her mother, brother, and herself to call the Police. The Police arrived, at the request of the homeowner/mother, to safely escort Regis off the property. After allowing her to use the bathroom, Regis escaped the Police by running on to the tiny, cluttered apartment balcony and then leaped to her death. This event triggered claims of systemic racism in policing and Canadian society. Upper Canada, and the claim of slavery in Ontario, is worth researching to have an intelligent conversation about the "legacy of slavery " in Toronto in 2021. The Act Against Slavery was passed in 1793 and abolished slavery. Eventually the Act freed the approximately 500 slaves in what is now Ontario. In 1864, slavery was abolished across what is now Canada. Both these acts predate Confederation. You will likely hear a different narrative on racism and hate crime in Toronto. Request the facts and stats and research for yourself.
  6. Can you ever imagine a country like Canada not having clean drinking water? In the 1970s the Canadain government promised to bring clean drinking water to all of Canada. Now in 2020 100% of cities of clean drinking water and 99% of rural areas have clean drinking water. the 1% which is missing is the Indigenous reserves. People living on the reserves don't have access to clean drinking water. They are poorly funded. Now the question of what would the Canadian government do if Toronto had no cleaning drinking water? BTW if you guys want to know more about me and my youtube channel check it out. I interview high profile politicians including Former PMs and MPs and Senators.
  7. For 40 years Canadians have seen the NHL expand into US markets where the locals have little interest in hockey. We understand that in some cases this has been a good thing for hockey, expanding interest in the sport and creating new hockey markets. We also understand that sometimes the local Canadian hockey market couldn’t afford to support the team, as was the case briefly in Winnipeg and Quebec, mainly due to the currency exchange rate. However, hockey markets like Montreal and especially Toronto are starving for additional NHL teams. Toronto could easily support an additional two teams, probably one west of the city and one to the north. NHL Commissioner Gary Betman shut down expansion into Toronto when investors wanted to move the money losing Phoenix Coyotes to Toronto. Betman would rather prop up money losing US teams than add teams in markets where people love hockey and would fill seats in arenas. Yes there are US expansion success stories, such as Nashville, but it’s ridiculous that teams like the Florida Panthers should exist while Toronto has only one NHL team. The city of Toronto is now bigger than the city of Chicago, which has two Major League Baseball teams. If Chicago can support two baseball teams, surely Toronto can support two hockey teams.
  8. The Ford government has taken over subway construction from the City of Toronto and is pumping billions into Toronto subway expansion, including adding underground stations to the Eglinton Crosstown west to Pearson Airport, extending the Yonge Line into Richmond Hill, adding three stops to the Danforth Line east to McCowan, and most importantly, doubling the length of the proposed Downtown Relief Line (DRL), which was originally to parallel the Yonge Line from Pape Station in the east to Osgoode downtown. Now the DRL will become the Ontario Line and run from the Science Centre at Eglinton to Ontario Place on Lake Ontario. What do you think of this plan? I’m all for massive subway expansion but I have questions. It’s a huge expense to extend the DRL from Queen St. to Ontario Place, which is currently a moribund site that will be rebuilt. What stations will be added west of Osgoode before the line reaches Ontario Place? We need to ensure that our subways serve communities and will have viable ridership. There will still be a Finch LRT, so at least Ford is open to different transit options. I hope that the Ontario Line at least runs as far west as Bathurst or even Trinity Bellwoods Park before heading south, as the Ontario Line would then really make some of the best areas of the city more accessible. What are your thoughts? https://www.google.ca/search?safe=strict&client=safari&channel=iphone_bm&source=hp&ei=SU2zXIiBF86D5wLilKOABw&q=ford+transit+plan&oq=Ford+tran&gs_l=mobile-gws-wiz-hp.1.3.0l3j0i131j0l4.3814.8174..11128...1.0..0.277.1135.5j3j1......0....1.......8..35i39j46i131j46.DwroFxbUk-w#
  9. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/08/31/toronto-star-laments-lack-of-racial-crime-data-it-helped-purge-decades-ago/ This is ironic. The same Toronto Star that seemingly played a central role in purging racial crime statistics collected by the government and prohibiting its future collection is now calling for its aggregation. Years ago, the Toronto Star seemed to champion the faux outrage over "dangerous" statistics regarding race and crime. Now, with its desire to push an agenda of racial agitation and division (drawing inspiration from its ideological allies south of the border), it now wants the very data it helped destroy. To the credit of the author of the original Toronto Star piece, she chastises her journalistic antecedents for contributing to this purge. She says that more information is always better than less, no matter how uncomfortable it may make some people feel.
  10. And it will bring crime, so the money will be spent in jails, cop salary, judge, social workers, insurance. Gambling does not create new value, it just collect money and re-dispatch value that hard working people created, and in the same time, take a large part of the wealth by the bosses of casino, and tax suckers, and some interest groups. It make tax payer suffer more. and at last, more and more people who actually create value will move away, if that becomes true, Toronto can be another Detroit.
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