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  1. So was trump and Trudeau and it seemed to work out well for them
  2. Michael Chong isn't going to do anything but make noise. The sooner he backs out of the race with his delusions of grandeur the better. Its the b-team debate tonight.
  3. McCain better hope the midterms go good for the democrats or any power he has is gone. Make no bones about it, this is likely mccain's last term.
  4. World history provides justification for said fear. Ask the poles...
  5. Correct all they had to do was sign. Deja vu all over again...
  6. No, he's out with no conditions. Pray he doesn't skip his meds again...
  7. Except he's not convicted so he can't be on probation. He would have to be put on a section 810 and good luck with that...
  8. That's because it's assumed the murderer is white given that whites are a majority of the population and also the pictures they release make those statements redundant.
  9. Nobody is lying. There is information that was given to you that he went off his meds. I would rather have Vince li locked in the crazy house for the rest of his life so that his medication can be monitored and that the risk to society is zero. If that's inhumane then so be it. The only one triggered is you because a majority of people don't believe a crazy murderer should be loose and you can't handle that.
  10. I don't see why the press and pundits are blowing this out of proportion. I have my opinions on Trudeau but I didn't think he would be rude enough to go to someone's house and tell them their business. That's pretty much all trump was wanting. i mean if you were constantly criticized for things blown out of proportion you wouldn't be too friendly either...
  11. So $100,000 for the bridge then? I can take payments in monthly increments. he went off his meds as per the paper. What part of skipped his meds don't you understand. http://mytoba.ca/featured/opinion-keep-vince-li-locked-protect-winnipeg/ you keep playing that fiddle apologizing for nutbars who are waking time bombs when they skip their meds. i think it's chicken shit that you are an apologist for Vince li when he gets to take a life away and get away with it and gets another shot when mr McLean got senselessly killed. You don't care that his mother had to bury her son early, you don't care that society has to wonder when Vince li forgets to take his meds. All you care about is apologizing for crazy people. Sad.
  12. Maybe he'll get some doctor to write him off as insane and be found not criminally responsible. You have to be pretty mich insane to go on a touchy spree at the pool...
  13. http://m.torontosun.com/2017/02/06/warning-disturbing-content-closing-in-on-a-disturbing-outcome He went off his meds. you can stop spewing your mental illness apologist propaganda. Vince li is a ticking time bomb and if you think he will stay on his meds I have a bridge to sell you.
  14. Or gains in technology and competition drove down prices like in tv sales
  15. Trump = billionaire and management of a large company making payroll and being able to articulate his way into the White House. theres no such thing as white privelege only good decision privelege. But please continue being racist to white people. As you were.
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