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  1. another poster already answered, but my answer would be 'not permitted here'. They especially would not be allowed in a recent retrofit. Of course, flammable cladding is common here in lowrises. What I wonder at is why the retrofit did not upgrade alarm systems, or engineer refuge areas, which are usually in stairwells. It is difficult and risky to try to evacuate a tall building in the middle or crisis. Reconnizing this, tall buildings have stairwells and /or landings (with no flammable material in them) as areas where residents can stay or move slowly out with relative safety. A key component is that the stairwells are pressurized and have rated fire doors at every floor and exit. By doing this, smoke cannot enter the strairwell and they are safe for quite some time. It allows firemen time to get the gimpy and elderly out, and fit people can evacuate in an orderly manner. This is often not that complex to retrofit, and is a big lifesaver. Dunno why this building apparently had none of it.
  2. Wouldn't they also be more attractive to poor people who lived in the building? The buildings had been recently upgraded, I wonder why life safety was not the first priority. I know it often is here, having participated in several major highrise reno projects. Upgrading fire alarms, fire suppression,mechanical systems, elevator controls etc to current codes are all very costly and are nearly invisible. But you simply cannot ignore those things to add some nice cladding.
  3. I have also lived in FM, and have worked on major fires though not that one. What caused the fire to be out of control so quickly was the weather and the wind. You can bomb the area with retardant and water to your utmost ability and make pretty much no difference. What was saved inside FM was due to intense work in small areas, and luck. If the fire was established in some streets they did not attempt to do anythig but stop the spread. Because that is all there is to do. The main fire was not influenced by anything but wind changes and rain, which eventually slowed and stopped it. In practical terms, it is pretty much impossible to construct firebreaks that would have stopped a fire of this magnitude. The fire did not gain velocity by burning the town, it was full bore on trees long before it got there and was then creating its own weather. What would help would be having a situation in towns that limits the fuel. That means no trees, grass or shrubs anywhere near dwellings inside town . That means metal roofs on all dwellings(which implies no buildings over 5 stories since high buildings have tar and gravel roofs or membranes). No wood /vinyl at all on the exterior of buildings, and no wood or plastic fences.
  4. This final was pretty much a ratings and PR disaster for the league. The games were pretty meh. Kessel has absolutely thrived in the right situation, used the right way. Same for Justin Schultz, who was relied on for far too much in Edmonton.
  5. Greenpeace has nothing to do with it. It would have made no difference at all, unless the fire breaks meant stripping every piece for vegetation or flammable material for perhaps 5 km or so. The FM fire jumped a river valley that is about 2km wide easily. Have you ever witnessed a major fire? It is pretty shocking how little human efforts can do to influence the fire, much less control it.
  6. I'm refuting the notion that Muslims or Christians deal with homosexuality differently. They do not. And that is the second time you've said 'you people' or 'those people'. That kind of talk is straight out of Klan literature, did you realize that or just do not care?
  7. You are particularly oblivious if you think I'm 'you people on the left'.
  8. My Bond ranking, best to worst: Craig Connery Moore Brosnan Dalton Lazenby
  9. I'm not defending Islam, I'm pointing out that hatred and intolerance are practiced often and right now by Christians too. The bigots always reveal themselves.
  10. Your inference is crystal clear, don't diminish yourself or your argument by changing it now.
  11. Being queer in Uganda will get you dead pretty quick. Uganda is 84% Christian. Sorry if that deflects your world view just a tiny bit.
  12. Because all Muslims are the same, right? They must be to support your belief system.
  13. No surprise. The (Sunni) Saudis have a sweetheart deal with the Saudi based nutbars that export the extremist (Sunni)wahabbi sect brand of fundamentalist extremist Islam around the world. The Wahabbis send billions to establish run religious schools everywhere. The only book in their schools is the Koran, they learn that chapter and verse, and also learn their duty to strap on that hefty vest and go find those 72 virgins. The Saudi Royal family allows then to operate/export from the Kingdom, in return the Imams are careful to keep a tight lid on the death game inside Saudi Arabia.
  14. I see. All devout Muslims are dangerous. All devout Christians are not. I'll have to write that down. Oh look I just did.
  15. Get better than what? Mediocrity? .500 record? I don't think so, they don't have the roster for that, because Shapiro and Atkins failed miserably in their jobs. And no, injuries are not an excuse, they sucked early when they had everybody. Money isn't an excuse, they are rolling in dough and have a huge fan base. And they get older and slower every day. I feel sorry for Carrera, he must be the worst left fielder in MLB. Every ball hit there is an adventure.
  16. Back on topic.... I am not sure why so many people are so threatened by women wearing burkas or niqabs or clothing that hides their head or body.. Should I feel threatened by the Hutterite women I see often here? They are a secretive, closed Christian sect that live in rural colonies and have little to do with other Canadians . They intermarry with other Hutterities. Their faces are stern and they don't approve of others unlike them. They have little to do with anybody but other Hutterites. They spend a lot of time in prayer and Bible study. The women wear head coverings, cover all their skin, and wear voluminous skirts that could hide a hundred kilos of high explosives, easily. Just how afraid should I be? There are no degrees of equailty. .
  17. That simply is not true of all small towns in the West. There are plenty of artsy, progessive places. Lets start with Nelson, Whitehorse and Cumberland for starters, there are dozens more. Actuially, include all of the Kootenays and much of Vancouver Island as being generally left of Mao much of the time.
  18. I have two, and they are better citizens than me. Adjust your assumptions.
  19. Would you prefer The Troubles in Northern Ireland? You know, where Christians shot/bombed/kneecapped their friends and neighbours for being Sunnis, oops I mean the wrong kind of Christians? Which side of that did Jesus approve of, I have forgotten.
  20. I'm not proposing anything of the sort. I'm trying to get Betsy to acknowledge reality in 2017.
  21. You missed the point entirely on why Stelmach, Redford, Prentice and now Notley got elected, and why Wildrose won't be. None of those Premiers, or the ultimate failure of Wildrose, are even remotely close to being an anomaly. The extremist socially conservative boat anchors in Wildrose will have to stay in Widlrose if they can keep the name, or form yet another party. They won't be welcome, they cannot be welcome, anywhere else. Wonder why? When you know what I mean in the first sentence of this post, you'll know why.
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