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  1. I would assume the motive behind the ad is because they fear if Rae wins he might attempt to merge or form a coalition with the NDP. The money would be better spent sending their "war machine" to marketing school and to buy better sandwiches for their focus groups.
  2. Google "heroin addition help Canada" without quotation marks. There is no shortage of places to turn in Canada. The message that it's illegal does stop many kids from trying it. It's not a good drug to send out mixed messages on as it's not very forgiving.
  3. Here's a good one. http://www.publicsafety.gc.ca/media/nr/2012/nr20120221-eng.aspx
  4. I don't care about pot, but heroin addiction threatens more than the user as many turn to theft to feed the need.
  5. Chretien killed the Liberal Party. After the sponsorship scandal, their best leadership prospects all stayed away. The leadership election process that vaulted 4th place Dion to leader buried them. Ignatieff's worse decision was supporting Dion.
  6. Where does it say that Harper had anything to do with the selection of the invitees? Do you really think that's something he has time to do? Looking at their website, maybe they were included because aside from having moral opinions, they fight for equality for women, in general, in other areas. Or maybe the group wasn't properly vetted. Don't forget the Martin government selected someone with separatist ties to be G.G.. They were selecting a single person. This involves 168 groups. The Harper government has continued to protect the rights of the gay community - even though it's their secret agenda not to do so. They're probably just waiting to have a second majority, just to be devious.
  7. It's time Canada took ownership of something other than it's maple syrup and bacon. Our politicians are pretty good at branding all bad things "American" to use for their political advantage. They know we're proud of our national identity that is "We're not American." I personally like "American-style dirty tricks." Yes, if it wasn't for those dastardly Americans, our politics would be as pure as the driven snow. I was hoping that when Bush left office, it would be the end of throwing stones at the neighbour. How many times did Jack Layton use the phrase "George Bush's America" for his political advantage? How many times did Martin use "The Americanization of Health Care"? If I recall, Harper claimed Martin supported child pornography. He was also a murderer, according to Layton. It would be nice if the media stopped reporting all the rhetoric. That won't happen though, because our media is American style. Damn Americans!
  8. I don't have a problem with the ad itself as long as it's promoting "Canada's Economic Action Plan" and it's coming from the government and not the Conservative Party. Their rationale is likely that the ads were made to instill confidence in the Canadian economy. It's the media who is characterizing it as a propaganda for Flaherty's budget, making it sound clearly partisan. That probably sells more papers than an calling it propaganda for the economy. The media buy was higher than required in any event. It always is when the government advertises. There's a lot of waste because governments don't purchase media like a business would. If they advertise in the Herald, they're going to advertise in the Sun, whether it makes sense or not. And they'll advertise in every province, whether it makes sense or not.
  9. It's not the death penalty that's expensive, it's justice. Due to plea bargaining and sentence reductions, justice seems to always take a back seat. The system needs to be overhauled. There's no reason the Robert Pickton trial, for example, should have lasted more than a few hours in court. The death penalty is a deterrent for many, not all.
  10. Building prisons puts people to work. Along with construction, it creates many long-term jobs within the prison. So it's actually good for the economy.
  11. "Sudden" has nothing to do with the greenhouse effect. As far as the amount of CO2 emitted, Canada contributes an insignificant amount on a global scale. If we reduce our emissions to zero, it wouldn't affect a thing, except make some people feel all warm and fuzzy. Canada can, however, have a great impact in reducing global CO2 levels because of the oil sands, if a pipeline is built to China. If China uses our demonized oil instead of burning coal, that will have a huge impact on CO2 levels. The evil villain becomes the hero.
  12. Lepine wasn't known to be insane. Perhaps we need an Insane Registry. All we'd have to do is pass a law requiring everyone who thinks they might be insane to register. Easy peasy.
  13. If that statement was about the long gun registry, it would start, "All of this for 12 homicides a year." And the "Cons" are still tracking guns... just not long guns, that criminals don't use.
  14. I've seen this repeated in the media a few times. Without this angle, there isn't much of a story. The angle might be believable if one more seat actually had meaning, but with the Tories already having a majority, the only reasons to believe offered by the columnist are that it was Trudeau's riding and it's a seat they haven't held for 25 years. That's not really convincing.
  15. It's a license to do what the majority of Canada (based on our system of ridings) has voted for. That's how it's always been in Canada. Nothing new. He did run on a platform, so following through is better than do something completely different, which would be more dictator-like, wouldn't it? Yes, 61% voted for other parties. And this is a thread about Harper adopting Liberal amendments.
  16. Compromise is something you need to do in a minority government situation. I don't know if you have any experience working with committees, but they're ridiculously slow and ineffective at solving problems, because they try to make everyone happy. As for the current government, they are passionate about getting things done, which, IMO, is a refreshing change from the Liberal years, when very little got done.
  17. I'm interested in seeing how the other NDP members will vote on this. It appears to be a very self-serving bill, put forth by an NDP MP who won the last election with 50.1% of the vote. Maybe he's thinking it's his ticket to a nice pension, who knows? In any event, it will be difficult for NDP MPs to support this bill and then turn around and say at 16 you're not old enough to know that murder is wrong.
  18. I think you're taking "Edmonton sucks" out of context. Edmonton did get $200 million for transit in 2009. What's their fair share? Also which cities are getting more than their fair share in your opinion and how many NDP MPs to they have?
  19. That's what his response did... he brought up the Liberal record on the environment. That's politics in Canada, unfortunately. It's a political game; hard to stomach, but nothing new. It's childish enough as it is, without "joke" questions. It's a fact that you don't know that.
  20. Honestly, after watching the youtube clip, the whole premise of the article is ridiculous. He didn't dignify the, as Trudeau put it, "joke" question with an answer. There's a big difference between "didn't" and "couldn't." There is a thing called defamation of character too. I would be surprised if there isn't a retraction by the paper tomorrow. Trudeau will likely apologize as well. He is liable for whatever he says in a scrum.
  21. According to Elizabeth May, her impression wasn't that Kent didn't know what Ozone is:
  22. The Keystone Pipeline is owned by TCPL, not the government of Canada. If TCPL wants to build a pipeline, they can, because Canada is a free country. Can "we" build one? If you mean the GOC, we sold of Petro Canada years ago. Even if we hadn't, what would the purpose be to build one? You couldn't put it in TCPL's pipeline because it's carrying something else. The pipeline creates a market that would otherwise not be there. Since the GOC makes money from royalties based on volume, the more that travels south, the more Canada makes. As far as "who's in Ottawa" is concerned, it wouldn't make any difference if the Liberals or Tory's were in power. I'm sure the NDP would like to kick out all of the oil companies and turn Canada into a socialist nation, but that's not going to happen.
  23. Not going to Iraq was an autonomous decision. What the NDP is doing is trying to sabotage Canadian government business by meeting with and trying to influence the decision makers.
  24. It's not respecting Canadian democracy, no. They're to represent their constituents in Parliament. Taking their minority view outside of the country to try to sabotage the will of the majority should never happen.
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