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  1. olpfan1


    I don't exactly trust any of ctvs insider sources I'd take all of that with a grain of salt
  2. olpfan1


    I don't understand that either.. he had a disposable celly, he could have made the calls from the church
  3. olpfan1


    hm new infomation http://m.ctv.ca/topstories/20120312/pierre-poutine-identity-still-unknown-120312.html
  4. olpfan1


    I guess..but if nobody gets punished for this there should be hell to pay..paid to the government from the public
  5. Stephen Harper cut a back door deal with the NDP & Bloc to oust the Liberals but chickened out at the last minute
  6. Ottawa could still find themselves out of the playoffs if they lose a couple in a row They are 2 points behind Boston for the North East but Boston has played 2 games less and depending on who claims the South East.. Ottawa is still only 4 points in front of Florida and 5 in front of Washington But yeah Karlsson should have the norris trophy on lock
  7. olpfan1


    we need a public inquiry so everything will be out in the open and so what happened with the In & Out scheme doesn't happen again People should have been sent to prison, it shouldn't have taken 5 years for the whole thing to come to an end Elections Canada should not have cut deals and just give them petty fines If it happens again it's clear these officials are on the take or were pressured too much by the bureaucracies and cannot and will not be trusted again
  8. olpfan1


    who knows really! I cant see Harper wanting this to drag on for years like the in & out scandal
  9. The Central division is insane St Louis (Hitchcock for coach of the year), Detroit, Nashville .. Vancouver hasn't a chance this year to get to the 3rd round San Jose & Maple Leafs have been terrible the past 2 months
  10. olpfan1


    F .. we might not know who Pierre Poutine is for years I am so pissed off http://www.calgaryherald.com/touch/story.html?id=6290745&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  11. LOL did the PMO send you? womens right = right to abortion
  12. ooh we ooo i look just like buddy holly oh oh and youre mary tyler moore i dont care what they say about us anyway i dont care bout that
  13. I don't know, my fave bands are Our Lady Peace, Matthew Good Band, Barenaked Ladies, Theory of a Deadman Foo Fighters, The Hip
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