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  1. according to charles anthony you can compare someone to hitler but not criticize muslims .. this type of PC is whats ruining this forum

  2. cybercoma.. if i were a woman I would be afraid of you
  3. short enough to see most of their legs.. gasp..not legs!! oh the humanity
  4. It might be a good idea now to fill up on gas while its cheaper
  5. andddddddd its going to happen starting Saturday and lasting 10 days http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2011/12/22/peter-goodspeed-irans-currency-collapse-prompts-fear-of-oil-blockade/ Iran’s nuclear push is rapidly turning into a game of chicken with the world’s economy. Faced with the threat of growing international sanctions and unprecedented economic uncertainty that has seen the value of its currency halved in recent weeks, Iran announced Thursday its navy will stage a 10-day exercise in the Strait of Hormuz, starting Saturday. The move, which increases the risk of military confrontation with the United States, has the potential to temporarily choke off oil exports from the Middle East, drive up international energy prices and damage the global economy. Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, head of Iran’s navy, said submarines, destroyers, missile-launching ships and attack boats will occupy a 2,000-kilometre stretch of sea from the Strait of Hormuz, at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, to the Gulf of Aden, near the entrance to the Red Sea. “Iran’s military and Revolutionary Guards can close the Strait of Hormuz. But such a decision should be made by top establishment leaders,” he said.
  6. Ron Paul was born in 1935..which would make him 76..I wouldn't be comfortable voting for somebody that old
  7. Good for him, but that doesn't impress me, its P.R for his Christian like image..he is a brand, he is indoctrinating people through football and fame!
  8. Now if we only could get rid of the current corrupt bunch of liars
  9. If Tebow weren't always praying or doing the tebow on the field he'd still be talked about but not to the extent he is now... as you know U.S is a deeply religious country so this kind of act gets a lot more attention! when people talk about tebow they talk about jesus, divine intervention, miracles, all dealing with his talents on the field..sure most of them are poking jokes at him but still nonetheless that is what they are saying What does God have to do with throwing a football when there are starving people who are withering away to nothing in most of the developing world? I would love to ask him that question in front of the cameras to watch him st st stutter and try to think of an answer
  10. Then you have Jesus in Politics...its the left wingers who usually try to say Jesus would be a socialist, or left winger And you have celebrities crediting their talents to Jesus ..while people are starving to death all over the world they somehow think Jesus had something to do with their fortunes One of those people is Tim Tebow And that just pisses me right off People like that disgust me
  11. I have no problem with believing in a God, I don't believe this was all an accident or a series of random coincidences..to prove that all I have to do is look at how complex everything is and nature, everything around me..above me in the universe, but I do have a problem with religion and being told how to think Jesus was not a religious man as you've pointed out, he was a spiritual man, but good luck telling that to a Christian this Christmas Then I see people like Tebow using religion to make a name for himself..which you have to agree with..no one would care as much as they did if he wasn't doing the Tebow after every touchdown
  12. Cybercoma do you think women who look good are asking to get raped too for dressing nice? or in your POV dressing sexually? in other words, do you put blame on the victim?
  13. I've had teachers in elementary school and high school wear mini skirts and blouses
  14. Katy Perry WAS NOT selling sex to a bunch of kids, oh my god She is an attractive contemporary lady wearing a classy outfit how old are you guys? 50? Get a clue
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