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  1. Trump won because Russia manipulated the election enough that he could squeak through the electoral college with much fewer votes than his opponent. He's a fake president placed there by foreign interests and doesn't represent America or its values at all.
  2. Sorry. I thought you would hold the president at least to the same standard you hold some twenty something CNN producer. Most credible people would. I take back the assumption that you're credible. That was clearly fake news.
  3. Maybe they felt that some secret, possibly faked (because he's been caught doing that) James O'Keefe video of some producer saying something is not as relevant as the president saying it. You'd think that wouldn't need explaining. At least you're willing to admit that what the president says in public is completely inappropriate and degrades the office and the country. You can at least see how that's not the case when a CNN producer says something in private.
  4. What are you on about? Here's what happened. There was a rumour that Steve Bannon had an executive order ready for Trump to sign, declaring the U.S. withdrawal from NAFTA. Trump said he spoke with the leaders of Mexico and Canada and decided that pulling out would be "a pretty big, you know, shock to the system" and then said he would try to renegotiate rather than pull out. Trudeau said that he reminded Trump of how important NAFTA is to the U.S. and that is when he changed his mind. I don't see any conflicts there or any "Fake News", which I assume is your go-to phrase whenever you don't like hearing the truth - like that the president flip-flops like a wet fish and bases his policies on the last person who talked to him.
  5. No, I'm basing it on Trump's actual words. He said he changed his mind after Trudeau told him how important it was to the U.S. You can try to spin that however you want, but it seems to me the president is out of his league.
  6. In one fell swoop, Trudeau declares this thread completely out to lunch. He's like a bloody Trump Whisperer. With one phone call, Trump suddenly understands the importance of NAFTA and is backing down completely. It's funny how U.S. policy is now based on the last person that Trump talked to. It must be hard for his supporters to keep up with what they believe in. They have to change their arguments like the wind.
  7. I tried to comment on the previous status update to show that the person was misleading and my comment got deleted. It's non-exhaust pollutants, not pollutants in general. I thought it was an oversight but the deletion suggests it was deliberate.

    1. waldo


      oh scribblet! That's what happens when you roll the dice and go with a headline from the Daily Howler!

    2. waldo


      and yes... the study does not include exhaust emissions; rather, it focuses on non-exhaust particulate matter... and in that regard, the actual study states that, "total PM10 emissions from electric vehicles were found to be equal to those of modern internal combustion engine vehicles, while PM2.5 emissions were only 1–3% lower for electric vehicles as compared to modern internal combustion engine vehicles"

    3. waldo


      Hey Ho scribblet's Copy&Paste has to go!

  8. I tried to comment on the previous status update to show that the person was misleading and got deleted. It's non-exhaust pollutants, not pollutants in general. I thought it was an oversight but the deletion suggests it was deliberate.

  9. LonJowett


    Where did you hear about the NDP nationalizing Stelco?
  10. LonJowett


    The CPC has been spreading a lot of misinformation in this campaign.
  11. This forum seems more extreme and shrill than the last time I visited. I wonder if that is representative of the rest of society.

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    2. Shady


      Extremist = anyone who disagrees with my opinion.

    3. On Guard for Thee

      On Guard for Thee

      OK then. Both extremists have weighed in.

    4. scribblet


      Well, the first couple of pages are okay, then it descends into never never land..

  12. I'm voting for Trudeau because anything is better than the current government.
  13. You're being kind of rude when all I was doing was apologizing.
  14. My apologies. I didn't realize when you said you know of no one who refer to himself as a former citizen, you were including me. But how am I attempting to speak for you? I'm only trying to understand what you're trying to say (or imply).
  15. I didn't say I was a former citizen. Don't put words in my mouth. I said I am a former Israeli, as in a person who formerly lived in Israel. But I can see why you now realize it's a peculiar thing to harp on.
  16. Not really, since you avoided my question entirely. How is how I describe my relationship to my former home "very relevant?"
  17. I don't think it's that odd considering I formerly lived there and don't anymore. Saying otherwise would suggest I still live there and I don't. I think it's more odd that you would latch on that at the expense of the topic at hand. What is it about my emigration 30 years ago that you think might be "very relevant?"
  18. I love Israel and always will so don't try to bring that into it. Tell me how the policy is "different." Specifically, beyond the chumminess of the leaders, what has changed?
  19. Since I don't live there anymore and likely won't, I consider myself a former Israeli. But that's getting rather off-topic.
  20. No. But I left in 1984 when I got the opportunity to come to Canada. I've been back twice, but I doubt I'll ever live there again.
  21. Exactly. Netanyahu and Israel are not the same thing, and as a former Israeli I find it offensive that anyone would make that conclusion.
  22. Why do you say that? Obama's policy with Israel is the same as every other president.
  23. I found Ford's answer of "I smoked a lot" was refreshing and honest. Harpers answers were curiously evasive though. Rather than saying "no", he said he had asthma and asked whether he looked like he smokes pot. Why not just answer the question?
  24. That's your opinion. I say it's right wing and you say it's left wing. I guess it's somewhere in between us.
  25. The reality is the media is owned by a number of right-wing corporations. That is a fact.
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