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  1. Good luck to Rand Paul with his hernia operation!

  2. Let me also chime in and blame the media for reporting on the president having a nondisclosure agreement with a porn star with whom he had an affair. How is a president being compromised in this way even news? Would the right wing have violated Bill Clinton's privacy in this way if he did something like this? It's a clear case of MSM bias!
  3. No, she means the fake reviling ones.
  4. Because telling them to "suck it up" is one of the most repulsive unChristian things I've read on this forum.
  5. At least there weren't any fake Christians telling him to suck it up.
  6. Sometimes when people are dying, they can't do anything for themselves. They are like babies again. They have lost all independence and even the ability to do simple tasks for themselves. They are stuck on pain-killing drips while they lie in their beds shitting themselves. It gets to the point where you just want to die and, perhaps, take a few of the people who say they should just suck it up with them.
  7. But they are in the business of making custom wedding cakes and are therefore refusing service based on the belief that their customers are sinners. Is this the only instance you can think of where a business has the right to deny its services to people they determine to be sinners?
  8. Are there other sins that justify refusal of service? How about adulterers or people who have taken the name of the Lord in vain? Those are actual commandments, not misrepresentations of catamites. Would it be fair for a Halal store to ban a known pork eater?
  9. If you discriminate against someone by refusing to do business with them, it is not "disagreeing with some practice or belief." It's also not practising your religion. It's discrimination. Unless, perhaps, you refuse to do business with all sinners equally.
  10. Not really, considering Trump is in no way a conservative. His ideology just takes the shape of the last person he talked to. He can be in favour of gun control one minute and against it the next, which is just fine for his supporters, who also don't have any detailed ideology to speak of and just want a leader who they think hates liberals as much as them.
  11. Again, people can revile all they want, but if they say they are doing so under the guidance of God's word, that is blasphemy. So-called Christians use contemptuous language to describe their gay neighbours and use misquoted texts from the Bible to justify refusing to do business with them. This is a sin on par with being a catamite, as cited in your post. If they were actually adhering to their religious belief, they would love their neighbour and let God judge them.
  12. Imagine if Obama was not able to acknowledge in any way a boastful nuclear declaration by Putin.

  13. You realize you are saying homosexuals are blessed when sinners like you revile them? I may be a sinner and revile others but I don't claim it's God's work to do so. That's why I consider such people fake Christians.
  14. Nope. Your quote, with the endnotes that admitted it replaced the term catamites with.homosexuals. Why would it do that, if not to deceive?
  15. And yet the Bible also condemns revilers. Discriminating against a group of people is reviling them, which is a sin. You are justifying their sin because of somebody else's sin? That makes no sense.
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