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  1. No, that's an unsubstantiated opinion that has no basis in reality.
  2. Your opinion is baseless and has nothing to do with reality whatsoever. The corporate media has divided a mostly conservative population into two opposing groups of conservatives. There is no liberal agenda.
  3. Yeah Riders! Now an easy two in a row against the bumbling Bombers!

  4. Just wait. It won't be long now. They'll get the cruise missiles you're asking for.
  5. People on this forum are so quick to judge. Apparently his current meetings to plan a military action aren't quick enough and he should have responded before it even happened.
  6. What with all the people who have been wrongfully convicted, maybe it's hasty to even state an opinion (as fact) about the convicted. Sometimes evidence is misleading. Leave them for G-d to judge!
  7. You appear to be arguing that it's okay to make theories. Just don't believe them.
  8. You have to be a judge to make a judgment. Forming a theory based on available evidence and presenting that theory is not a judgement. It's just another form of speculation.
  9. if you don't like reality, deny it. (Or do crack, I guess)
  10. Just because you don't care doesn't mean the rest of the country doesn't care
  11. I think the gun nuts have been feeling guilty and defensive and are realizing this event might just be the straw that broke the camel's back. I don't think any of them would have the guts to answer your questions though. It would only make them look worse than they already do.
  12. Jews who don't hate muslims must be self-hating? You must not think much of the jewish people yourself.
  13. As a Jew, I find this extremely distasteful. It's nothing but hate speech.
  14. Why didn't you put it out of its misery?
  15. I must have missed something. What are you referring to? Edit: I think I figured it out myself. Are you referring to this? If so, you'll have to take it up with Shady about whether Reagan's message was to be considered his last words. It's his example not mine. But either way, you can't make a sentence without "amplifying a message." The question is whether you feel the person's message should include absolutely anything that someone might disagree with. I think we have determined that you and Shady believe that is so (while hypocritically smearing the character of someone who can no longer defend himself), and virtually no one else on the planet agrees with you. So much for being "owned."
  16. He realized he lost the polygamy equation debate, so now he's just getting desperate.
  17. I wouldn't let him get to you Smallc. He doesn't really believe what he says. He's just trying to "annoy liberals", as he puts it. It's all good for entertainment value though. Fortunately neither are bright enough to get through a debate without having their pants pulled down once.
  18. I never said you were the only one. I said that only a few other spiteful, overly partisan, conservative hacks agree with you. Sharkman proved me right.
  19. Are you talking about the Reagan letter or the Layton one?
  20. But every day you aid in the fight to get rid of them. I guess the misery of earning a very low wage loves company.
  21. Still only your opinion, and one that is only shared by a few other spiteful, overly partisan, conservative hacks. I guess it takes a certain amount of self-loathing to come out against partisanship with such vitriol.
  22. This is just another example of how Ontario's manufacturing sector is going down quickly and will never recover. The days of jobs with livable wages are over. It's a have-not province now and it's just going to get worse and worse in its reliance on transfer payments. And there's no signs of any resource-based recovery on the horizon like we have enjoyed in Saskatchewan.
  23. Nope. If our society decides it wants polygamy to be included in the definition of marriage, it's absolutely free to do so. If enough people like you continue to fight for it, I'm sure if Romney gets in you've a chance of achieving your goal.
  24. That the court has changed the legal definition of marriage in the past and you aren't making comparisons to polygamy because of that change.
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