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  1. Even if that enemy is innocent? How many innocent people have been executed or are on death row? How does society resolve these issues?
  2. Pope Francis has called for end to capital punishment. What an incredible statement coming from the Catholic Church. The Pope has indicated: "Pope Francis says nothing can justify the use of the death penalty, and there is no “right” way to humanely kill another person." He fully rejects the death sentence for prisoners and hopes to abolish the death penalty around the world. In Canada, the last people executed was in 1962. What does the Pope's opinion mean to the Catholic Politicians? What does it mean to Christian followers around the world? I know that we have a number of Christian followers on this forum. What do they think? Personally, I think it 's about time.
  3. I have tried really hard to read and respond to posts that are important to me but I have given up. When I see posters like omni and cyber being suspended and others just dropping like flies I don’t have much faith in the integrity of this place. When the intelligence level of respondents creeps back up then maybe more people will start contributing.
  4. You are so incredible with your thoughtful and intelligent responses. Keep up the great work Dia!!
  5. You may think that’s an incredibly smart response but it makes no sense to me since I’m an atheist. You are going to have to spell it out for me.
  6. A wonderful essay by Dan Kaser that I hope people will read: 'What are Christians to do about those pesky gay children'. He addresses a conversation that Franklin Graham and James Dobson had on a radio program about how they believe Christians and the church should respond to LGBT people and specifically to gay children. Here are some excerpts:
  7. Having LGBTQ programs in the schools helps to prevent suicides, bullying and homelessness among the teens. Christianity is supposed to be about promoting family values but when you have parents ostrasizing children because of their sexuality and making them feel worthless and sinners seems the opposite of promoting family values.
  8. Just so I’m not confused. Did you just relate the lgbt community to nuclear war?
  9. Oh, I just wanted to know where you stand. I’m good!
  10. I don’t know why you keep bringing up running away. Anyway, good to know you are a Trump supporter.
  11. No kidding. I just like to hear how you truly feel about trump and how it jives with your beliefs. That’s all I’m asking. As I say. You come across as just as wishy washy as Trump.
  12. He may be your president but many Americans think he is not representing them. It’s good to know that you feel he is representing you!
  13. Do you think I take your ratings seriously with a handful of active posters. Well at least I know how you derive your self importance.
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