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  1. President of Iran goes down in a helicopter crash.  It’s a remote area, they have been delayed in finding the crash site.

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    2. sharkman


      It's been reported that the president of Iran is dead.  Things are about to heat up. 

    3. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      why are the people not dancing in the streets...

    4. sharkman


      Probably because their iPhone isn’t telling them to.  
      The Slovakian PM gets shot, and 5 days later the Iranian president.  What will happen next?

  2. Isn't it hard for you to kick against the goads?

  3. Happy Independence Day Texas.  

  4. “Verify you are Human”. Wow, I guess things are pretty bad when the forum requires long time members(like over 15 years) to repeatedly insist that they are human.  Please don’t bother explaining the nuts and bolts of it.

    1. Aristides


      Some people will lie anyway.?

  5. Kissinger was a stooge of the same people that had JFK killed.  

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    2. Queenmandy85


      My apologies. I didn't realize you were serious. 

    3. DUI_Offender


      So what you are saying, is that Kissinger was a stooge of Lee Harvey Oswald, until his death in November 1963?

    4. sharkman


      Ah yes, thank you DUI for that earnest response.  Perhaps that growing rash in your nether regions is more serious than what a little soap and water can do.  I suggest a round of antibiotics.

  6. Bill Barr himself, eh?  We’ll get a load of this:  Floating down the river on a piece of bread and butter!

  7. Mexico has officially applied to join the BRICS.

    That will put over half the globe’s GDP opposing the West/Global financial system.  Next up, another manufactured crisis to force the CBDC on us.

    1. Aristides


      Brazil, Mexico and South Africa are ICC members, Vlad will have to pass on conferences in those countries.

  8. Let justice be done though the heavens fall.

  9. J6 was staged.  The Qanon guy with the horn hat was escorted around the interior of the Capitol by Capitol police, who tried opening doors for him.  
    That’s why the left media won’t actually address the new footage, they just hiss and name call, like you on this forum.


  10. “Someone posted that they just made a fresh batch of synonym buns. I replied, you mean just like the ones grammar used to make?  Now I’m blocked.”

  11. Amazon is rolling out ‘pay with your palm’.  

    1. OftenWrong


      Buy from Amazon with your palm, you say? 

      All the better to slap yourself up side of the head.

    2. sharkman


      They are taking cashless to a creepy level.  What, insert a chip in your hand?

  12. Saw this sign on YouTube:

    I just dumped some M&M’s into my mask so I can eat them like a horse.

    1. sharkman


      What, nobody has a sense of humour?  That’s freaking hilarious!

    2. OftenWrong


      That would be good for a commercial, really. Show a guy eating food in his mask, then zoom out. He has horse legs.

    3. OftenWrong


      "Do you approve of masking, Mr. Horse?"

      "Neigh, neigh."

  13. Truth is like poetry, and most people hate poetry.

    1. TreeBeard


      I like it!  Let me try….

      Truth is like physics… most people are too dumb to understand it. 

    2. Dougie93


      truth is whatever you are willing to kill & die for with the brothers to the left & right of you

      warrior poets



  14. Feeling paranoid?  Remember, you are not alone!

  15. Welcome everyone, to the Assumption Club!  I think we all know why we are here...

  16. Alec Baldwin gets charged with involuntary manslaughter today.  

  17. On this forum, certain posters are being restricted in what words they can use here.  But then others have no such restrictions imposed.  This forum is censoring conservatives.  How's that working out for you, Greg?

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    2. OftenWrong


      It underscores the futility of using a word filter for "bad" words (oh my!), when all it takes is a simple rearrange of some letters, to say things like fukc off.

      It is not "bad" words in themselves that make me reticent to post here.


  18. Brunson.  Will it amount to anything?

  19. Insider at the CIA says they are implicated in the remaining JFK documents being held back by the Biden Gov.

  20. The unintended Christmas gift given to the American people this Christmas?


  21. Sometimes at night I can hear the ice crack

    It sounds like thunder and it rips through my back


    1. sharkman


      Sometimes in the morning I still hear the sound

      Ice meets metal

      “Can’t you drive me down to the big league?”

  22. Rioting in China.  Rioting in Iran and Brazil.  Major economies headed for deep recession across the globe.  War and threats of nukes in Ukraine.

    Are you paying attention yet?

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    2. QuebecOverCanada


      Comparing WWI,WWII and the recessions of the 1980s, 2000, 2008 is like putting COVID in the same category as receiving the news you were contracting AIDS. 

      By the way, the World endured >50 years of Cold War terror and nuclear bomb threats. It never happened.

      For the questions of what I do for my country or my fellow man, well, I volunteer, I do good at work while being ethical doing my profession, I pay taxes, and I also am replying to a handicapped on the Internet at this moment.

    3. sharkman


      I was not comparing world wars to recessions, that was simply a list of doom events.  Because you said doom doesn’t happen.

      Doom is happening right now in Ukraine, China and Iran.  You ‘do good at work’, eh?  More glibness…

      Sure you do.

    4. QuebecOverCanada


      Haven't you noticed that whether I do good or not to my contrymen, life sucks in Ukraine, China and Iran, despite all your best intentions?

      What was the link already between what was I doing for my fellow countrymen and what I was pointing out, already?

  23. The more I read this forum I’m reminded of the song, Radio Ga Ga.  Too much whining and b**ching to be of any value…

  24. Sometimes at night I can hear the ice crack
    It sounds like thunder and it rips through my back
    Sometimes in the morning I still hear the sound
    Ice meets metal
    Can't you drive me down?

  25. Does anyone else feel like they need a new hobby?

    1. DogOnPorch


      Twitter is a blast for a change. Lefty meltdowns all around and nobody is listening to their demands.

    2. OftenWrong


      Go Elon Musk as twitter grand master and uber-troll.

    3. sharkman


      I’ve started a new activity that has gotten me outside a lot more.  The weather has cooperated, and the fresh air has been great.  
      Glad to see Twitter’s changes, but getting away from screens and phones is a good idea.

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