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  1. Most polls he's 33 or 34 lol 36 in one I seen yes
  2. well considering pierre got destroyed last night in a by election in the areas he needs to win in a election i aint scared of one lol...
  3. Not biggest fan of Quebec but so what I wouldn't take one either the monarch is a joke lol and we should of left it long ago
  4. i am left wing but carbon taxes is one thing i strongly disagree on with.. and ours in atlantic canada is going up in 2023 meh.
  5. well to get my vote they would have to ditch skippy and appoint a center-right leader like chong or someone similiar to him but that aint gonna happen..it's a real shame also i may just not vote in the next election trudeau ministers freeland with her comments lately and then the newfoundland minister with his sick and tired of hearing about the cold winter plus putting a carbon tax on us in atlantic canada starting next july the libs have lost my vote at the moment..
  6. Bad look by ford tbh not a fan of things that ban workers from the right to strike .however the teachers get paid lots the lower staff need there fair share also shame the teachers will use it for there next raise also though
  7. lol latest poll has ndp ahead by 15 points even the albertians think smith is to far crazy for them it seems lol.
  8. got like 110 kids last year at the door i wouldn't mind if they cancelled halloween here lol.🤣
  9. I don't think she will last long she's to unlikable lol and she hurts herself every time she opens her mouth
  10. mistake lmao? Ndp was the best thing alberta did in 40 years... 40 years of right wing cons have done nothing for alberta lmao. danielle smith will also be easier to beat in a election then the other choices because she can't help herself with that mouth of hers.. shes about as bright as a brick wall.
  11. real shame hes leaving he always kept the harper mp's in check in the days at cbc. best of luck to him though.
  12. will be decided tonight in few hours looking like danielle smith's to lose . discuss
  13. he doesn't think the government should spend a dime on any average person around or just below middle class or poor person so not surprised he doesn't think they should be spending on dental care either lol..
  14. I didn't answer because your question was pointless and stupid lmao.. you think our government is marxist/communist so i don't bother wasting my time on you.. i hated harper but didn't call him nazi or hitler lol.. no canadian government either left or right wing has gone as far as you claim the current one is. so basically everything you post is bs is what I am saying.
  15. caq deserved the most seats but 41% of the vote and 72% of the seats is a yikes.. we really need a new system in canada that is not demacracy in my opinion when its that wide a difference in vote % and seat %.. happy to see the QS who i would support if i was in quebec finished with 11 seats though
  16. I know what I print is what I believe couldn't careless if you or anyone else of the "far righters" on here do also.
  17. all leader of major partys get a bump once elected... however it's probably more of people being tired of trudeau cause 7 years then PP being viewed as the savior lol.. the guy can't handle pressure if he becomes pm him crying the media is fake when he screws up or someone in his government screws up will atleast be entertaining i suppose
  18. for the first time I think he will be the next prime minister giving another 3 years before election the hatred for trudeau seems to be growing for the day. and i can understand not liking trudeau cause at times in the 7 years i have disliked him also.. but Pierre poilierve is not the solution.. its a shame none of the 3 partys have a good leader atm.
  19. You are a fool if u don't think the cons are the corporation party also lol
  20. Lol 😆 was my last year working in fisherys but allright bro
  21. poilievre will be worse by every perspective except for the rich and oil and gas... aka sask/alberta
  22. the hate really is growing lol even here in atlantic canada seeing people i went to hs with on fb over 10 years ago posting to vote for pierre /vote blue lol.. especially after the hurricane because trudeau gave a 27% increase to some foreign spending but only said he will match red cross donations for us... i do agree that trudeau spends 2 much money on other countrys instead of taking care of his own... but they are fools if they think pierre would give them more money lol.. a con government never gives more to the average person or middle class.
  23. one of the most useless posts i seen on here lol.
  24. Harper an a-Hole and hate his guts personally but wasn't his fault lol. but i do remember him and i think jim flarrety keep denieing we were in a recession to the public until they had no choice to admit it which everyone already new...
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