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  1. Or you could prove it, Evidence Boy. Show us how the footage of the Qanon shaman being escorted around by friendly officers was shown to the court. Show me in a court document where they quote the footage where he was speechifying, unironically thanking the capitol police for being so helpful. He's doing 4 years for simply being in the capitol building that day. He had access to none of that footage that may have helped his case.
  2. Robo: this bit from your far left rag The Guardian is a lie: " That person’s activity was captured on security cameras and turned over to the House select committee investigating the insurrection at the Capitol. The panel made the footage publicly available on Wednesday in a letter demanding cooperation in its inquiry from Loudermilk." It's the kind of like you acolytes of Prog swallow up and try to replicate. It tells part of the truth without telling all of it. Once you see it all though you know it's a lie. They make all of the footage public. They made an edited clip public. Tucker showed us the other bit where it was just families milling about with their children. These were your supposed spies. As to the rest, Tucker contradicts those details. So who do we believe? Well since my 2 eyes showed me The Guardian is willing to lie about this I'm going to believe Tucker until you or your British rag can give us better details. And again watch the video. Stop embarrassing yourself.
  3. Sure, I saw it. I even saw it on Tucker's coverage. But I also saw what you didn't see. People walking through doors opened by police. Walking in orderly fashion in lines or milling about a rotunda peacefully. These were your "deadly insurgents" and there were many of them. Peaceful rally goers labelled "deadly insurgents" by lying psychopaths. One had to see the fake news coverage of rioting at the one entrance where the instigators were waiting for the rally goers to arrive from the Trump speech. They played that selected footage on a loop on all your fake news networks for 2 years. What we're seeing right now is the video evidence they hid from us and from the political prisoners who weren't unable to mount a proper defense because Pelosi wouldn't allow them access to the full footage. That was criminal if you ask me.
  4. Brian Sicknick was. He was also frisky and in perfect health, filmed in the building after he was supposed to be getting murdered outside in the riot. The "deadly insurrection" label was a lie and the subcommittee knew about it. He was giving tours, but to his constituents. The tours weren't in the building and you can see families milling around holding the hands of their children. "Tours to invaders" was another lie the subcommittee knew about. Watch the video, Dummy. Stop embarrassing yourself.
  5. Sorry, denier. Your only excuse for not recognizing the Horseshit that should be burning in your nostrils now is refusing to recognize the evidence.
  6. Like I said, I'm not even saying affirmative action hiring is a big problem. I'm saying there's a good possibility of varied problems and not just in America. Pretty sure our cops have unions here too, if that's what you're worried about.
  7. Separate incident. Proves nor disproves nothing. That guy who shot Ashli Babbit had a record of carelessness. I wonder if he was a diversity hire. He didn't appear to be a very good cop. Again, proves nor disproves nothing. Just another thing to think about. The cops with Chauvin were black, oriental and 2 whites. Chauvin was hired pre-affirmative action push in 2001. These were the guys that beat Tyre Nichols to death: I don't want to harp on the affirmative action thing. I'm just saying a lot of things can go wrong in the cop business. If you want to focus on one and make it look like the only one you can do that. You shouldn't, but you can. BTW, Cops aren't all saints here in Canada either. I'm pretty sure police unions aren't just a problem in America.
  8. Fair enough. In fact, it almost sounds like you're agreeing with me. I can think of another one. Speaking of specific ones do you remember the one where the Somalian cop shot that Australian woman in her pajamas? Apparently he'd done stupid things before. On my side of the aisle they were pointing at affirmative action hires. I'm not saying that's the only problem with policing in America. I'm saying in Minneapolis that may have been one problem at one time. But yeah, the union did it's best to protect the guy in that case, as I recall.
  9. I see. So it's no longer a general issue with policing in America then. You've seen incidents in America where you see America specific problems with some policing and you would like "politicians and activists" to fix those. You're just talking about what you call "flaws." Specifically then, what flaws?
  10. Well, actually that would be a misunderstanding not a strawman. So you're not saying "all cops are bad then?" Very well, answer the poll question again then, "What is the issue with policing in America?" The premise there appears to be there is a general issue specifically with policing in America. In America as opposed to any place else. It also appeared to me that you were falling in line with that premise and telling me that the fact you could find videos online of bad policing proved it. But now you say, 'no, that wasn't what you meant." I assume you're saying now you were only talking about the incidents of bad policing caught on video and those are the specific ones you want to fix. That's good. Because I've also seen many examples of good policing on video. Also police who were accused of bad policing but the police cam disproved any malfeasance. I'm hopeful you and the OP aren't wanting to fix those as well. There is an option in the poll for "There is no issue" But that would be disingenuous from your perspective because according to you now, you're just talking about the incidents of bad policing you saw on YouTube.
  11. Lose the patronizing tone, Bud. You're better than nobody. If you have a better argument than mine, produce it. Justify it. Otherwise don't waste my time.
  12. There are some videos of bad cops so all cops are bad. Is that your prog logic, hasty generalization of the day? But hey, off topic for a bit. I've been sick lately, getting up at strange hours. I notice that seems to be your MO. Prowling around late at night, early into the morning. How do you deal with it? Get back to sleep, I mean. Warm milk?
  13. 6. Candy-assed Progs and the dim-witted who fall for MSM BS won't let the police do their jobs.
  14. One can almost see it as a Pyramid scheme.
  15. The thing about ESG is it's not a money making enterprise. Don't misunderstand me. There are companies on the ESG checklist that are making out like bandits. (Mostly because that's what they are - bandits) But ultimately that's government and union money. Sooner or later the bubble has to burst.
  16. OK, I'll just keep saying it until you hear me then. The trump rule disallowed ideological based investments over profit. Then the Biden regime came in with what you're calling the labor department rule. It allowed ideology based investments over profit prioritized ones. But, and I've said this at least 3 times now there are ways to either drip, drip, drip new government restrictions in or to allow an inevitable ESG monopoly to take over so there is no other place to go. And on the way there the working guys whose pension managers are on board with the globalist ideology over profit approach are screwed. Their only choice is to wait and see what's going to happen with their money.
  17. You do know Vallas is also a Democrat, right?
  18. Which Math? You mean this math? Mayor lightfoot finished third, behind: " former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas, who won 33.95 % and Cook County Commissioner and Chicago Teachers Union organizer Brandon Johnson, who wound up with 20.32%." https://www.chicago.suntimes.com/live/chicago-election-day-2023-results-live-updates But then you have to add the far left and black vote Johnson should inherit from Lightfoot. But then add the law and order vote even leftists are swinging to after Chicago has become such a crime ridden cesspool. Sounds like the runoff might be pretty tight to me.
  19. Right. If you pay into the Canada Pension Plan, you don't get a choice. You're building windmills, funding gender affirmation surgery or whatever other of Justin's little pet projects might appease the globalists this week. As far as private pensions go, feel free to jump in the tepid water with the soon to be boiling frogs finding out all to soon that ESG has become a monopoly and you've lost any choice you might have had at one time.
  20. I believe I was pretty clear. Once you permit ESG and fund managers have accepted it for whatever ideological reasons the worker paying into the pension fund begins to lose his choice. And before he realizes what's happening ESG becomes a monopoly or under government control and he has no choice. BTW did you read the part in the link where it told us this is actually the third rendition of this law. It started with a Trump law or rule to protect the worker with a profit over ideology restriction. He didn't want the worker getting Madoffed. OK, I see it different than CNBC does but we're both talking about the same thing.
  21. Again, the cite is already posted above ^^^. Right after: " Today it all depends on where you live - Canada or America. Canada's globalists and wannabe Socialists in charge have jumped on ESG with both feet and there aren't a lot of options:." I wrote that in reply to a comment from Hodad and then I continued talking about America. But yeah if you're talking about what's optional even in America you should be aware of which way the momentum is swinging globally. I believe they've also withdrawn choice on ESG in parts of Europe. And I believe that's the direction Biden would like to take it given the opportunity.
  22. In Canada Trudeau has removed the option of refusing ESG so that appears to be new. In America, depending on who's in power, the membership might still have the option of pressuring the leadership not to go ideology over profit. But even if the Biden regime does offer an option to their friends in union leadership of refusing ESG there is still the possibility of drip, dripping towards a monopoly of ESG the way they did with social media. At this point leadership can simply throw up their hands with a smile on their face and say 'sorry guys, you're building windmills. Oh...and your pensions will be a little less. Sorry about that."
  23. The link is 5 posts up from this one and just above the post where you started whinging. " WASHINGTON — The Senate on Wednesday voted to overturn a Labor Department rule that permits fiduciary retirement fund managers to consider climate change, good corporate governance and other factors when making investments on behalf of pension plan participants. President Joe Biden said Monday that he will veto the Senate bill if it comes to his desk — the first veto of his presidency." Nationalist is correct. If a union member's union invests in a pension fund he donates to throughout his working life and the funds go to an ESG compliant company like say Black Rock or Vanguard he has no option but to accept it. There is no choice for that guy. Biden passed a law allowing his choice to be taken away from him. Not that you asked but Trudeau applied the force of law demanding acceptance of ESG even harder. I repeated that last bit of information on choice so Sapper could hopefully hear it this time. I think he might be going for the record of not reading what's in front of his face though. I'll just copy and paste next time, Sappy and we'll run a counter for you.
  24. Today it all depends on where you live - Canada or America. Canada's globalists and wannabe Socialist in charge have jumped on ESG with both feet and there aren't a lot of options: Canada’s pension fund will punish ESG failings In America the fight goes into another gear with Republicans winning the house. ESG is referred to as woke capitalism and the opposition describes it like this: But yeah, for and against in America by those that matter seems to be a left or right, 50/50 split. Senate overturns federal rule on ESG investments, Biden vows to veto
  25. Also, ESG isn't necessarily optional. Consider if you belong to a union in America for instance and that union puts its pension fund in the hands of some big money management company, like say Black Rock or Vanguard. And suppose they like the idea of the ESG racket for their own devious, globalist friendly purposes. So your pension fund is what's at play and you personally have very little choice.
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