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  1. Absolutely. Choose to be as silly as you want. Mortgage your home if you like. But when the money's all gone and you don't actually have any of this equity you were promised or for that matter even a pension maybe you'll agree that the crooks that put you in that position didn't deserve so much choice. Like I said I'm not for Bernie Madoff style choice.
  2. Well I already gave you my first suggestion. Don't invest in Equity, Social Change, and Biden Governance. You don't appear to like that one. Feel free to ignore it then.
  3. I know I wouldn't expect to get rich investing in Equity, Social change, and Biden governance.
  4. Me too. I'm pro-choice. Except I'm not Bernie Madoff pro-choice. ESG is a fraud. It's not serving investors. It's ultimate destination is to fleece them to pay for Globalist scams on the hopeful route to ultimate power.
  5. The problem is a lot of the money being played with here by the globalist woke isn't actually the money managers' money. Much of it is pension money and such. It's from investments. I think I heard somewhere that Black Rock, I think it was had to pull back from ESG because investors were withdrawing funds.
  6. This longer lines for blacks thing is starting to look like the ol' Prog trick of creating a problem then offering some bogus solution that just makes the problem worse. How would you solve what you see as this problem, that I say your guys have manufactured in Harris county, for example, R&R? Ballot boxes on every street corner in black districts? Another thousand mules to pick them up, maybe?
  7. So it isn't one line for whites and one longer line for blacks peppered as policy throughout the South then, as you insinuated. You did your 3 stooges fallacy of hasty generalization thing again. You found one incident that may or may not have some truth to it and inflated it to be a false much, much larger issue. And even if true the lawfare push for ballot boxes is a dem thing. They pushed it in during the pandemic. So again, physician heal thyself.
  8. Are you saying they're breaking the 14th amendment where it concerns 'equal rights under the law?" I don't think you are but I'd like that clarified.
  9. That would account for longer lines in different districts. If that's all he's talking about. But that's a Democrat problem. Candace Owens calls that "the voter plantation" where blacks have been forced into districts by Democrat policies. That is strictly a Dem thing. R&R may not be saying there are 2 lines in a counting station; one for whites and one longer one for blacks but he definitely was insinuating it. And that would be... Now it is true there was a time when the 14th amendment could be and was at times ignored by Southern Democrats but over the years the laws concerning the 14th have been strengthened. "Equal rights under the law" is solid now. Everywhere under the law in America. If he's saying somebody is breaking that law, who's he gonna charge? His own party. Because that's who would appear to be responsible if anybody is.
  10. Tell you what. You show me the law that says Blacks anywhere in America have to stand in voting lines longer than whites and I'll stop saying:
  11. Doesn't Mayor Pete claim to big on "the environment" BTW? You think he'd care about cleaning up a big environmental disaster stat and seeing nothing like it ever happened again then, wouldn't you? Is it like his big claim of moral concern for the new religion of "Climate Change" while Private Jetting around North America for things like collecting an award for being such an important gay guy.
  12. So you admit now, there was more to the East Palestine incident than just a train derailment. Good for you. We've got that cleared up then. Ready to admit Buttigieg is out of his league to the point of total incompetence yet?
  13. Possibly. Also the crash had nothing to do with the repeal of the Obama braking rule. The Obama rule would not have changed anything in the East Palestine case. It did not affect trains of that length. Also the Biden regime (we'll assume their head of transportation (Buttigieg) was in on it) considered cancelling the Trump repeal and in the end agreed with Trump.
  14. Not talking about "every one." I'm talking about you of the 3 stooges, mad to protect Buttigieg's pathetic rep trying to minimize the consequences of what happened in East Palestine on the first page of this thread by attempting to write it off as just another train derailment. But yes, even leftist rags like WaPo are admitting now there may be long term consequences. From our side you can hear about that and stuff like: 45,000 Animal Deaths in East Palestine, Says Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources:
  15. And if people are still thinking the problems in East Palestine are just about a train derailment, that only caused the real problem. This is the real problem: https://rumble.com/v2b6m40-expert-industrial-hygienist-shows-rainbow-colored-water-in-east-palestine-o.html And every dem operative or acolyte from Biden to Mayor Pete to WaPo to R&R here don't seem to want people thinking about that much less knowing about it.
  16. And here's a mind blower... Even USA supports the fact the trump repeal of the Obama braking rule would not have mattered. " Our rating: Missing context The implied claim here is wrong. The brake mandate reversed by Trump only applied to high-hazard flammable trains, and the Ohio train didn't have enough cars with flammable liquids to meet that regulatory standard. It would not have been required to have the newer brake system under the Obama-era rule." https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/fact-check-brake-mandate-reversed-by-trump-not-a-factor-in-east-palestine-train-derailment/ar-AA180IVr But why are we even talking about the Obama rule of special braking systems for special trains? We don't even know for sure that brakes were the problem: https://www.thenationalnews.com/world/us-news/2023/02/27/east-palestine-what-we-know-about-ohios-toxic-train-derailment/
  17. He didn't rescind all safety regulations. He rescinded one that demanded trains over a certain length put in special brakes. That rule would not have applied to the East Palestine train crash. Then there's this: " Furthermore, the Biden administration has done little to revive the braking rule, which would have mandated technology that would enable all rail cars on a single train system to apply brakes simultaneously. Federal officials told the Washington Post that the Biden administration tried to restart the rule, only to drop the effort after a cost-benefit analysis showed the cost-prohibitive regulation would produce little real-world benefits." https://freebeacon.com/biden-administration/fact-check-is-the-trump-administration-to-blame-for-the-ohio-train-derailment/ Here's the explanation from a different website. https://www.wral.com/fact-check-did-trump-rail-rule-repeal-affect-ohio-train-derailment/20734858/ Buttigieg is an incompetent clown who has done nothing for transportation but display his incompetence.
  18. Sorry Bud, but your inability to comprehend is not me ranting.
  19. He was a glorified bureaucrat with the behind the scenes "intelligence" service. Or as the leftist media call it, "the danger pay zone." And no, nothing about recent generations of higher education of the woke impresses me. What about it is supposed to qualify him as head of the ministry of transportation? Didn't help him as mayor of South Bend, Indiana. They say he couldn't even fix the potholes. His record so far as head of DOD seems to confirm that assessment.
  20. Who's joking? You can't be talking about R&R. They/he lacks, lack the necessary sense of humor. I was talking to one or both of them. What I'm getting from you is you'd prefer to divert from the topic of Pete Buttigieg's incompetence too. So are there 4 stooges now?
  21. As I've already shown you there's a lot more wrong about stuffing Mayor Pete in as head of the Department of Transportation than his just taking a maternity leave while Ships are jammed in port because they can't deliver goods (including baby formula) as a result of incompetent covid policy. I even showed you more than you 3 stooges were originally whining about. The 'just a train derailment' argument. It was an environmental disaster. Come to think of it though I'll give you something else to think about concerning train derailments. They're becoming more and more common. Whether that's because of incompetence, bad equipment or sabotage, isn't that something you'd want your head of transportation to look into? I tell you all this and you're going to come back with 'You don't know about the gay," right?
  22. Dave Rubin: the guy presenting the following angle of the Buttigieg story is also gay. He says the only reason Mayor Pete got the job was because he's gay. Then he gets into more that actually matters... But you don't want to talk about any or all of that, do you. You just want to hasty generalize to what you think I don't know about the gay. Does Dave Rubin understand about the gay? He's also married to a guy.
  23. Also he's another leftist climate hypocrite. Taking private jet after private jet for stuff like flying up to Montreal to accept some sort of award for being such an important gay guy or something like that. This while preaching the climate orthodoxy about how it's the peons' moral responsibility to prioritize the halt of the existential crisis of what the new religion calls "climate change." That's the great thing about being a cult leader. You get to preach the dogma without following it.
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