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  1. And your Net Nannying is getting tedious. Wrong-speakers being arrested for saying the wrong thing will be moved to the internet soon then quietly managed and arrested as offences when nobody is looking. It's already happening without a digital ID in the UK. Imagine when they get one. Using the Christian speech as wrong-think example, we saw 3 more examples in Alberta during the scamdemic. Go ahead, ask for the cite. We both know you'll be watching video of an Alberta reverend being pulled out of his car into a waiting police car. These are the kinds of things Digital ID will facilitate. It won't be so messy and much broader is the only difference That's the point you continue to pretend you don't get. Others see it though, no matter how much you think you can net nanny them away from believing their lying eyes.
  2. Is it? Is domestic production of fuel up--way up? Then why was America energy independent during Trump's Time in office but during Biden's he's hat in hand to Venezuela and kissing the rings of Arabian Sheiks begging to send more. Even by Legato's graph which seems to indulge in a little creative graphing at the end (which I'm told is common. To tail a graph upwards at the end.) it looks like whatever increase there is, is Biden is making statistical hay off Trump's increases.
  3. It has everything to do with what Digital IDs will eventually be used for. That was the point. Go ahead, pretend you missed it. Try banning an LGBTQ student for saying LGBTQ things and see if the police come to arrest him.
  4. You know who Digital IDs will one day be weaponized to protect us from? People like 16 year old Josh Alexander: " That Canada is becoming less tolerant comes as no surprise, but even so a Catholic high school getting one of their 16-year-old students arrested is a bit of a shock, especially when the heart of the issue is his religious beliefs. Josh, a Christian, believes there are only two genders, that people can’t switch genders, and that male students shouldn’t use girls’ washrooms. But expressing those views in a classroom discussion on gender at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Renfrew, Ont., got him suspended. “I walked into one of my classes. I sat down and everyone looked pretty surprised to see me there. Within two minutes the vice-principal was in the classroom asking me to leave,” Alexander said of his attempt to reenter the school this week, adding that he was met with police almost immediately after leaving class." https://nationalpost.com/opinion/catholic-school-has-student-arrested-for-expressing-catholic-beliefs Except the middle man in the future won't be some Prog wokey teacher who somehow scammed a position in a Catholic school. It will be the legally required reporting of an infraction to a central data base that will be alerted by a digital ID. The consequences will be more certain and there will be consequences. Even if it's just 10 points against his social credit score.
  5. Yeah, this: is not a Digital ID issue. However...in order for the centralized database connected to Digital ID to envelop all governmental and private entities they must establish there are evils to protect the simple-minded populace from. That's step 1. That's what this wants to do. Stop it at step 1 and Digital ID is not a problem. Apparently Mikey doesn't like that. So he's flexing his internet nanny muscles. Telling you he doesn't want you discussing it. Those arms are less impressive than you think Mikey. Large issues encourage multiple topics on internet forums all the time. Hands up. Who wants Mikey deciding which ones you're allowed to discuss?
  6. Forget about cites. You know the image that's frozen in mine and many others' heads? Trudeau at the podium telling us why he's freezing bank accounts and Chrystia Freeland nodding like a dashboard bobblehead in the background. But we didn't see that, right? Because I won't jump the fence for you and wrestle with the metaphorical pig. "You just get dirty and the pig likes it."
  7. Some of us and more every day won't play boiling frog to you and yours. We're jumping out of the pot. Don't like it? We don't care.
  8. There was no problem, freezing the bank accounts of people disagreeing with mandates. Right, Mikey?
  9. Look, you're fooling nobody. You're for it and against it. For the idea the of too much control is a problem for a sentence or when it's convenient to you then it's all, "We have firemen so don't worry about secret police. It'll be fine."
  10. And yes I heard you, Mister Wishy Washy. 'Maybe there's a problem but no, not really. Follow me to the land of ignore.'
  11. Oh well, I guess everything's OK then. Nothing to worry bout here, folks. Move on now.
  12. I've always suspected this is one of the reasons you have to be suspicious of government stats. You don't know how many are covid and how many are jab related. Then there's all the other hiddens in "with" not "from" Covid.
  13. It requires a central, gradually becoming, all encompassing database and can be shared between entities.
  14. Yeah but then there's that, what I call the stupidest argument ever that suggests, "We have firemen so it's going to be fine to see the secret police." A little control is the the same thing as having too much or nothing but control they seem to want to suggest. They're either on board with too much control or it's the destination they'd have us sleepwalk into. They tell us there is no line you'll ever need to say no to because if there was our wonderful government would never take us past it. Except they already have. More and more recently. Examples are flooding into my brain but I won't mention them or I'll be going off topic with them to have that wrestling match some great thinker's have described as being with a metaphorical pig. "You just get dirty and the pig likes it."
  15. He out-pointed a smaller MMA fighter in a match restricted to boxing. My mistake. He must be a cracker-jack PM then.
  16. They've been making small gains launching these human wave attacks in this new winter offensive but there's reason to believe they're running out of manpower. https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidaxe/2023/02/07/its-possible-270000-russians-have-been-killed-or-wounded-in-ukraine/?sh=492317982eec
  17. Hey...stop talking that way about our Prime Minister.
  18. Ultimately the WEF wants it to go Global.
  19. Like I said before, it's a slippery slope thing. It begins where it is now. They'll tell you it's something for your benefit. The government of Canada says it will fix the nuisance of having to produce multiple IDs to multiple operators to get things done. https://www.canada.ca/en/government/system/digital-government/living-digital/digital-id.html The Canadian Bankers association tells you it will give you better security. https://cba.ca/embracing-digital-id-in-canada But did you catch the key little bit there? "digital ID can be standardized and used between entities with the ability to adapt by adding new information" This is not something as simple as say producing a PIN number. It's an ID that will allow government and services to share info between entities. It's not really about the ID. It's about the centralized database of the citizenry shared between entities that will be required to make the system work the way the controllers at the top will want it to. The WEF stands hard in favour of it. How will they bring it in and slippery slope it to connect with more entities? In Saskatchewan they objected at first but after being told they'd miss out on Federal cash give-outs they agreed to a centralized data-base. https://paherald.sk.ca/will-scott-moe-stand-up-for-sask-people-on-digital-id/ So how can it be used online, you asked? Well it's all online, But take bill C-11, for example. Right now they're just talking about "protecting" select targets like Canadian content producers. How long before they want "protect" you from your ISP and any social media you belong to? And keep remembering they want to "protect" you between entities. Next they connect the database and the attached database to energy to "protect" you from "global warming" abusers. And on it goes.
  20. Sorry you missed the bulletin herb. Those "running dog lackeys of the wall street imperialists?".... They flipped. They're with you and yours now. And did you forget so soon how you needed to show ID to be allowed certain societal amenities during Covid. Actually you get a pass on that one because they don't have societal amenities in Fort St. Jimmy. No I'm not talking about indoor toilets. But do you guys have a movie theatre yet? See, down here if you wanted to do anything social you needed to show ID. But you do have the internet up there. Surely you've heard of China's Social Credit score. How about ESG? Heard about that one? It's a score that allows the money managers at the top (Wall street, for instance) to deem whether or not their fellows are performing up to snuff with their obeisance to leftist dogma. Environmental, Societal, and willingness to be Governed by excessive regulations. ESG. Some says it's a slippery slope to the social credit system China has. But if we land there, they'll need a central data base. Do you know what they'll need to connect it to? Digital ID.
  21. Nope. The kids do. "Many" of you don't understand much of any kind of logic and I am making fun of you.
  22. Nope. New management. We started to notice it shortly before the last election. Remember them calling Arizona early. Then it started to trickle down. A couple of the uniparty anchors were already on board but this one who we thought was with us was all of a sudden doing stuff like cutting off Newt Gingrich for criticizing Soros. Trying to make me laugh? You knew exactly who I was talking about. You were trying to make a cheap point like it mattered. It didn't. Nice try, I guess.
  23. Oh, will you stop? You've never substantiated anything but your willingness to lie about things you say you've substantiated.
  24. I need an interpreter on what you seem to be trying to say. Are you saying Fox is no longer pro Trump and that's the problem? Turn on MSNBC/CNN or the corporate and state evening news media. See how long it takes before they're bashing Trump about something. That over-rides anything happening on Fox. Drip, drip and yes Fox is getting MAGA types questioning whose side they're on lately. Or are you simply saying Fox is MSM too? Very well. If that's what it is. So what?
  25. DeSantis isn't Jeb Bush and this isn't 2016. Not sure what Jeb did but I know his Bush name, Uniparty/Rhino/neo-con status and pro-illegals stance didn't help him. But all Ron needs to do is stay classy, stand on his record as a Governor and highlight the differences between him and the rest of the field. Republicans want somebody who can win. If the leftist media and the Democrats keep laying on the TDS enough people will start to take it seriously and Ron will become a viable option. By that time the hateful left will realize they attacked the wrong horse but it will be too late. All DeSantis has to do is keep dealing with their MSM the way he has been. They won't be able to Trumpify him. It will be too late. He'll win.
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