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  1. Back on topic for a sec... This one is worth a read: Stopping “Woke”? Florida HB 7, The Bill That Attempts To Put Florida Employers’ DEI Efforts To Sleep It's by a lawyer who's final message is "Stay Woke." But it gives lots of useful information. She prefers the label DEI (Diversity Equity and Inclusion) to CRT. She gives a long list of behaviors that HB 7 will seek to outlaw. Here's the first three: " Members of one race, color, sex, or national origin are morally superior to members of another race, color, sex, or national origin. An individual, by virtue of his or her race, color, sex, or national origin, is inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously. An individual’s moral character or status as either privileged or oppressed is necessarily determined by his or her race, color, sex, or national origin." https://www.natlawreview.com/article/stopping-woke-florida-hb-7-bill-attempts-to-put-florida-employers-dei-efforts-to There are 4 more offered by her. But she tells us there is hope. You can still get around the law by not mandating the "learning," proving it is objective or offering it only as choice. On the other hand, here's what the other side is saying concerning what's in HB 7: " Today, Governor Ron DeSantis signed House Bill (HB) 7, to give businesses, employees, children and families tools to stand up against discrimination and woke indoctrination. The bill includes provisions to prevent discriminatory instruction in the workplace and in public schools and defines individual freedoms based on the fundamental truth that all individuals are equal before the law and have inalienable rights. This legislation is the first of its kind in the nation to take on both corporate wokeness and Critical Race Theory in schools in one act. Read more here. “No one should be instructed to feel as if they are not equal or shamed because of their race,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “In Florida, we will not let the far-left woke agenda take over our schools and workplaces. There is no place for indoctrination or discrimination in Florida.” “By signing this legislation, which is the first in the nation to end corporate wokeness and Critical Race Theory in our schools, we are prioritizing education not indoctrination,” said Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez. “We will always fight to protect our children and parents from this Marxist-inspired curriculum.” https://www.flgov.com/2022/04/22/governor-ron-desantis-signs-legislation-to-protect-floridians-from-discrimination-and-woke-indoctrination/ So that's what actually is in HB 7 according to both sides and no, there is not any current curriculum denying the existence or race of Rosa Parks that came out of it. That was a lie perpetrated by the New York Times and The Hill.
  2. There is some heavy photo-shopping in at least one of the two pics the NYT used to produce that clip. Two separate photos were taken from different sources years in the past. They are the same picture but one has the skin lightened. https://tineye.com/search/d8c14a77a38e946ebadfc31bd626f7b15686dc1e?sort=score&order=desc&page=1 https://tineye.com/search/796c091b6a448661aaada0905280b4d1ed05e253?sort=score&order=desc&page=1 The two pictures were then taken by the New York Times and produced for the public with hastily produced and in one case uneven text. I never said either of those NYT productions were in the current curriculum. That's a lie based on the lie told originally by NYT. Why do you pathetic types keep on insisting on believing the lie even though the actual facts have been laid out before you?
  3. Except the revisions to the curriculum as described in your NYT piece isn't true. It's a lie. The publisher says so. The curriculum was not revised to take Rosa Parks out nor to make her white. You're basing your thesis on proven lies.
  4. No they don't. Nor did I claim they did. I claimed that reading between the lines I sensed dirty deeds. Specifically infiltration of the editing process then using it to post a false story in a legitimate publication that the easily persuaded would repeat as evidence the curriculum was being corrupted by the Governor and state and not themselves. I got the idea from this passage in the original source. Not the lies from partisan sources like NYT and the Hill that have been proven false but you still cultishly insist on nodding your head and obediently agreeing with: "Typically our quality assurance processes would have flagged and denied edit approval. Unfortunately during the final hours before the deadline they circumvented the established protocols in an attempt to submit their revisions on time. We have identified those individuals, taken corrective action and implemented additional safeguards to avoid any issues in the future. And I find it interesting that you insist on supporting the second hand telling of the story by partisan sources to the testimonial from the original source on what is currently in the curriculum. I get it though, you as king of lies must always support the lie or what's left in your kingdom.
  5. But thanks Beave, you're right I didn't bother with the body of the OP because the title was such obvious BS it was all I saw. But OK, now that you've pointed me to it how would you like to hear the rest of the story? Start from the first page of Studies Weekly's website: https://www.studiesweekly.com/ I can't copy and paste from there so I'll type you out a paragraph and you can click the link to the actual source (not some leftist rag) if you like. "From: STUDIES WEEKLY RESPONSE TO THE NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLE We find the omission or altering of historical fact to be abhorrent and do not defend it. Although it was too late, once we discovered the unapproved changes, as evidenced by the file discrepancies within our submission we planned to rectify the situation but could not edit it during the review. Those unapproved changes have already been removed from our curriculum. We had no intention of allowing those versions to become our official state versions..." https://www.studiesweekly.com/ So if you go read the whole thing it sounds like a couple of progressive leftists decided to infiltrate Studies Weekly and do a little sabotage. They got caught and apparently they got fired. So at least another one (maybe two) bite the dust. So some good came of it. And Beave you should know by now my bullshit detector is deadly. Doesn't matter if I miss something I'll keep going until the whole truth gets out there. I see why your compatriots were so desperate not to post links though. I was going to do an image search on their photoshopped quotes to see where they originally came from but then I thought, 'no let's see how deep they want to dig their hole first.'
  6. That's what I asked you for. You offered up two tiny, heavily photo-shopped clips that lacked any kind of context or indication of where they came from. I know I didn't ask for that. You and me have a vastly different idea of what I asked for. Very well, let me put it so clear that even both you and your siamese twin thinker can understand. I'd like to know who this publisher is, why you seem to think he speaks for what he believes the Florida curriculum requires. Why he claims that curriculum doesn't want Rosa Parks race acknowledged. Why you want to claim him for a truth-teller and why you want us to believe this fantasy is a fact originating with Ron DeSantis. Actually don't worry about any of that secondary stuff. Just give me the name of this secret publisher of yours and I'll find out the rest for you. But you won't will you? You really, really don't want anybody to know. Let's guess why that is.
  7. This is the third time you or your heroes have been asked to identify the publisher of this one book you want to imply represents the whole of Florida's history curriculum and Governor DeSantis's personal input. It's curious none of you want to or so far don't seem able to provide a link. The little clip R&R were able to find sounds childish. Grade 3, maybe.
  8. Which textbook? "THE" textbook, right? Is that all there is. No context, of course. No name of publisher as requested. Pretty amateurish text arrangement in first link. Some obvious photo-shopping to lighten the skin in the second which makes me suspect some cowardice as to why you didn't want to post a link.
  9. Oh and Beave, let's be clear we're talking about a single publisher who we're being told to assume told an NYT writer that he would no longer talk about Rosa Parks. Or maybe she got that info from somebody who knew his uncle's dental hygienist or something. Actually what's more likely is some critical theorist who's been able to stuff any kind of CRT BS into the curriculum up until now finds out he can't do it anymore and pulls Rosa Parks denial out his butt. It would be nice to know who exactly that one publisher was and what exactly his historical connection was to the Florida curriculum. An actual reliable reference source would have included such "evidence." The fact "what's- her-name" from the NYT didn't offer it makes me distrust her.
  10. Show me. Aren't you part of team evidence? The ones always demanding evidence from everybody else? Surely the 2 of you (if there actually are two) can produce evidence of a Florida curriculum that denies the existence of Rosa Parks. If you think "according to the New York times" is going to do it, assume you're hearing rigorous laughter in reply. I'm not even sure what exactly that girl from NYT is saying. Seems to be some sort of coded message for the NYT NPCs to attach prog inferences onto.
  11. Really? Did they now? Who says so? Oh wait...the BS alert just went off in my head. All I had to see was this: So I had to know what they actually said so I searched past the paygated article in the Slimes that was linked in the OP. Here ya go: https://stsinfrastructures.org/content/florida-scoured-math-textbooks-‘prohibited-topics’-next-social-studies Here's what they actually said about Rosa Parks. Now they tried awful hard to lead easy believers in a direction they'd like to lead but nowhere did even the much litigated against New York Slimes try to claim that Ron DeSantis is mandating against teaching Rosa Parks is black. If that's what you took from the bogus title of this thread you're believing a lie.
  12. Oh will, you please stop talking from this high level you've created for yourself in your imagination. Again. You're better than nobody. So...NYL enjoying yourself yet? See how much power a lefty noob has to make an existing member like Reason a pariah? Not much, eh? I'll give you credit for one thing. You've attracted my attention. I didn't notice you before.
  13. Your idea of a free market is simply a globalist/socialist monopoly of the woke where your choice is agree or be attacked. And to that I simply say...
  14. See how quick that happened, NYL? The guy pretty much lives here. And here you are worried about poor ol' Reason10.
  15. I don't know. What's up with this "Contrarian" guy? Claiming to belong in the center but only seems interested in attacking anybody who challenges left wing dogma. And by my count he can go post for post with Reason. Or the 2, possibly 1, who don't bother claiming to be anything but hard left. I call them R&R (Rebound and Robosmith). They post like twins on anything differing from a left wing talking point in any American politics category. Or for that matter what do we think of a guy calling himself NYLefty who joins a forum to complain about the existence of a current right wing member who he claims posts too much?
  16. You're obviously out of your depth on entertainment issues so I'll forgive you for not knowing a movie's gross has to at least double its budget to make a profit. Tell you what, I'll take you back to your bivouac. Imagine you've heard about this banking crisis. Did you hear how Globalist issue pushing woke is behind a big part of that one too. Basically "Get woke. Go broke" is everywhere. https://alt-market.us/get-woke-go-broke-its-time-to-talk-about-svbs-ties-to-the-world-economic-forum/ Markets aren't jumping onto a marketing wave they're being pushed into a commie pool.
  17. Because it's complex and you should already know about it. All I should have to do is point. Ms. Marvel, She Hulk, The Eternals and multiple other woke Disney catastrophes bombed. Other Disney productions had some successes but not big money successes. The Star wars and Marvel acquisitions are no longer paying off for them the way they were expected to. Disney's venture into politics with what they called the "Don't say gay" bill turned into a financial disaster for them. Disney Plus is not succeeding. Do want more or are you going to require me to write a book for you so I can baby-sit you through the details?
  18. Disney's problems are a lot bigger than Gina Carano. They didn't replace CEOs because they were doing so well. They gained a little over here. but lost a ton over there. And over there is largely the land of the woke.
  19. One more time. You're better than nobody. You're as much an ideologue as anybody here. Telling us over and over again that you're not convinces nobody and is of as much interest to the same crowd. As to this fantasy belief of yours that you've somehow become a superior being by accepting the center...bored now.
  20. BS. You started to get snotty so I knocked you down and kicked sand in your face. Stop whining about it.
  21. Yeah we covered that. "Wah!" Right? But back on topic. You wanted to know if anybody boycotted anything for political reasons. I do and told you why. This upset you. You didn't like the answer. I should simply say, "tough" but you said something else that intrigued me. You claim the push to woke in culture is purely market driven and my refusal to participate makes me some sort of communist. This idea woke is a broadly accepted idea whose time has come and the market simply fell in with the coming wave is false. There's tons of evidence of that. Start here if you like. Here's the Oscars big jump into the woke pool: Here's some more stuff for you but there's lots more: https://www.outkick.com/get-woke-go-broke-2021/ https://www.foxnews.com/media/go-woke-go-broke-liberal-movies-books-tv-bombed-2022 https://www.dailywire.com/news/get-woke-go-broke-bank-tells-customers-to-leave-if-they-dont-like-its-pronoun-policy-triggering-mass-exodus Nobody is jumping on a wave. Globalists and others are trying to start one and they're not having much luck.
  22. You sure about that? Ever heard the truism "Get woke. Go Broke?" Ask Gillette. They'll tell you all about it.
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