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  1. The Jocks lost 5-1 to the Fatherland in the Euros.
  2. Jocks have had their day. Nerds rule the world now.
  3. That was the good old days. Friday nights is quinoa and mung beans washed down with a kale smoothie now. Followed by non-binary inclusion courses and optional make up class.
  4. I suppose you'd take away school dinners as well. Toughen up the little bourgeois brats. 30 mins on the school rifle range instead. Strength through joy.
  5. I believe it went back to the war where children were short of calcium in their bones due to rationing. Not having a heart, Maggie got rid of it as soon as she became secretary of state for education. We used to get these really cute little 1/3 pint glass bottles of milk and a short break to drink them. It was common practise all over Europe. Even in the GDR. The Stasi never took milk away from children but Thatcher, Thatcher the Milk Snatcher did.
  6. Meanwhile, we had the Milk Snatcher.
  7. You've backed me into a corner here, there's no way to avoid posting this punk classic.
  8. How can you mention Californian punk bands without talking about the Kennedys? Probably the best punk band either side of the pond.
  9. I dunno, I liked the leather miniskirt and fishnets look in my youth.
  10. Meh, rock ballads don't do it for me. Didn't Canada have any decent Punk bands?
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