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  1. Just like the MMIW scandal, there have been many families stuck on reserves who were less than satisfied by the stories they were given by authorities about how or why their children didn't come home. So, the scandal of hundreds of bodies buried of children who had attended this particular school, isn't a complete surprise! It's just shocking how close the graveyard was to that Kamloops school. It's as if they did not expect anyone to follow up and demand a fuller investigation.
  2. England's banning of slavery had nothing to do with high-fallutin "enlightenment" values! It was a cold, calculated measure taken to reduce the likelihood that a British cash crop colony like Barbados or Jamaica would suffer the same fate as Haiti did after a slave revolt a few decades earlier ended French rule and former slaves killed off the white former plantation owners. These island colonies had large slave populations which could overrun slave plantation owners at any given time, if they could organize around an effective leader and had some guns. In the US, the slave population never exceeded one third of the total population of the southern states. So, whenever there were bloody uprisings, like the John Brown and Nat Turner revolts, plantation owners and state governors could round up enough slave patrol forces to put down the revolt, before it grew too large and threatened a takeover of government. And guess who most of the slave patrol forces were? Scotch-Irish lower class (non-slave owning) whites! MacDonald said a lot of shit that indicated he was a white supremacist....at least when he was drunk! But his treatment in history should be based on his actions, not whatever he happened to say in Parliament! As for Tecumseh, he did not see his alliance with the British as anything more than an alliance of convenience, because he considered the Americans to be a more zealous and dangerous opponent. He was already well aware of how many indigenous people the new Americans had forced out of the eastern states, and were attacking tribal groups on the other side of the Mississippi as they continued importing more white immigrants from Europe and giving them land if they would push out natives. Sounds similar to what modern US ally, and settler colonial state - Israel is doing today! Enlightenment values is what has made this world a hellscape that is today! Continual expansion till it collapses into an environmental or nuclear apocalypse!
  3. Canada's nose is securely stuck up the ass of the greatest human rights abuser in the world, and won't say boo about the thousands of Yemenis slaughtered by America's proxy - Saudi land! Same with the continual occupation and killings in Gaza, where the Israeli "ally" is hard at work ethnically cleansing more territory so more New York Jews can move in and become instant Israelis. And while they've been hard at work, even during pandemic year, trying to stir up a major war with Russia and China, it shouldn't be a surprise that Chinese or Russian leaders take the opportunity to bite back at America's little brother over our collective hypocrisy! Justin's lame excuses.....I'm on another one of my apology tours now, cause we've found some of the bodies, and we'll continue blaming you for the Uygur massacres we've made up and have no actual evidence for....just doesn't cut it anymore!
  4. My own reading and research on earth sciences and economic forces, leads me to agree with the pessimists or doomers who see our general condition today as living in "late stage" capitalism. Meaning that up until now, every time capitalist systems have been running short of energy or essential resource building blocks to make stuff with, someone manages to pull a rabbit out of the hat, and find enough alternative sources to keep capitalism functioning, though doing less and less for lower classes as the years drag on. A quick example of diminishing returns would be the declines in EROEI (energy return on energy invested) for oil as the years and decades have dragged on. It started at 100 to one for recovery costs. As typically happens with resource exploitation, developers began many years ago, exploiting deposits closest to the surface and therefore, cheapest to exploit and develop for market. So,, with oil, the first oil wells to be set up were in Pennsylvania and Ohio, where easy to access near-surface deposits were being pumped out and shipped to market. When those reserves started running low, and deeper wells had to be drilled, it was time for many of the first oil companies to move on to Texas and Oklahoma, where large oil deposits could be exploited. But, even as far back as the 1920's, it was recognized that those reserves were limited, and that's when some of the major oil companies started setting up in Arabia and the Persian Gulf...where petroleum was believed to be virtually inexhaustible, and cheap, with the major costs being shipping to markets in the west. Now, even the Sauds have to acknowledge that they have already pumped out at least half of their reserves. As the oilfields are pumped down, whether in Texas, Saudi Arabia or Alberta, it becomes more and more expensive, and that's how we ended up scooping up tarsands deposits and cooking them down for heavy, poor grade oil at an energy return of 5 to 1, that's only affordable as long as oil prices are high enough to justify the costs. What has been a continual pattern in the past few decades is for economic growth to be slowed or stopped whenever oil prices rise to high for easy growth to continue. So, we're in a series of diminishing returns caused largely by increasing energy costs. And I am highly skeptical of claims that "green renewable energy" is going to both save the environment and maintain economic growth. The only thing that is actually growing today is inflation! And that is a sign of declining currency values, not increasing actual wealth. This is why the owners and controllers of capital are even more desperate and ruthless about maintaining economic gains for those at the top of pyramid, and diminishing returns for everyone actually working for a living. And this is why I believe, the people who are really in charge of the system are so hell-bent on keeping us all in the dark about just how bad our predicament is today. It is an empty facade, and if most people really find out how bad things are today, this system that almost collapsed back in 2011, when OWS demonstrations were going on, will collapse under its own weight of unpaid or unpayable debts!
  5. Well, for the most part, "public discourse" is completely captured by the same rich forces who have been grabbing the lion's share of the covid relief. I gag every time I see references to "The Left" in American politics these days! Whether it's from rightwingers looking for an enemy, or centrist corporate Democrats, they want all of the debate and arguments to be over identity politics issues and NOT economic class issues, because the political parties, mainstream media, along with hand-picked and promoted voices in social media, rarely if ever, venture in to asking questions about the wealth and income divides, growing debt levels, poverty, let alone interrogating the often repeated assumption of the Wall Street pundits...are you really certain that inflation will drop after the pandemic ends?
  6. Do we really live in "the days of reconciliation? Or are federal and provincial governments (along with their corporate donors and benefactors) just trying to figure out what the price is they have to pay to get all of native land claims settled? What all of the first nations have in common are holistic beliefs that everything material and spiritual are part of one, integrated reality, with humans just being part of the creation, and NOT special, favored creatures of a divine overlord who rules over and is separate from his creation. So, this was the big stumbling block in the way between native thinking and later European settler colonists, whose presumptions of cosmology and philosophy were based on thinking of themselves as separate from nature, and given some divine right to "subdue" and plunder nature for whatever they could extract that would be useful for making products. That plus placing land on the lists of commodities to be bought and sold, is still an insurmountable obstacle in traditional indigenous and modern "civilized" thinking.
  7. Wasn't that the intention behind a thread titled "Islamification of Toronto" in the first place?
  8. Thank you Mr. Shapiro! Got any more slogans you've stolen from the rightwing thought leaders who implant their propaganda in your head? Ben Shapiro may be too much of a psychopath to recognize it, but FACTS or what are claimed to be 'facts' do depend on feelings, and that's why they come wrapped in emotional rhetoric, and why fascists, empire-builders and beneficiaries of war industries keep trying to scare the public with bullshit propaganda! And, using percentage of GDP as an excuse to increase military and surveillance agency budgets is bullshit pure and simple! Not only because GDP is an inexact measure of economic productivity and development, but also because this trope was created and is being used to justify the notion that shoveling money into a military-industrial complex = security and safety from attack. Total horseshit!
  9. I have no interest in reading the tealeaves and trying to figure out who is most 'murderous' of today's most powerful nations. What is clear is that one and ONE only of those nations has had overwhelming military, economic and political power over all other nations in the world, and no longer even tries to pretend that it all happened by an accident of circumstances, or because of the failures of Russia, China and even supposed allies in Europe to rise to equivalent power of the US Empire. Does Russia or China seek to replace the US as the hegemonic "exceptional nation" in a unipolar world, as fake, disingenuous liberals are forced to admit now? I don't know how many times Putin or other Russian leaders have commented on US hegemony, aside from contentious issues like trade and energy development, but Russia does not have the economic capacity to take over as world economic or military power today. Russia's economy is still primarily dependent on energy and natural resource extraction, and regardless of the propaganda we are fed with, its military is less than 10% of the bloated US expanse of Army, Navy, Air Force and more than 800 military bases on foreign soil. All that crap is bankrupting the US now, and Russia has been smart enough to focus their military spending on stuff like missiles....which can demolish carrier fleets and land-based equivalents needed for large offensive operations. If Iran is now being considered a 'hard' target, with costs to invade that outweigh the advantages, it's no surprise that US policy makers turned to economic warfare - sanctions, tariffs, embargoes, even blockades, to squeeze its enemies instead of military attacks. But, recent evidence from this past year, under the glorious new Biden Administration indicates that the US has reached too far by creating too much debt, and is now being faced with a declining Dollar (that's why the Cdn Dollar has increased value lately...not anything good actually happening here), and losing more and more of its share of "special drawing rights" - SDR's - representing the share of foreign exchange reserves at the IMF. IF the US cannot control the IMF, then it can no longer be the great global hegemon that feeds off the rest of the world by forcing other nations to accept its declining currency! Now, Russia and China say they want a return to a "multipolar" world, where no one nation can dictate terms to the rest of the world! Whether good or evil, there are good reasons to believe that neither Russia or China want to take America's crown and fill the same role in global affairs! Russia has no realistic option for becoming supreme world power, and China's economy may be becoming more developed, but it is still largely dependent on manufacturing exports. So, the last thing China would want (just like Japan in a similar situation 40 years ago) is to have their currencies go through a rapid appreciation in value...which would come as part of assuming reserve currency status, and make their exports too expensive for foreign buyers. So, the question is still 'will the US shrink and fade away slowly and gradually like the UK started doing over 50 years ago, or will they threaten total extinction for everyone by going out with a bang? Declaring a big, global war with one of their many chosen enemies that will provide the excuse to unleash the nukes! Right now, who knows! Because aside from the British Empire, most empires become too arrogant, too calcified and to bankrupt for ideas to try anything new. So, where will everything go from here? Who knows! It all depends on who is ultimately in charge in Washington. And the only thing for sure is that it's not the dimwitted/now senile 80 year old who was placed in the White House as a place-holder because inside powers of the Democratic Party couldn't get their voters to select one of the candidates they wanted. So, they made sure one of them was named Veep, and will take over when the senile old clown kicks the bucket some time in the near future, or becomes too infirm that aides (including his power hungry wife) can pretend he's actually in control of government!
  10. So who was arguing anything different here? I'll take your word about the fascism thing, cause I know most of the republican leaders were fascist sympathizers, and at least FDR, like Churchill, was able to recognize that Hitler was a greater threat to the west than Stalin. And that's why they chose to work with the Soviets, rather than the Nazis, as I suppose you and other fascist sympathizers would have preferred. Give me a chart with actual numbers on it! Not this bullshit % of GDP that war grifters use to keep feeding off tax dollars! That is why our world has never been more dangerous than it is today! For decades, even a glitch in programming could set off a massive launch of ICBM's that would result in all life on earth being destroyed! But, nukes and their missile carriers are a very lucrative business. And that is why Obama signed on to a more than a $Trillion nuclear arms refurbishing plan, and Trump actually threw more money on the pile during his term in the White House! A pox on all of their houses!
  11. Okay, now that I've had time to think about and do some reading.................. That Nation article was archived. So I assumed it's simply burying in plain sight, because they know very few these days will go through the effort of trying to find it! But it was posted on the Nation's website years ago! And this isn't a matter of not being able to agree on everything! It's a question of whether those who make a claim of having ideological principles act on those principles consistently or toss them aside when convenient or profitable to do so! I said in my post that the change in tactics was operational and not likely a change in ideology, that was almost certainly just below the surface.....like a crocodile waiting for the right time to attack! The obvious reasons why Cold War US regimes were tolerant of union...especially large unions and their leaders was because they knew the leaders were already coopted somewhat...certainly anti-communist, and acting ruthlessly against workers as both parties do today would have raised the risk that, with just a little funding, the Soviets or the Chinese could have helped real leftist anticapitalist organizers. So they acted with caution when it was essential to do so. Many geopolitical analysts on left and right have stated that the differences between the way the US deals with Russia and China today, compared to the Cold War era, shows a complete lack of respect... for instance: their bullshit "Rules-Based Order" directives they are expecting all other nations to follow! The US doesn't follow international law or even the shit they declare others need to follow, and yet our useless MSM will repeat these calls from Blinky and Joe every time they open their stupid mouths! The good thing is that, as time goes on, and the US becomes more and more trapped by the debt it is creating to keep up with budgetary demands, its Empire will slowly recede from view and be disregarded by Russia and China and Iran and others....being considered little more than a barking dog! Because the US is having to withdraw from the warzones it has created whether it wants to or not, and all it has been able to accomplish in the wars it has been causing in Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, is (like proxy Israel) to keep bombing the shit out of them and pay for any mercenaries to go in and ruin lives of people there. So, I for one believe US hegemony is far worse than the multipolar world order both Russia and China are trying to work towards. I am not buying US exploitation, so I will have no remorse whoever or whatever takes its place! It's a toxic world order that endangers most of the people in this world, and only benefits the "dark triad" thinking billionaires who feed off misery and exploitation, and don't respect any limits to their greed and self-aggrandizement! If I have to choose between a left that's comfortable with the system we have now, or any radical antiwar activists on the left or the right, I'll take the latter!
  12. By my own interpretation of political ideology, I just wish 'Green Marxists' were infiltrating our governments, and putting an end to growth-at-all-costs capitalism, which only benefits the rich, while the rest of us tread water, trying to hold on to what we already have!
  13. Take a good look at this picture! Now, tell me, WHERE is "the safest part of the realm" while the men (he-men like you I presume) hack each other to death! And fwiw, until we started putting together the barbaric "civilizations" like we have today, no human communities were fighting each other unless there was some calamity causing general food scarcities. Today, war and arming for war are profitable businesses, and cause death and destruction just to advance the interests and goals of ruling imperialists and their financial backers! Without empires, we should need no psychopath murderers running around hacking each other to death for the benefit of empire-building!
  14. The only part I can agree with you on here is that individually we have no real power and are forced to cooperate with a capitalist system, even to a limited degree, if we can't live on a desert island or some uninhabited territory today, where our governments and economic systems haven't reached yet....if any such places actually still exist! I would say that, from a Marxist perspective, I feel an obligation to only buy essentials...or what I believe to be essentials, cause sometimes the boundaries are easily smeared. For example, up until a little less than 3 years ago, I hadn't owned a cell phone since my original 20 lb Motorola 1990 vintage was stolen from my car after it was broken into back in year 2000. It was a 2nd hand phone I picked up for $20 along with a couple of bikes at an annual police auction of bikes and other stolen properties that went unclaimed by any legitimate owners. At the time, my wife and I were already planning to move so I could be close to work....close enough not to need to drive to work every day and pay to keep two cars on the road! So, I just went without a phone...as did my wife, until one day when I was out on my bike in the middle of nowhere on a farm road on the Niagara Peninsula, I blew my 2nd and last innertube and had to walk my bike to civilization....which took at least two hours and had everybody worried that something had happened to me. I noticed also that every new store or plaza being built wasn't bothering to include payphones either. So, if you don't have a cell, you got no way of getting any messages or calling home if you need to! So, I forked out for a couple of the cheapest phones available for us, and I reject all of the idiotic offers to increase my data limits.....because I never use up all of my data on the original plan! So, I had to make a compromise with the modern world that tries to keep pushing more and more surveillance tech on us....but that was only grudgingly! I'm just a little more with it than the average tradiitional Mennonite who still dresses in blue and black like 300 years ago! And, long story short...if I have to go back to using the very convenient and horribly exploitative Amazon Borg, I'll do it, BUT only if I have no other choice!
  15. So, Perfect World by that description means a return to societies like we had prior to the beginnings of agricultural patriarchies in the ME 4000 years ago, which have been sanctified by the equally most aggressive and exploitive religious traditions. And, as Marx and Engels noted 150 years ago, after capitalism had become entrenched in Europe and Europe's colonies, replacing the older, less competitive feudal systems as it spread, the promises of a better world made by the first generations of industrial capitalists in the 1790's were proven to be a nightmare as soon as the leaders of the French Revolution started chopping everyone's heads off after they had cleared through the royal family and the aristocrats, and made a mockery of the liberte, egalite, fraternite slogan that the revolutionaries marched on Paris with at the start of the revolution! Amazing how it was Robespierre and the Jacobins who ordered the abolition of the Catholic Church, all of its priest and an end to other forms of Christianity...which hardly existed in France after previous purges by the Catholic rulers, and yet, here you and other rightwing Christians are, worshiping and lauding the very economic system that represents the opposite of Christian moral and social principles, along with the extreme wealthy exploiters as the people who Christians should respect and venerate as modern day heroes! We live in an upside down world today!
  16. And that's why Conservatives here/and Republicans to our south, can't seem to take a clear stand on any actual domestic policy issues! They are just against whatever the Liberals or Democrats are doing, and tack their sailboats to the right of whatever the stated liberal position is. And that is why accusations of socialism and communism are so ridiculous today! We either get pure, 100 proof sink-or-swim capitalism, or the same thing with a few benefits thrown on for those at rock bottom! That's likely most of the reason why so many working people in the overtaxed middle aim their guns at liberals and leftists, rather than the people who have been their biggest burdens and causes of misery - the billionaires and their upper class professional helpers! And what we don't get is anything trying to put the money back into public programs that have been gutted or slowly starved for funding over the years!
  17. And that is why I see anarchism and anarchists as, at best, only good for ideology and rhetoric - and at worst, deliberately subversive forces, who have been proven in the past to have deliberately worked on behalf of and been paid by the worst capitalists out there and recruited by the CIA, FBI and other agents of evil, to sow confusion and divide working people looking for direction and relief, into hostile factions fighting with each other about race, gender, sexual orientation or how much or whether to work with capitalists! It's happened in the past and it certainly is still happening today! Well, by the historical timeline, FDR didn't take over as president until the middle of March, 1933, while RB Bennett was out in 1935, and replaced by FDR Canadian equivalent- MacKenzie King, who got the credit for turning the Canadian economy around. So, Bennett wasn't a contemporary of Roosevelt for very long! And there were two distinct 'new deals' brought in by Roosevelt in the US, with the first intended to sort out and reform the financial mess left by Wall Street bankers, so that people could trust putting their savings in bank accounts again. After a wave of bank failures, banks were starved for deposits, and people with money to save, were buying gold....which FDR outlawed and that stuck for several decades until Nixon unpegged the USD from a gold standard in 1973. It took a little while to get the public works projects funded and slowly up and running...back in that bygone era when economists and money experts actually believed that money should have intrinsic value! So, I was surprised to learn recently that one of Roosevelt's less publicized actions in his first term was to cut the Army and Navy budgets, so that money could be set aside for the PWA, rural electrification and relief programs for farmers who lost their land. Imagine anyone in Washington even suggesting cutting the misnamed "defense" budgets today for any reason!
  18. AND by buying crap from Amazon, you freely take advantage of our western slaves, who don't have time to go to a proper restroom and have to piss in bottles because they can't make their quotas otherwise! Empires are never perfect places...except for the ruling classes to gain most of the benefits. Even working classes were only allowed to advance into the 'middle class' range for a relatively short period of time after WWII - and which ended by 80's, when outsourcing production to foreign, cheap labour havens and the shifting of the tax burden from the "job creators" onto the middle and working classes became the norm, pretty much has gutted all of the gains made at the start of the post-war years. But after the end of the "threat" of communism, capitalist leaders feel they no longer have any need to curb or reign in their greed and demand for more and more profits! No shit Sherlock! "Nobody is guaranteed to be paid at a high level!" Well I wouldn't say "nobody" since the sons and daughters of CEO's have lots of guarantees in life...starting with the best education....and if they are too stupid to benefit from that, the old man still has to find some way to occupy the time of their deadbeat sons .... like Hunter Biden.... to make it look like the next generation is competent and actually a productive member of society! Is job training guaranteed? Or just if the student is willing and able to pay out a king's ransom and mortgage the rest of their lives for a university degree! And, we're free to move....well, I guess that's slightly better than feudal days. But during feudal times, the lords had an obligation to provide for all of their serfs and household staff during hard times. While the capitalist can just declare bankruptcy, close the mill and reopen somewhere else. Who really has freedom to move in today's globalized free trade world? People are met with immigration and entry restrictions, while capital and even most finished products are 'free' to move across borders with no taxes and duties! Now that's real freedom! And it needs to be noted that the 'poor' living in the colonies are not improving their lives through this international system of exploitation either! The leaders act as compensated point men for foreign capital and industries to move in, set up dirty industries with no safety...let alone environmental standards, and make sure that laws are set in place to criminalize workers who try to organize and bargain collectively with their employers....forming unions in other words is forbidden in capitalist paradise! In poor nations in Africa, Latin America and Asia, the people were living better before "civilization" arrived! Previously, their environments weren't toxic and polluted, they could drink clean water and grow quality foods for their own needs and sell off a surplus in good seasons to buy or trade for needs they didn't produce themselves. This was actually the life my father grew up with down east....so even in Canada and the US, it wasn't much more than 100 years ago, when the majority of people lived on small farms that had a little of everything and were not specialized....they were already doing what the "permaculture" organic gardeners talk about doing now...as if it's something nobody ever thought of before! BUT, all of this ended when their governments discovered capitalism...often at the point of a gun, or were carefully recruited by foreign colonialists who hand-picked a few locals and educated them in London or Paris or other universities of the Empire, where the future leaders of the colonies (after theoretical independence) would apply the same capitalist exploitive tactic that England pioneered over 2 centuries previously: Clearing The Commons! Regardless of the rightwing horseshit we are served up by both conservative and liberal propagandists, the majority of societies prior to the age of industrialization had large peasant farming populations which cooperated closely with their neighbors....communal agriculture in other words! Nobody could get rich this way! And their worst exploitation came from feudal ruling systems that rose up, with an entitled noble class of hereditary rulers who exploited the peasants and used the threat of invasion and war to keep them paying an onerous burden in tribute to their feudal rulers. Nevertheless, when feudalism started breaking down and the new, city-based ruling classes started taking power, and needing bodies to do simplified grunt work in the dirty, dangerous mills they were building in the cities, which replaced the middle skilled trades classes, peasants had to be forced off the land to take hellish jobs working in slavery conditions and hardly being able to afford the most meager low quality foods available to buy at the markets. And this system that started in England over 200 years ago is still slowly unending life around the world today...now focusing on the places left behind before...like Haiti. So, in our brave new world today, with declining resources and livable environments, the system of international exploitation that Amazon and Walmart and so many other corporations have benefited from, is closing in on itself! If all of our lives are poorer and more precarious in the future, I'm glad it will be so for the rich also! Except if there is an actual faint hope that Elon and Bill and Mark and the rest of the grifter gang can turn their dreams of escaping the hell they have turned this earth into, and flying to Mars...where they presumably can do it all over again! I certainly don't believe their space dreams are even remotely possible, but their attempts to escape the damage they've done are more evidence that know their greed and avarice and unwillingness to work towards good, as doomed life on planet earth in a matter of decades or certainly less than 2 centuries at the most! It may be slight consolation, but knowing that the evil psychopaths who have forced capitalism upon us, can't escape the harms it has caused with all their money and power, is at least slight consolation. Nobody wants to see the terrorists escape the ship they have sunk!
  19. When did multimillionaire trust fund baby - Doug Ford become a socialist? Actual socialist nations have done better (even sanctioned, embargoed states like Cuba) at managing this crisis than the richer capitalist nations, which have more resources have been able to muster!
  20. Anything good regarding Amazon is vastly outweighed by what they do to their employees! So, just out of principle, I have dropped my Amazon account...even though I had been buying nearly all of my books from Amazon for several years. And buying other stuff as well that was otherwise hard to find...such as new wheels for a somewhat expensive pair of rollerblades that I bought elsewhere several years back. It certainly is convenient having a source that has just about everything you could imagine buying, with one click of a tab online, but when I learn that their overworked, underpaid staff are forced to piss in bottles because of high and rising work and delivery quotas, while some warehouse operations don't even bother having available washrooms....just for managerial office staff only! Amazing that you consider Amazon an example of capitalism's superiority over socialism, when Amazon is effectively already a monopoly and like a few other near monopolies which have risen up in recent decades, functions as a socialist system within its operations! Except for sucking up most of the profits to reward shareholders....most of whom happen to be superrich owners of a majority of those stocks. There are no capitalist principles of competition within the divisions of any of these massive operations, and the few that do invoke internal competition for earnings and even supplies, end up going out of business - like Sears Canada, when internal 'competition' destabilized the whole company and led to theft, cheating and massive corruption, because the workplaces had turned toxic and nobody trusted anyone else inside!
  21. NO, the difference is that, if I believe one side of an argument or debate is valid/and one is not, than I will take that side, and it has nothing to do with political party or ideology! I do not follow orders of any kind, just because someone says so. That's the primary reason why, after doing militia training in high school, I decided not to sign up for a five year stint with the Armed Forces, back at a time during the mid-70's when unemployment was very high at the time I finished high school. if I get good advice, I follow it/ if not, I don't! A word of warning - if you or anyone comes up and tells me to take off my mask, I'm going to tell them where to go! And if anyone tries to pull off my mask, as some assholes have been recorded doing on video, they will get a punch in the mouth, and worse if they persist!
  22. My point was that Canada was set up as a colonial project extension of the British Empire, and later, as the American Empire gradually assumed control, shifted towards interlocking with the US Empire. I'm not prone to flag-waving appeals and nationalism of any form. I just want to stick with the facts and call it like it is!
  23. My poiint on earlier generations of American leftists is that they were mostly deliberately or unintentionally coopted by malevolent forces, and whichever way it was, the end results were the same. Any movements they started up or pushed along, could not go very far before either collapsing or folding back into conventional liberal Democrat politics. Regarding Chomsky, my criticisms of him are that: first, he's an anarchist, not a practical socialist who might have some useful ideas on how to establish a socialist government. Anarchists, like the western Trotskyist followers are mainly impractical dreamers who live and work in academia, not on a factory floor/let alone a farm anywhere doing hard, blue collar work. So, the problem is that someone working in academia (though I can't say it's the same for the new breed of adjunct professors) are able to live easier lives and can ponder all of the ills of society without having to be part of a real struggle. As for Chomps: Actually, Manufacturing Consent was primarily authored by Edward Herman, with assistance by Noam Chomsky! But, Chomsky has had his name associated with the book, and he gets all the credit today...mostly because of the gift of longevity. First of all, why would the American Empire murder Chomsky when he was a largely ineffective, but somewhat useful tool for their purposes? Read this editorial Chomsky wrote for The Nation a little over 31 years ago about the collapse of 'Bolshevism' and the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, and though I was not all that educated about these matters at the time, university intellectuals like him were supposed to know what was going on and what the stakes were! Failure to discern how the much wealthier US imperial forces were using the collapse of communism and about to rush in and try to plunder and devour assets in Eastern Europe..and Russia also if the buffoon Yeltsin hadn't died and an extreme nationalist like Putin took power, had left evidence all over about what was going to happen, and it wasn't going to be Chomsky's airy fairy dreams of " revival of libertarian socialist and radical democratic ideals " If Chomsky can be forgiven for conflating the harms that can be caused by ruthless capitalist oppression and socialist authoritarianism, it was still well known at the start of the 80's, that the Soviet Union had been outmaneuvered by the rising monetary and military power of capitalist authorities in Washington and Europe. Just as they allowed their Muslim theocrat fascists on the Arabian Peninsula to spawn Jihadi mercenaries to attack Arab governments that had fallen into disfavor in the west, the lingering Nazis and homegrown fascists who were simmering and waiting for their chances for revenge behind the Iron Curtain, were also being encouraged by Washington and NATO to step forward and take over government in Poland, Hungary, the Baltic States, Romania, and Bulgaria. East Germany was carved up and gifted to West German bankers and foreign business, but Neonazi fascists have their primary base of support in the former DDR and with the demise of Merkel, are set to take over as the dominant party when the next German elections are held. So, Chomsky couldn't see this possibility of a rightwing backlash after the fall of the Soviet Union? His blathering "both sides do it" rhetoric sure hasn't held the test of time! Once the Soviet Union had collapsed in upon itself and it appeared that Mao's China was following a similar transition from communism to pure, unadulterated capitalism, then we started seeing the true face of capitalist empire! And now, Russia is resisting the western alliance tryiing to overrun their country with a nationalist, but still capitalist government, which wouldn't have a chance of survival except for their huge wealth of resources and remaining military power to make any attempts of foreign invasion prohibitive. While China has been trying to run a hybrid communist/capitalist power, which is largely run by capitalist forces, except for being barred from rising up the chain of command in the military and the Communist Party rulership. It will be a hard task to keep money power from taking control as it has over here, but as it stands, at least China and Russia right now, represent an oppositional force to the global empire that wants to control everything! In the final analysis, he was either an idiot or a traitor, and I don't care which it is!
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