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  1. I would not say we did nothing. Assad is not readily using chemical overtly as he once did. As for trump character. I agree, some of his business practices should be questioned and they have... with the proud american tradition we call lawsuits and settlement.
  2. That was done out of respect to the russian who have advisers on those bases we bombed. The second time we launched our missiles they were only informed that we would not target them. We used the deconflicting line to make sure there are no russians in areas we intend to use.
  3. You mean to tell me a military action that would potentially set off world war 3 has no input from trump? The fact that saber rattling unsettles you because you are not aware of the nature of diplomatic negotiation tells me you are not well verse enough on this topic to have meaningful input.
  4. Jeesus christ people can we stop with the nazi fascist comparassion. Trump is not hitler, america isn't the weimar republic of the 1920s and 30s. All of these attacks only distracts from the real issue.
  5. Good is a relative term. What is good for one group might not be for other. As a leader the road to popularity is a road to failure. You have to take a position and go with your guts. Win people's affection by your steadfastness to your values.
  6. I would say trump is re establishing our credibility in the world stage. Take russia and syria for instance. We said no more chemical weapons and we mean it. And if you try to send a mercenary force to attack us you will be obliterated. The meek obama days are over. We will back our diplomats with force if necessary. So take the carrot not the stick. We are re asserting our selves in the world stage. As for the domestic theater feel free to call us out on it. If we don't like it we will replace him with someone else to our liking next term.
  7. That is a valid opinion but i might add that rap music is borne out of poverty and socio economic disparity that forces these artist to sing about their rise from poverty. You can see why this has a mass appeal. We love Drake and the weeknd so thank you canadians. The best gift ever!
  8. No worries on my many trips to BC I love talking to those people. I think of Canadians pretty much as Americans because in America you have every right to criticize what you disagree with. But the reality is this, we are joined at the hip so criticize away. You're not saying what we haven't already heard amongst ourselves. We american find you canadians and your antics amusing. Do you know how many canadian jokes we have about you!!!??
  9. You do realize what trump says and does are two totally separate things right? He does not represent every American nor does he have complete power to do as he sees fit. We have great people working in the state department and many other agency with plenty of credibility. It's called checks and balances. They were simply hampered by Obama's risk adverse tendency and allowed the world to loose faith in American credibility. Trump is simply re-establishing those credibility. Now what ever he said was probably said with mis-information about the matter to pander to political views some of his consitutent share so I wouldn't take it personal. But make no mistake , trump share some strong views that many in america also agree with and should not be so readily discounted as rubbish. We are america we are imperfect but we will be strong together.
  10. Well feel free to abandon ship and move to which ever country you think don't have any of those issue and fit more closely with your priorities. Good luck. You will find that whilst america is not without problem, having lived in a third world country personally I would say these issue are not even worth breaking a sweat over. They will get resolve in time as we are constantly trying to make "America great Again" . But back to the new world order and trade deals... Here's a good quote by the Chicago Tribune, an ardent anti trump media outlet... "Trump was announcing to the world that if you want to continue to have open access to America's multitrillion-dollar consumer market — and nearly every nation in the world, most of all China, needs that passport — you are going to play by rules that benefit Americans, abide by the rule of law and promote American security interests."
  11. LOL calm down , we are establishing or more corectly re-establishing the new world order. Canada has never been an enemy, more like a little brother full of idealism and dreams because big brother scares away all the other potential bully in the yard. Big bro just need you to hurry up and sign the new deal that will help both of us work better with one another.
  12. Unfortunately that is the president we elected so you will have to be careful about wetting any future internet panties. In all seriousness though I think Trump is simply using that as an excuse to play his admittedly heavy handed tactic, even if it was done for expediency. Look the sooner we renegotiate NAFTA and EU-NA trades the better so we can all put this feather ruffling chapter behind us. It is being done for the greater good.
  13. That would be ideal but currently I do not have enough data to fully support a regime change in North Korea. A power vacuum would be filled by either a new authoritarian regime or democratic one and could potentially lead to the second Korean war or world war 3. If any deals are to be had it will ultimately involve china and russia. It is not in their national interest to allow a Unified democratic Korea.
  14. I would disagree, out of the 230 plus years this experiment we call America has existed we are still the most revolutionary force that exist. We have the strength and moral high ground to engage with all countries in the world regardless of our differences. We seek to work past differences and do not see security and prosperity as a total sum game. We believe that a strong and prosperous china, russia or any current adversary is of great benefit to the rest of the world. But this is with respect to law and order, fundamental principles of human rights, and many of our founding principles; a country for the people by the people. Where state or non state actors choose to test our resolve on these policy they will quickly find that they will not be facing only the might of the US but also the rest of the free world. I would not count the US out of the fight yet, we've been through many world perils and have shown to come out on top every time. Let me remind you that nothing that we are facing now in the present and will deal with in the future have not already been dealt with by previous generations of proud Americans. The technique and tactics are adapted to modern time but are principally the same as they were since the time of Benjamin Franklin or Alexander the Great. In conclusion we seek world prosperity through unity not division and that is why we will come out on top. It has been our policy since WWII and will remain so for the foreseeable future. America's world order is here to stay. Oh by the way Canada, you're in the same boat as us so you might as well enjoy the ride, big brother will take care of you.
  15. Oh? how so? That's a radical thought. You mean like turn North Korea into South Korea? I think that was the plan all along by both sides. The only real opposition to this has been China and Russia. They do not want a western democracy on close to their borders. This has been the reason why North Korea has been allowed to exist. Without China's support hey would have bellied up long ago.
  16. Jeesus you sound like the Alex Jones folks we have down south. Calm down, all trump want is a truly free trade agreement with no tariffs or subsidies from either party. The EU need to start playing ball, I mean look at the huge trade deficit they have. Weren't for us they'd be speaking Russian and have a lower quality of life. It's only fair they start paying for their own defense and remove their tariffs against american import which is the true reason for this "trade war", a term coined by anti trump leftist. Don't believe in the hype, all of this is part of a renegotiation tactic trump likes to do. He has the upper hand if you think about it. Tariffs are going to hurt everyone else more than it hurts us. Why? because you all seem to like to do business here but don't want Americans to do business at your country. If anything you guys are the real protectionist , talk about hypocrisy. And you know what is the real twist here? what trump is trying to get is actually a good thing for everyone one involved. Look it up or ask an economist, I doubt you will find anybody opposed to true free trade with no trade barriers.
  17. Lol calm down, Canada is not America's national security threat. this is just trade tactics used to negotiate. No need to throw a temper tantrum. America and Canada has always been and will be brothers, we are part of the same family, there are disagreement but don't worry big brother is always looking out for you canucks. So take your medicine and sign the new true free trade agreements with trump. no beating around the bush this time with tariffs and subsidies.
  18. Dear Canada, you guys are already 90 percent American and you don't even know it. You would just get your new driver license in the mail and throw a hissing fit then promptly apologize out of habit. To be honest I already considered Canada as part of America though not formally. Not to stroke your ego but you guys represent the best part of america, your openness and acceptance of others, your politeness and hard work, your respect and friendliness with others. Remembers we have more alike than differences so no need to finger point at who is better. America is a vast country with different politics and ideology, there is no one American to represent us all, Donald trump does not represent every american. He represent part of us and that part is something also unique. There are strong conservative and libertarian voices in America who rejects liberal progressivism just like there are in Canada. As a proud american I embrace this duality. You can not have an ideal society without opposing views, they are two sides to the same coin. You need both. No one side is 100 percent correct.
  19. SO much misinformation here..., look as far as North Korea is concern, they got what they want out of the meeting with the president. We got our citizen back and some gesture at destroying their nuclear tunnels. It takes time to work out the details. Call it a propaganda victory for them but wait a minute this propaganda victory only serves their local audiences, no body in the world really take North Korea seriously either way so no big loss on our part. Remember the real prize for the north koreans is that we pull out our troops from the peninsula, they didn't get it. Did trump hint at it sure but again I would just put that as part of trump negotiating tactics from his book art of the deal "tell them what they want to hear". If our state department find the North Koreans have a breech of faith then the sanctions will go back into place and our troops would jump from japan to north korea in a matter of days. Now on the the Iranian part, no doubt about it ladies and gentleman, Iran (fundamentalist regime) ,can not be allowed to have a more prosperous economy as they will use this money to challenge US dominance in other theaters as they have done in Yemen, Syria , Palestine etc... Giving the Iranians back their funds and removing sanctions was a huge mistake in the first place, an error on the the side of the Obama administration. It is in our best interest to isolate Iran until they become dirt poor like north korea and renegotiate, not just for nukes but to stop causing havoc in the middle east with their funding of extremist groups and proxy wars.
  20. Hello Canucks, greetings from your southern neighbor in Texas! Full disclosure I'm a Trump supporter. I would not worry too much about it canadian friends, trump is simply bargaining for "true free trade" across Nato countries. This means no tariffs or subsidies from either parties. Unfortunately, trump felt he needed to play his strong hand to rush these negotiation along. Fact of the matter is this, the trade deficit has allowed trump to use it as a bargaining chip. Not saying that there is a large deficit between US and Canada, just pointing to the fact that a trade deficit exist. Tarrifs hurts those relying on export to America (Canada, Mexico EU etc...) alot more than it hurts the American economy as we only export a few billion dollars worth of goods every year. This gives the US the upper hand in trade negotiation and Trump is simply doing that. Look you guys are our allies and friends, I wouldn't worry too much about these trade negotiation tactics. At the end of the day, you want true free trade, this helps both countries, ask any economics expert and they would point to the same thing. Think of this move not as a protectionist policy from the US (despite the rhetoric affirming so) , it is simply a move to make our alliance stronger through the practice of free trade. We are doing what is best for you Canada. No need to thank us.
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