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  1. Took a break for a bit.....I see the new insult here is "TRIGGERED!!"  

    LOL 😆

    Missed you guys.

    1. betsy



      "Unhinged," wouldn't be fair to Russell Crowe! :lol:




    2. DogOnPorch


      It's a Brave New World...have a Clockwork Orange. :) 

    3. Argus


      It's not much of an insult, but it's what they've got.

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    2. dialamah


      Given that "Islam" agreed with you about this person's riduculous comments, why are you still holding him up as representative of Islam?

    3. Goddess


      Did "Islam" as a whole agree?  They also just had a big assembly at the 3rd holiest site in Islam to announce their planned world conquest, so......I think there's a bit more work to be done there, don't you?

    4. Goddess
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    2. Goddess


      It's true.  Men and boys have been the most disadvantaged all through history.

    3. Argus


      Has anyone suggested that? First of all, STEM encompasses many fields. For example, medicine. There are more women in medical training than men. Nobody cares. But a noted aspect of psychology (far more women in psychology courses than men) is that women tend to care more about people, and want to work with them, while men tend to care more about things. So courses like Engineering and Physics simply hold far more attraction to men than to women. Lots of bright young men swarm into these courses, but comparatively few women. So what? People are selecting the kinds of courses they want. There's no need to go out and dragoon women and beg them to apply for Physics and Computer Engineering courses! There's no need to set aside spots in those courses for women, regardless of merit.

    4. Argus
  2. Here's a stat you can't argue about:  Canada is 50% the letter A.

    1. bcsapper


      Surely you can't give a lower case letter the same weight as an upper case letter?

  3. https://torontosun.com/news/crime/woman-killed-in-horrific-scarborough-machete-attack

    What is up with all the machete attacks in Toronto?  Seriously....machetes?  When did this become a thing in Canada?

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    2. Goddess
    3. Dougie93


      There is such a thing as a concealed carry handgun permit in Canada, it can be issued by the police.

      They don't issue them except to the politically connected and wealthy.

      Like Norm Gardiner had one when he was head of the police services board for example.

      They are ostensibly issued on the basis of someone having reasonable fear that they are being stalked to be killed.

      Women should lobby for these permits to be issued to them to deal with violent spouse attacks.

      Unfortunately most woman are lefty gun grabbers, and that's why the police don't issue them to anybody.

      There was that women who was killed in her home and her two children were killed too, out in York Mills.

      The ex-boyfriend was a huge guy who was a repeat violent offender, stabbed them all to death,

      There's no way she could have stopped him without a gun.

      My old auntie down in America, she packs heat all the time, S&W .357 magnum pocket revolver.

      Compact, light, very easy to use, point and click, with stopping power to put any man down.

    4. Dougie93


      This is the family who was killed, mother and two children;



      This is the man who is accused of killing them;



      This is the only way she would have had a fighting chance to stop him;



  4. “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women,” Madeleine Albright


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    2. Goddess


      I have a friend in the US who got a new girlfriend pregnant many years ago and she didn't want a baby.  They talked and agreed that he would pay all expenses, she would have the baby, sign away all her parental rights to him and he would raise the child.  Sometimes it's a good thing to let people make their own decisions.

    3. QuebecOverCanada


      I think if the Left would acknowledge the Rights points on abortion, rather than insistently repeating slogans that are no way related to them, such as 'MY BODY MY CHOICE'. No bud. We didn't say you couldn't do things you want with your body, what we say is you can't kill someone because it's convenient for your future career or whatever thousand reasons there are to abort. The person you kill isn't you, dipshit. If the Left acknowledged that point, only that single and only point, the Left would win the abortion debate as it did 40 years ago. But the Leftists are generally retarded and down to repeat slogans coming from the Boomer-me-myself-and-I era.

    4. Goddess


      Most provinces will only perform abortions up to 20 weeks, unless there is a medical reason (either mother or fetus) for termination.  Why do you think this is?  Some babies in the womb require surgery before they are born.  There is no pain medication given to fetuses under 24 weeks old for these surgical procedures.    Why do you think that is?

  5. Ramadan begins May 5.

  6. I am amused.  So many men talking about snowflakes and how easily triggered they are.  Gillette makes an ad that says, "don't sexually harass women, don't let boys and men assault each other, treat each other with respect" and so many men are like:


    1. OftenWrong


      If you've ever been in the mens hockey locker room, which is unlikely, you'd know this suggestion by Gillette is simply not happening. 

      For what is it the most that defines us, besides mans inhumanity to man?

    2. QuebecOverCanada


      The guy on the picture should have brushed his teeth more often.

      Other then that, there is justifiable anger and to brush off one's anger by calling one a snowflake is not just weak; it is damage control. You wouldn't want us to be mad at that, but we are obviously, and for good reasons with that.

    3. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      Thats not a war face....show me your real war face ! this time mean it....

  7. Someone accused me of "liking" posts that I shouldn't be "liking".  To clarify, I sometimes will "like" a post that's a reply to myself to show the person that I have read it.  Sometimes, there may be parts of a post I don't agree with but I will still "like" it because I appreciate the feedback, the discussion, the willingness and bravery to put your thoughts out there for criticism and I don't always feel I need to nitpick minor points I don't agree with.

    In summary - just because I "like" a post doesn't mean I am agreeing with it in its entirety.

    Thank you!  Carry on! :)

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    2. bush_cheney2004


      Agreed..."like" whichever posts you want to.

    3. Dougie93


      "Never complain, never explain" - Wallis Simpson

    4. AngusThermopyle


      "Doh"- Homer Simpson.

  8. Is that Korean?

    1. scribblet


      Dunno...   guess Charles is sleeping in 

  9. Holy crap, Chinese invasion.

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    2. DogOnPorch


      Scary to think that a few of those degrees might end-up working in Canada.



    3. Argus


      A few? Try lots. The places where fake degrees are most popular happen to be our biggest immigration source countries. And unlike the Americans we don't interview these people, or require they have a job offer before approval. We just sort through the papers they've submitted and stamp them approved.

    4. Don Jonas

      Don Jonas

      Trump University has outlets in China?  Lol

    1. DogOnPorch


      The initial discovery of the intact scrolls was a bit like an Indiana Jones adventure...


    2. scribblet


      It doesn't say how old they think they really are, or where they would've come from

  10. Does anyone know where I can buy a passport, driver's license or ID for cheap? :lol:

  11. Migrants storm the Spanish border.  These poor migrants have lost everything, including their women and children.

    1. scribblet


      But not the  cell phones. And wielding home made flame throwers. 

    2. Goddess


      The word they are shouting after storming the border is "Victory!"

    3. scribblet


      It's an invasion 

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    2. Goddess


      Yes, and Trudeau kept his remarks minimal this time.  Apparently they've arrested the guy.  

    3. capricorn


      Just heard Chief Saunders will speak shortly. What a horrible event this is.

    4. jbg


      Deleted until further information available. I jumped to conclusions.

  12. Haha, PDF is the most popular religion to convert to.  Finally.


  13. Trump Tax Plan calculator:



    1. drummindiver


      And Morneau still hasn't told small business owners how he's gonna fukv em in a few weeks.


  14. Today when I've had to answer the phone at work, I've been saying, "Good Afternoon, **Name of Company**.  Goddess speaking.  What's your favourite colour?"

    I'm tickled how many people play along right away.



    1. bcsapper


      Do they get to cross the Bridge of Death?

    2. Goddess


      They do if their cheque bounces.

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