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  1. I could agree more. Obviously post-war Iraq is much more violent then post-war Germany. However, I was simply responding to this particular statement: Which is incredibily inaccurate. There were kidnappings and murders, there was a resistance movement and they did attempt and succeeded in destroying public utilities, etc. These are historical facts. Again, the most significant comparison between post-war German and post-war Iraq is the doom and gloom headlines which are being recycled on almost a word for word basis. To say there are absolutely no comparisons is just plain wrong.
  2. Wrong. According to Iraq Body Count (http://www.iraqbodycount.net/) the maximum number of Iraqi civilians killed is 25881. And I would bet that the vast majority of civilians killed in Iraq are by "insurgents" "helping" the Iraqi people from under the "oppressive" "occupation" of America. Please don't inflate casualty numbers for poltical purposes.
  3. Thanks, I'll try. Although there hatred of all things Bush is usually very hard to overcome, even with facts. Wrong. The main comparison is the defeatist attitude of the press during the post-war Germany occupation and now the post-war Iraq occupation. The exact same doom and gloom headlines of the 1940's are now being recycled today, almost word for word. You're also wrong about no resistance movements. There were resisitance movements, that in some cases lasted several years. Example: The History Channel Link
  4. See, it's this type of arrogance and disregard for people's personal political feelings that really bothers me. Apparently, if you don't vote for Jack Layton, you're an ignorant fool. Well, I feel the exact opposite. Anyone who wastes a vote for Jack Layton, but specifically the NDP is as ignorant as one can be. It's not suprising that so little voters support a party that's borderline communist.
  5. Germans Declare Americans Hatred U.S. Investigators Discover Mounting Bitterness Over Our Occupational Practices By Kathleen McLaughlin, The New York Times December 3, 1945 Loss of Victory in Germany Through U.S. Policy Feared By John H. Crider, The New York Times November 18, 1945 Germans Reveal Hatred of Americans By Drew Middleton, The New York Times October 31, 1945 American's Clashes With Germans Grow October 10, 1946 Reich Girls Want Return of Nazism By Drew Middleton October 22, 1945 I found these past articles fascinating, as well as the parallels between post-war Germany and post-war Iraq.
  6. I agree. There's nothing new to this story, except for the hyperbole throw around in this thread. Wrong. President Bush did have the approval of Congress. Unfortunately they handed over their Constitutional right by giving the authority to the President regarding the decision to declare war.
  7. Well, in my opinion, Wilson's lies should be included in any investigation. He provided a number of inaccurate statements to the Senate Intelligence Committee as well as to the news media. Wilson's lies: Lie #1: Implied that it was the Vice President's office which sent him on a fact finding mission to Niger. He also denied that his CIA employed wife had anything to do with the process. Lie #2 His debunking of forged memos related to Iraq and Niger. The memos Joe Wilson was referring to hadn't been seen by him, and weren't in U.S. hands until eight months after Wilson made his trip to Niger. Lie #3 Claimed his trip yielded information proving that Iraq never sought uranium from Niger. One can obviously see that Joe Wilson has a major credibility problem. Impeccible credentials? For what? Used-car salesman? Declaring war under false pretenses is not meaningless little deception. Fortunately, that never happened.
  8. I'm aware that the Senate Intelligence Committee report is over a year old, however, I don't feel as though it makes Joe Wilson's lies any less relevant.
  9. Nothing could be further from the truth. It seems to me, after carefully examining all relevant information, that Karl Rove was simply trying to correct what he percieved as inaccurate statements uttered from Joseph Wilson. One only has to examine the Senate Intelligence Committe report to find that Mr. Wilson seems to have a difficult time keeping his facts straight. Example: Washington Post
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