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  1. I think it would be cool. Essentially your vote just goes to the party and the party chooses. So say they win 5 seats out of 20 they can put their 5 best in those seats. In order to qualify you can't already be an elected MP. You have to at least have been running somewhere though.
  2. I like that system. Maybe in this way the parties get to choose whom among them gets a national seat. We wouldn't have some of the better MP's that lose elections to other MP's that are good sitting on the sidelines. For example people like Megan Leslie as I'm sure the NDP would prefer to have her in parliament.
  3. Forgive me if I'm not understanding this. But is there system that allows FPTP where everyone votes for their ridings members than at the same time votes for a party. The votes for the parties are tallied and say there are 20 seats to be had for national party votes they are divided based on percentage of vote. We would have to shrink the number of elecotral districts in the country but this could give some parties that have less of a chance in any one riding more of a say in the national scheme of things like the Greens and NDP.
  4. I did. Both me and my girlfriend originally intended to vote Green but changed our vote because we knew they stood no chance in the prairies. I know a great handful of people that I've had these discussions with over some drinks who also felt the Greens were more aligned with their views but decided to vote strategically as they thought it gave them a better chance to be rid of Harper.
  5. I'm sure your children will be fine. My family all made it through university without the help of mommy and daddy. It's fun to pay your own way! Though under Trudeau we may get a tuition break so fear not, things may even out.
  6. 1. Meh 2. Is nothing to be worried about. 3. Nothing changed here... Stevie was all whimper no bite 4. Lets see the proof that income taxes will rise from where they are. 5. Running deficits while in a recession has been proven to work well for economies. The last thing we should be doing is "Balancing budgets." People have this weird thing with balancing budgets like we are ever going to pay off our international debts. Get real.
  7. Weed stocks jumped today. Get on the gravy boat while you can, once legalization hits you'll cash in!!
  8. 1. He promised to look at all avenue of electoral reform so hopefully this leads to something. 2. He also promised to move towards open data which is great for people like us that wish for government to be more transparent. Something we would never get out of Harper. 3. Banning partisan ads was another of their promises. So hopefully that comes to fruition. 4. They have promised to change the standings orders so that omnibus bills are not possible anymore. So hopefully that happens. 5.They promised to bring back door-to-door delivery. Hoping they don't, such a waste. 6. They promise to bring more services online which is always a good thing. I hate dealing with people on the phone or waiting in lineups. 7. They are bringing back the long-form census which I always found fun to fill out. 8. They will making StatsCan fully independent, which is a great step to take. 9. they will get rid of family income splitting. I really hope they follow through with this one, 10. The list goes on. I'll be keeping tabs the whole way as well. 4 years of opportunity to make some big changes and reverse the Harperism. Hopefully Trudeau is up to the task.
  9. I tried voting strategically. NDP as I was happy with either LPC or NDP and it seems like the trend was heading that way. Unfortunately my riding is primarily conservative in the prairies. If I was voting back home, as it looks like the Libs swept Vancouver, my vote would have probably went LPC.
  10. I was hoping it would be Megan Leslie to take over the NDP reigns but with her not winning her riding that is but a pipe dream.
  11. Libs with the clean sweep of Atlantic Canada. The big battlegrounds are next.
  12. Splitting time between the game and the election on TV. Even brought my TV from upstairs downstairs to watch both. Both are looking real good right about now!!
  13. haha no need to worry about that only the really good ones have premature deaths. I suppose it's the curse of the 27 club. Trade your soul for rock and roll and all that jazz. The lifestyle isn't nearly as bad these days as it was in the 60's and 70's though.
  14. We did. For about 11 years. Released 2 EP's and 3 Full Length albums in that time. And played all over North America. There is nothing better than playing music in front of thousands of people. But then reality strikes and eventually people go to school and get married and have kids and get jobs that demand more of their time. I'm just thankful I got to live it during the prime of my life, can't ask for much more.
  15. Every concert, festival, show, bar, house, garage and dingy basement me and my friends ever played in. Nothing beats it. Sure miss those days.
  16. Actually Mulcair has stated he would support Trans Mountain & Energy East if he gets into power and has a chance to overhaul the current environmental review process. The party and most people back him on this. He's right about there being only temporary jobs involved in anything going south and that the US stands to gain the most from XL even though they don't want it and he vehemently opposes Northern Gateway which a majority of British Columbians oppose as well.
  17. Actually at many places across Alberta and Saskatchewan $13-15 is starting wage for McDonalds employees.
  18. Whereas my riding is quite the opposite. We have no green party member running, and the liberal member is young and new to politics. I don't think I've even seen a single sign of his anywhere in the city. Can't win if you don't campaign. On the other hand the local NDP member is a local businessman and family man and has pretty much unanimous support. I counted 7 signs all on different lawns just on my block. The local Conservative candidate is steeped in racist and homophobic rhetoric from his past that is well known to everyone here. I've seen one of his signs at a house in one of the more shady neighborhoods downtown. There was a confederate flag in the window, so I think that one speaks for itself.
  19. $15 minimum wages will not speed this up that much. The cost of going full robotic on your workforce is no where near plausible for many major corporations at this point. Raising their base employment costs by a pretty small percent won't speed it up that much.
  20. All major religions have extremism. You'll never destroy these religions unless the entire human population suddenly has an epiphany and turns to atheism. Even then someone is bound to be born that grows up finding one of these religions and attempting to spread it.
  21. Economic ones. Did you watch the debates?
  22. My favourite part is when the moderator gives Harper some facts and he stands there and blatantly says he doesn't accept them. Yeah we know you live in a fantasy world Harper, that's why we're about to show you the door and you can live in your blissful la la land for the remainder of your sad life.
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