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In-depth discussion, multiple viewpoints, and - really - being boring is the one unpardonable sin....
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  2. List of posters who believe in anthropogenic climate change : Cdnfox Michael Gardner To be continued...
  3. General Michael Poilievre won't be able to fix [many of] our problems - Often wrong replies that he'can fix many things. eyeball Poilievre will need to "scrape off the Chuds" Moonbox Poilievre will slowly pivot to mainstream cdnfox I suspect Poilievre will do lots of amazing things, cut the CBC and improve the civil service via attrition and automation - very easy to look good almost immediately
  4. I wanted to take a snapshot of Forum Members' expectations of Poilievre before we get close to the election. This should be interesting to assess what our little "public" goes through, in the arc of the political life of a leader from initial fascination to disappointment and final goodbyes. My take on it is that Trudeau's popularity is so low as to cause a strategic problem for the Conservatives, ie. how to keep the status quo for the long time before an election. In all likelihood, Poilievre will have to modify his positions if/when he governs. Let's see what people have said.
  5. Let's try to include source material when we can. https://www.canlii.org/en/on/onhrt/doc/2022/2022hrto1044/2022hrto1044.html?searchUrlHash=AAAAAQAmT3R0YXdhLUNhcmxldG9uIGFuZCBnZW5kZXIgYW5kIE5pY2hvbHMAAAAAAQ&resultIndex=2
  6. I read this today. Somewhat disturbing: https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/grade-1-teacher-who-said-boys-and-girls-no-different-in-gender-fluidity-lesson-cleared-by-rights-tribunal This is why I prefer teachers stick to facts or teaching theories as theory instead of teaching theory as facts.
  7. I'm still calling for examples. I'm going to keep this thread as a list of discussion points rather than have the discussion here on the thread itself.
  8. There's more of a spectrum of opinions on this than one might assume. Zeitgeist: Kids do need to learn about reproductive cycles, including ovulation and menstruation. They need to know how females become pregnant and learn about the risks of STD’s, the responsibilities of raising a child, etc. They need to learn about consent and the level of responsibility required to manage sexual behaviour, which is why many social teachings, religious and otherwise, promote abstinence for young people and people who aren’t in committed relationships.
  9. I found this: https://ok2bme.ca/resources/parents-educators/resources-for-schools-and-classrooms/ It provides lesson ideas for teachers for LGBTQ2+ education in Ontario. And this one for BC - https://bc.sogieducation.org/sogi3
  10. Tried to investigate specific claims about what is being taught in Canada with @Nationalist The discussion ended when we didn't get specific examples. Last post:
  11. Well, I guess my question is: are the people who use the term 'CanaDUH' assholes or traitors ? I'll list them and you tell me: RedDog WestCanMan taxme dre posit FTA lawyer Now - bush_cheney2004 - is not Canadian so the question is thus answered It's JUST FOR FUN FOLKS - DO NOT GET OFFENDED !!! ?

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