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"Will your tongue wag so much when I send you the bill?" -- Led Zeppelin
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  2. Canadians proved they are worthy of better. Canadians demonstrated to the world how to demonstrate to the world.
  3. The circus is back in town! "We are arresting... we are charging.... we are investigating all bad actors," proclaimed the late great chief of Ottawa Police Doctor Cliff Huxtable to his adoring fans before retiring from public life. Sigh. She is not his girlfriend. They are actors. They are just kids being manipulated by online groomers. To put it crassly, they are bait in a twisted multi-channel network. Their job -- whether they choose to accept it or not -- is to lure young people to be surveyed and studied. I encourage watching ZOT's live Youtube streams and read all of the chat messages as they happen. The grooming is overt and haunting. However, these streams must be watched live. Videos with evidence of grooming are not posted for download after they are aired. I think everybody should watch ZOT's February18th extended video which contains priceless evidence of police control and staging. Unfortunately, ZOT's link is no longer available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhOlj2axY3A This will have to do for now: Monster Police Tow Trucks - Ottawa WinterLude Stage - February18th2022 I still believe he deserves high praise for this footage. I am dumb-founded at how 1 young man with 1 camera exposes yet again 1 more exclusive view/dimension that nobody else offers and that I would never have known happening on streets that I drive every damn day. Wow. answer ≠ explain ; "orange" is an answer -- Kids, Never trust a man who is more interested in discovering who/what/where/why/how YOU THINK happened than he is at sharing who/what/where/why/how REALLY happened.
  4. https://www.tiktok.com/@taktikaussi/video/7066991231330569477 taktikaussie-Trudeau-White-Supremacist.mp4
  5. "So, why is there no resistance from their soldiers?" asked Pops reporting from the culling fields of UKraine.
  6. 1. 2. Well, let's see. I JUST ANSWERED THIS in the post right above yours. 'Deflection' is not asking a question about your theory. Deflection is asking me to explain over and over and utterly ignoring what I took great care to articulate. You may be doing deflection yourself, but it's actually so obvious that I suspect you are trolling your own forum. I don't want to play anymore. I have given you enough to give a thoughtful reply. 3. It's weird to me that you take the word of those two as to why the chief resigned. But let's say that these two uninvolved people on MSM are right - it still doesn't answer the question about his involvement in "the cops" plan. 4. Utterly irrelevant. 5. You simply can't make a point without trying to paint me as a TV watcher and yet you are the one who posted two unrelated dudes on cable news to support... I don't know... some theory. So - I have come to the conclusion that you are trolling. Hard to believe you are a troll, but the other option is that you are unable to think about such things logically but I find it hard to believe as well. Please note that I never said any of your theories were wrong, they are just inscrutable if you can't articulate the basics of who, what, how, and why. Without that, there is no logic and no plan.
  7. I am harsh. Unless they convince me otherwise, I dismiss them automatically as psychopaths. The line was crossed 2 years ago, as far I am concerned. We are being commandeered by the most vile child predators alive. PierreElliottMargot'sCumStain told us all the truth when he said: "We are at war against an invisible enemy." As far as I am concerned, all of those women are hot. I do not need to open my eyes to feel the heat. I am seriously pissed off at having missed the Christmas-In-February party. This is a 1nce in a life-time event in the entire history of mankind -- in my city, no less! If 1 man caught the eye of 1 woman and plowed her into conception that night, I wager that child will be the next savior of the world. Leastways, that is how I would script it. My 40minute drive was 4hours on the Saturday and I honestly thought that the "convoy" was confined to the roads. I had no idea that there was a pedestrian demonstration anywhere near such a magnitude. We certainly were not allowed to drive there. I would have stopped, parked and walked through the snow to participate. I recognize some of the faces. Had I the chance, I would have stayed on my knees with my head on the ground beside the muslims and call the bluff. Let the pigs trample me if I am wrong. Forgive me. I made an error in my copy-pasting but it seems God/Devil spoke to us all. This error highlights my point. You answered the wrong question quite thoroughly. Like I asked at the start, please explain the relevance of your question. There is a reason why your reflex was to deflect ---- asking me about some previous employee, no longer employed at the time. Either you know he is keeping quiet or you do not. Why is he interesting to you? ? Why do you even know about 1 police chief resigning in a different city?? Every city has at least 1 police chief that resigns. What exactly triggered you? I confess: I lied. Sloly is more than just a token nagger (hat tip to South Park) to me. He holds the key. Can we agree that he has been silent? Do you know him? I do not know him but just to prove to you that I lied, here he is starring in an other video: Justin Trudeau on convoy protests: "It has to stop" Why did you not name him in your original question? You knew he resigned but.... you did not know that he was not employed on the day of the party?? OK. Maybe you let out a freudian slip. Maybe you know more. Maybe Peter Sloly is still employed. Help me understand your question. I believe you responded as the bad guys have programmed you to respond. No, they are talking about him. They answer your question but I am starting to better understand: You can speak about the police chief in round-about rumorendo but nobody else can. Got it. You did not identify him by name and neither did I -- just to see what he means to you. Did you listen to what those guys said? or Did you judge a book by its cover?? I should have had George Jefferson's smiling face on the thumbnail.
  8. YOU made this statement: "The cops created, staged and maintained everything starting with publicly spewing fear porn ahead of time. " It plays nicely into your recurring theme that many public events are created for reasons other than what is commonly known. So when an idea like this is presented, I ask the natural questions: who, what, why and how? If you actually believe that the response, or that the protest itself was staged, then I would expect that you would have considered your theory by asking yourself these questions. Since I work with large organizations, the first thing that stands out about your theory is that the Chief of Police resigned, and I would say 'resigned in disgrace'. So therefore I would find it hard to believe he was involved in this plan. Now there are other problems with the theory as I understand it also, but that one stands out. We still have to ask who exactly, and what, why and how.
  9. The fellows with the Ottawa police chief behind the masks...flanking him during that one press conference had literally evil eyes...scanning the crowd for dissent. It was unnerving, I suppose it was the intention. Yes...good looking women. Who would want to hurt them?
  10. Never have I "seen" so many hot chicks in Ottawa in 1 place! I do not recall "seeing" any BLM or rainbow flags. Maybe the bad guys should pencil them into the photos -- for the history books.
  11. Those people were hugging each other. You know where that leads. Fornication!
  12. Thanks! "You are insinuating that is happening in Ottawa... that is the main argument that you have made for the purposes of invoking this act and yet I walk every single day for 2 weeks past these protests..." https://youtu.be/JAwn8si5ylU?t=71
  13. Rohan at WarCampaign has some really damning stuff as do dozens of others. I recall them trying to smear him as a 'white supremist' until it became apparent he is a big bearded Pakistani fellow. Very intersectional of them. Look up some of his content that remains. A veteran named MisterSunshineBaby has also been keeping track of things...many of his vids have been scrubbed for equally damning content he didn't 'own'.
  14. "Thanks! I heard there was cake..." I think a lot of folks will be lucky to have something to eat. I am still in shock at how the media succeeded at keeping us all divided. If not for members posting these street-level views, I would never have known the magnitude nor the numbers in the crowds. Dan Dicks' video alone is a gem. Zot's "arrest" video was the best evidence of police staging the whole bloody thing --- more than I had ever seen before!!
  15. Citizen, the Bastille is that way. And it's almost not a crazy statement. Alex Jones predicted the war* to the month. * politics by other means
  16. My guess is that the bad guys are slo(w)ly scaring themselves..... slowly realizing that they have created a growing army of men, women and children who are ready to drop all differences in defense of the children --- humanity for that matter.
  17. I think it's "let them eat cake". But I'm just guessing at this point.
  18. Like I said, please explain the relevance of your question. You still have not done so.
  19. Well you indicated that there was some kind of plan to address the protest. I think so too. But do you think that the Chief resigning was part of the plan, or a consequence of it?
  20. I am stupid..... can you explain the relevance? Please explain. What is so special about him? He is just a token non-cracker to me.
  21. No, I ANSWERED a simple question. Those of us who saw the famous "Manufacturing Consent" decades ago have been through the deep analysis of how the US media could possibly work with the State Department to mold the news for their audience. People who never had the attention span for boring news then are watching exciting YouTube videos now. The intent to manipulate is the same, but much easier to spot. The thing I do find humourous is when consumers of some media, find consumers of others hopelessly naive. The least naive folks are media omnivores, in my experience.
  22. Not to be all preachy but I got a free Bible at public school too.
  23. My caveman brain tells me that the bad guys will throw everything at us as distraction from rising gas prices. Prices will rise until we are all gone. It is only a conspiracy to people who believe they are the audience of big media. The purpose of the disinformation is not to confuse us --- we are only cannon-fodder in the world-wide mess. Our confusion is only a side-effect. We are not the intended audience. The intended audience is the wives and children of the bad guys. We are not a threat. The air-headed wife who finally gets a clue about what daddy has been doing for realz in the Congo is the only threat. The child who refuses to carry on with the Corleone family business is the only threat. It gets darker. Please!!! I get a kick out of the mere thought of smoking and drinking at a bar with a maxxipad on my face listening to a smart-aleck mumble on stage about 1st world problems. You did not ask a "simple question" any more than the serpent asked little red-riding-hood a simple question in the garden of eden.
  24. I give the probability of a nuclear incident to be rather high. The needed emergency. For your safety, all rights have been suspended. Please remain in your homes. The US trucker convoy is a wild card. Is it an ace or a joker? I've seen lots of people and trucks...but only local MSM media coverage along the route...hard to ignore along there, I suppose. Every trucker and his dog has a livestream, though. What are they going to do? Camp? That might be enough to cause even the government to notice, finally. National Guard...another wild card. Are they really loyal to the state without question? I doubt it.

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