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Are there any jokes that should be banned?

Are There any Subjects that Should be Off Limits to a Comedian?  

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1 hour ago, Perspektiv said:


1.This "its only funny if I approve of it" entitlement, is precisely why so many turn out to Chapelle's shows. Many are also sick and tired of being told what is funny or not.

2. You clearly haven't seen Andrew Schultz.

1. You keep saying that this is the root cause.  We've covered that.  Let's move on.  I don't really agree.
2. No.  I have seen Theo Von though.  He's not PC at all but hilarious.  

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My favorite insult comic was Lisa Lampenelli.

She honestly stopped doing comedy at the perfect time.

She understood comedy. She made gay jokes, black, white, whatever.

More importantly, she got away with it as didn't look like she would have such a potty mouth. Plus, made fun of herself more than any others.

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On 3/10/2023 at 2:15 AM, Perspektiv said:

However, it seems that being too offensive could have you barred from comedy shows, as pressure can be applied by activists to have your act shut down.

That’s up to whatever private entity is booking the acts.  If they don’t want someone, for whatever reason, shouldn’t they be allowed to not book the act?

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1 hour ago, TreeBeard said:

for whatever reason, shouldn’t they be allowed to not book the act?

Its a business. They will want an act that sells out shows. 

Should they choose not to host an act, that's one thing.

If demand is high, but the threat brought to them by activists isn't worth the reward, that's a whole other thing. 

You then set a precedent, in that envelope pushing comedians will be petrified to go against anyone who can get them canceled.

Caution and humor don't go together. Art is meant to have its boundaries pushed. 

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