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Trudeau tackling Islamophobia

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Canada appoints first-ever special advisor on tackling Islamophobia (msn.com)

"Elghawaby is currently the director of strategic communications and campaigns at the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, a charity and Crown corporation with a mandate to work toward eliminating racism. She is a member of the National Security Transparency Advisory Group and is a contributing columnist to the Toronto Star. Previously, she was a founding board member of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network.

According to a release from the Prime Minister's Office, Elghawaby will provide advice to the government to help develop "inclusive policies, legislative proposals, programs, and regulations."

I didn't realize Canadians were paying for an actual Crown corporation to eliminate racism.  Seems money is no object in Trudeau's crusade against our so-called racist riddled country.  Now it appears the federal civil service will be expanded to include a war against Islamophobia.  The article defines it this way:  "Islamophobia is defined as including racism, stereotypes, prejudice, fear or acts of hostility directed toward Muslims."   The question is who decides what is Islamophobia?  Islam is a political-religious system and there are countless reasons why someone would disagree with it.  Does that now become wrong, immoral, racist, prejudice?  I don't agree with acts of hostility or hate crimes.  But that is a whole different issue.  Is it going to become illegal to simply disagree or speak against political Islam or what it has done in the world in history and today? 

Freedom of expression must include the right for everyone to express opinions which will be disagreeable to some people.  That is what freedom of expression means.  People have always been free to criticize Christianity and have never shied away from doing that.  But in a free society we accept that as part of our fundamental freedom of expression.  We don't try to silence opposing views, until now.  It seems government now believes it is their duty to regulate freedom of expression and ban certain views.

One of the problems they will have to face is the Islamic countries in the middle east and north Africa are the least free countries in the world according to at least one report.  The same report says western countries are the most free countries in the world although they have been losing their freedom in recent years and becoming less free.  

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Just don't tell the truth about Mohammed and you'll be fine. Or Pakistan. Or Saudi Arabia. Or Iran. Or Iraq...

If you feel the need to say anything about another country that's not flowery, make up something about the Israelis, and end your sentence with "may they be driven into the sea!" Then it's all good. 

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32 minutes ago, RedDog said:

Get Alberta Out!

Alberta, with their new leader and her brass cajones, will lead the next new wave of people joining her ranks and standing strong for Canada.

Biggest happening since the truckers, just watch it grow as January turns to February turns to March.

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